Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Vanilla tweaks/changes and content for the original factions will only be produced/released after the new factions are completed, despite any of our documentation, concepts, and lore that we may refer to or show for world building purposes.

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GeneralJist Project coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer
May 13 2012 Anchor

This thread is Archived, please repost for specific feedback on ideas

This is to be used as a theme reference:
The Brotherhood of Nod will be as they always have, religious and community driven. They will be the most mobile faction, and really return to their roots of stealth, deception, and gorilla tactics.

They will also develop Tiberium based tech, as they always have done.

I look forward in seeing what you guys can come up with.

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May 14 2012 Anchor

are ideas for naval units and epics also needed ?? ( speaking about all the factions in general)

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GeneralJist Project coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer
May 14 2012 Anchor

Well, thing is, we had planned for both, but they will likely be the last things worked on, if f we have time, Sgo ahead if you like, we can just see how it goes, but I would focus on normal units to brain storm.

But at the same time, I don't wan to limit your creativity sso do as you like and like what you do, but be prepared.

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May 15 2012 Anchor

meh i already posted away like 10 unit ideas, so i am trying something different than those good ol land units, and i know its unlikely all, even any, of my ideas will be implanted anyway, as it first would make a VERY big mod, even bigger than it is, and second, rarely ideas ever get followed to the letter, just act as a inspiration source.

Naval ideas for nod:

Name: Tempest
Role: Light scout ship
Type: scout, suicidal(ish), anti infantry and ship.
Weapon: light laser (the same as a buggy, but slower and better towards vehicles, cannot shoot aircraft)
ability: Impale
explanation: This light scout ship, dubbed Vlad the Impaler by enemies and nod alike, features only a light laser, making it extremely vulnerable. Its motors , however, have been adapted to shoot downwards into the water, by allowing water to enter the frontal hull, sinking the tip of the tempest, and then firing the engine, turning the Tempest into a huge torpedo. the tempest can target other ships with the impale skill to torpedo themselves into the bottom of the target ship. if the enemy ship is not destroyed by the impact, the Tempest will simply get bashed to pieces into the hull of the enemy, doing a reasonably amount of damage. if the enemy ship is destroyed, the tempest will survive, with a significant amount of health lost.
looks: a slender, red &black, pointed ship with no deck and a small laser gun at its back
cost: 600

Name: Whaler
Type: medium Cruiser
Role: anti ship, anti air
weapon: Tiberium harpoon, sam launcher
explaination: This meduim sized cruiser, nicknamed "Whaler", is armed with a harpoon that gets coated in tiberium, which is constantly getting produced by tiberifieing sea water. the tiberium on the harpoon will turn into smaller shards at impact, changing the target hull or deck into tiberium and killing the crew. though it is very effective, and can destroy most medium ships in 3 or 2 shots, it has a miserable RoF. a sam site takes care with any aircraft.
looks: looks like a normal ship in NOD colours, with a green glowing harpoon on the front and a sam site similiar to KW mantis mounted onto the captain cabin.
prize: 1600

Name: Ascender
Type: heavy submarine
type: stealthed Anti ship
Weapon: 4 Heavy torpedos
explanation: this new toy of nod is called the ascender. it stays close to the surface, and moves slow to avoid the water being disturbed which would cause suspicion. It doesnt necessary has to emerge to shoot, but does so for optimal firing angle and air.
looks: Flat and a little like a manta ray, fully in black.
cost: 2100

Name: Incinerator
Type: Medium cruiser
Strong vs: coastal structures, ships, units dumb enough to get in range
weapons: 1 solar torch flamethrower, 2 medium torpedo pods
explanation: the incinerator is a medium armored cruiser that uses the prototypical solar torch to mow down coastal defences and do significant damage to ships. if it fails to bite down the ships armor, it will resort to medium torpedoes to do it for him.
looks: a flat but sturdy ship with 2 pincer-like points at the front ( for the torpedoes, the flamethrower sits between the tips). the massive flametank goes over its spine.
cost: 1700

name:hover craft
i think most is explained now. it is weaker armored than his gdi counter part, but is stealthed

name: Scarab
type: Heavy Cruiser
Role: anti- Vehicle, ship and structure
weapon: Dual beam cannon
explaination: this massive ship has thrice the bite of a beam cannon and six times the armor. using the both beams to converge as if they were 2 beam cannons, it shoots the laser to make massive holes in everything made out of metal. the intensity has been improved, tough it shortens the range , is much more effective to armor. this does makes it to powerfull to charge obeliskes without destroying them.
looks:a ship with 2 minature obelisks at his front.

naval defences

naval defences get builded in the fashion of a guard platform. the platform is cheap and unarmed, but can be upgraded to have a weapon. the weapon is either AA, Anti ship or special ( obelisk for nod)

so much for the naval units, now the epic unit idea:

Name: Scorpion Supreme
Type: Superheavy walker/tank (dont know which fits best, but i think walker)
Role: All-aspect
Weapons: dual Prototype Prism claws, anti air laser, flamethrower.
explanation: The Scorpion Supremacy walker was in construction during tib war 2 as a more fitting countermeasure than the cyborg commando against the mammoth mk 2. unfortunately, the war ended to fast for the production to be finished, and due lack of resources and Kane's guidance, the production aborted. 15 years later, when the third war started, Kane ordered the continuation of the project, as GDI had no supertank to counter it. The 2 claws of the scorpion supreme consists out of dual obelisk crystals. due to that the crystals are larger then normal, the energy gets scattered like a huge disco ball, and because of the fact that the lasers are much more likely to mutilate infantry that actually killing them, a flame thrower is installed at the scorpions mouth. its tail points upwards at which another obelisk laser is installed to destroy air. few things are more fearsome than a heroic class Scorpion supreme
looks: the entire body looks like a Temple of nod armed with 2 huge claws, 6 legs and a bigger tail that resembles a obelisk.
cost: 5500
note: the laser claws attack animation: first one of the claws will glow like a beam cannon preparing to shoot, then the claw gets pointed towards the enemy, and over the period of 1.5 seconds, the claw opens to a 90 degree angle, shooting out a massive barrage of lasers as it goes. the delay of shots per claw is about the same of the Redeemer, as such, the scorpion fires twice in the time the redeemer fires once. in contrast, each laser barrage does about 55% the damage of a redeemer shot.

and here a normal suggestion that popped up during writhing this:
Name: Monsoon Jet
type: Medium aircraft.
strong vs: all but tanks
weapons: switch-able load-out between tiberuim sprayer and flamethrower, works with a blue bar instead of munition counts
explanation: Originally designed to spread tiberium with the means of liquid tiberium spray, it was altered into a combat jet as the spray couldn't create enough tiberium in short time. it has been rearmed with a flamethrower to destroy buildings and infantry, and liquid tib spray to change the enemies troops to viscroids and harassing tank divisions . later it was found out that spraying enemy jets with it would slow their engine down to such a degree the plane would simply drop. the sprayers, both flame and tib, work with catching the air pressure generated by the Monsoon in flight to shoot away the load hundreds of metres. the tanks need to be changed as the airplane would be too heavy to fly when it would carry both. it refills in 8 seconds when at the air tower.
abilities: Under the radar ( an double edged skill in which the Monsoon starts flying under the radar, evading defenses and units that are strictly anti air and being unseen at the radar, this will allow all anti ground units and defences to attack it as if it was parked at the air tower)
looks:black, a metal tank at its back which holds the loadout, and wings that stand in a backward V-shape

im done with my creativity now for a while (not very long).

GeneralJist Project coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer
May 15 2012 Anchor

Would the aircraft look something like this?

May 16 2012 Anchor

it isnt VTOL, as it was designed to spray the area with tiberium, not a single spot.though the body fits, it needs wings at the side which point backwards in a v shape and an air vent ( like the one on sport cars) on top to generate air pressure for the launchers.

of course, if you wish to inject my idea in such a matter, be my guest, as i said, i only mean to inspire, and i would be more than happy if nod gets a aircraft that literaly rains dead from above, no matter is looks, though the idea came from the aspect of one of those planes spraying water over farms.

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