This mod will add three new armies with new features. First is ASI, this faction was spawned by five scientist from the Black Hand which saw after much research, had decided that the best way to ascend is through technology, not Tiberium. Thus creating the first true Artificial Intelligence known to man. The second army will be a monstrous creature army that the Scrin have feared for many years, "The Colony." These creatures will be tiberium infested and will leave nothing left standing. These mindless things also don't know what technology is and they do not use power. They are a sickness that has no cure, but to destroy them... Lastly is Dream 51, an army that is a remainder of the United States government military force.

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Jul 27 2012 Anchor

* Predator:

* AAA variant
- Mounts "Slingshot" AAA Turret (or the like.)

* Recovery variant
- Crane in place of weapon to repair ground vehicles.
- Hull mounted dozer blade to clear minefields.

* ADATS variant:
- Long barreled Vulcan gun (on one side of turret)
- TOW Missile Tubes x4 (on opposite side of turret)

Possesses a sensor housing, like that found on the nose of helicopter gunships, mounted at the front of it's turret. This might allow it to detect stealth units.


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." --  Bertrand Russell

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