This mod will add three new armies with new features. First is ASI, this faction was spawned by five scientist from the Black Hand which saw after much research, had decided that the best way to ascend is through technology, not Tiberium. Thus creating the first true Artificial Intelligence known to man. The second army will be a monstrous creature army that the Scrin have feared for many years, "The Colony." These creatures will be tiberium infested and will leave nothing left standing. These mindless things also don't know what technology is and they do not use power. They are a sickness that has no cure, but to destroy them... Lastly is Dream 51, an army that is a remainder of the United States government military force.

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For those who are new and old alike, the following is intended to provide a base from which to spring from or refer to when posting on this mod's [Tiberium Secrets'] forum, as well as describe the different aspects of the forum to better understand what you are looking at.

* Posting Ideas
When sharing ideas please adhere to the following three things.

1.) Appropriate Boards
Post specific ideas related to a specific topic in the appropriate board.
- General Discussion
- The Artificial Systematic Intelligence (ASI)
- The Colony
- The Dream Army (D51)
- The Global Defense Initiative (GDI)
- The Brotherhood of Nod
- The Scrin

2.) Individual Threads
For every idea/ ideas sharing the same topic, create a new thread to specifically discuss that idea if it has not already been discussed. This applies especially to new Infantry, Vehicle, Structure, Support Power, etc. ideas.

3.) Formatting
Please use a format to organize thoughts and better the flow of reading.
Include the following where applicable (i.e. an off map artillery support power wouldn't have abilities as it is an ability for example or should you not have thought up any capabilities, abilities, or upgrades of a unit for example say so; the community can help flesh the idea out).

+ Possible Name(s):
+ Role:
+ Description:
+ Armament:
+ Capabilities:
+ Abilities:
+ Upgrades:
+ Inspiration/ Reference:

- "Possible Name(s)" can be any names you the contributor of an idea might want to call said idea (i.e. the designation of a tank or name of an infantry squad).
- "Role" states the idea's purpose/ function.
- "Description" shares an idea's appearance, lore, and/ or overview.
- "Armament" elaborates on any weapons the idea might possess; guns, missiles, bombs, etc.
- "Capabilities" are passive traits (including stealth detection for example).
- "Abilities" are player toggled actions (including deploying into a stationary defense for example).
- "Upgrades" shares thoughts on ways to improve an idea in-game.
- Pictures/ Images used for reference from off the web are to be placed in the appropriate "Reference Gallery" thread to maintain organization. "Inspiration/ Reference" simply states what is is when using the format.

* Questions
For any and all questions related to this mod, please refer to the "Questions" board.

* Assistance with the Mod
If interested in helping with development, please refer to the "Modding Assistance" board for openings.

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