Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Vanilla tweaks/changes and content for the original factions will only be produced/released after the new factions are completed, despite any of our documentation, concepts, and lore that we may refer to or show for world building purposes.

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GeneralJist Project coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer
Jun 22 2012 Anchor

This thread is for sharing any images, videos, music , and other Game/ movie/ literary universe concepts you guys come across that you feel fits the theme of the faction.

This place is for the free sharing of content, and not a place to expand on an idea. If any of the content here inspires a full idea, please reference it in your idea thread and fully describe what you had in mind and feel free to explore the concept more in-depth there.

Team members will limit their input here, since this is about how you guys see the faction, not how we see the faction. We may input in your threads, but no promises are made in content making it in.

Although we respect and encourage community input, we have our own interpretations, which drive development.

(Disclaimer: As you peruse content, keep in mind that it may alter your way of viewing the theme by viewing references, and potentially influence your own ideas. And might limit creativity. )

Aug 13 2013 Anchor

For infantry in D51

or maybe this would fit more XD

support walker for the infantry in dream 51

oh sorry! the last one may seems to fit for the ASI :p

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Sep 4 2013 Anchor

i like the second infantry picture...but the first seems to fit more in the faction ^^

Oct 4 2013 Anchor

In my opinion Dream Army personnel will likely operate with hard-armor composites, as seen in the first infantry image.

The GR:FS "warhound" concept is looking more and more appealing for Dream Army; the more I look at it the more I like it and can see it as working within the faction.

Theo's "Helldiver" artwork and the like is near and dear to my heart. Some aspects may surely provide inspiration.

I'm on the fence with that aircraft. Very smooth... too smooth..?

That first mecha type image seems a tad much industrial in design for D51, while there could be inspiration drawn from that last one yet (for both D51 and ASI). Where did you find it? Do you have a link?

Oct 5 2013 Anchor

ParaCombatant wrote:

That first mecha type image seems a tad much industrial in design for D51, while there could be inspiration drawn from that last one yet (for both D51 and ASI). Where did you find it? Do you have a link?

agreed, the first mecha seems better for GDI

Oct 6 2013 Anchor

i just google it hehe ...the last mech is from the movie "district 9"
can i ask one question? how long will it take for the team to finish d51?


Oct 6 2013 Anchor

narcoutic. wrote: how long will it take for the team to finish d51?

i doubt anyone can tell. some D51 units (the super carrier for example) and its structures (not sure about its defences) are already made. however, it will take a very long time to make the faction. it will be a mix of community effort, mod team grow and losses and ofc time of the modders to decide when it will be ready. and none of those can be forseen

May 3 2014 Anchor

Good day developers :)

I know you all are busy in your real life situations but since I have a time on this, I would like to post some suggestions that you guys might consider in making this epic modification. PS Sorry If I have a bad english :)

D51 (My personal Favorite)
-faction color can be grey, black and orange
-make their troops/infantries as their main assets, I really like a faction that have infantry with a high tech arsenals that can take down mechs and other ground vehicles.
-since they are space military force, their main vehicle assets would be aircrafts. Why give them aircrafts that can be transform into a ground mech that can support infantries from heavy tanks
-Do not give them tanks instead aircraft base mechs, tanks are for GDI :)
-When I think of D51, it reminds me of the game dead space because of the colony. A high tech military fights a infectious aliens. So why have an inspiration in making units from dead space?
-All aircrafts and mechs will be from outer space when built.
-Please give the commando a plasma cutter ;).
-All dead space arsenal can fit to D51 like stasis, plasma etc. please give this abillities to the infantries.


NAME: Blackwatch

Body_unupgraded(use the said helmet)

Body_upgradedsuit(use the said helmet)

Heavy infantries
NAME: Spartan

NAME: Corpse

- I know some of this came from other games but I really think this concepts really fit for the D51 so please consider this pictures :)

_ for the vehicles
NAME: Raptor


NAME: Aurora

Anti tank

support helicopter

May 6 2014 Anchor

Hi Kraist,

Thank you for your interest in the "Dream Army" faction.

Regarding: COLOR
Orange is the faction's primary house color. And I'm looking at variations of grey being their armor/ vehicle color. Not sure on black.

I will edit this post with a fleshed out response once I get some sleep. :)

Okay, so...
Regarding: UNITS
As I see it Dream Army will be strong in the Infantry and Aircraft departments and the options both provide. However ground-based vehicles will not be something to scoff at. Although to field them it will cost a pretty penny; you won't see a D51 commander fielding massive mechanized armored columns often, if ever.

Right now I have been conceptualizing hover vehicles for D51. I've been tossing the idea of a walker around also. Should this project get around to revising the GDI I see it having only wheel- and tread-based locomotion for its ground vehicles.

I'm not sure on the transforming aircraft/mech concept, we'll have to see. Did you have any specific ideas?

Dream Army forces will be brought to the field from dropships (such as an animation when "produced").

I'll stroll over to the Dead Space wiki when time permits. Gotta see what this plasma cutter and abilities are that you're referring to.

Regarding: PICTURES
Where's the image you've used under the commando from? And the one used under "anti tank"?

Theo's and Ukitakumuki's pieces are some of my favorites, while I know I've seen that image you've used under "support helicopter", I can't remember the artist...

I'm also quite glad you've reminded me of the drone from the movie "Stealth". It looks quite interesting.

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"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -- Bertrand Russell

May 7 2014 Anchor

Hello Para :)
Regarding to house color, I am really glad we have same idea about it :D considering the helmet picture i've posted really fits what dream army might look.

For the transforming aircraft to mech, I am thinking about this so called ability "Titanfall" where heavy jet fighter aircrafts of D51 will transform to heavy mechs when needed. Well honestly speaking i don't know if this is possible in terms of coding, but this simple idea will give D51 flexibility in terms of combat situation.The animation will look like this, the aircraft will transform to mech while in air and falls down hard to ground which makes some smoke effects as it hits the ground ;)

Talking about Dead space, I'm quite surprise that you have no idea about dead space :) uhm its a great game :) I assure you! There is much similarities about this game and what D51 arsenals have. Well regarding plasma cutter, its a gun that emits plasma and cuts through enemy ripping their body parts.For Stasis, this is a type of energy blast that causes enemies to slow( almost Idle state) which give the user an advantages of a free hit.

About the commando, I think the author of that picture is same as the author of the second soldier picture that narcoutic had posted above.
Also, I like to hear what your thoughts about that name of the commando " Corpse/Commander Corpse" and the rest.

Ah yes the stealth drone aircraft, I think this can be the best precision striker jet for the D51. Loaded with one high velocity tracker missile which are able to one hit some aircrafts like firehawks and devastator will make it a best anti air unit.

The anti tank, well i just found it in the internet xD
That's all mate :)

If I have time i will post my other ideas regarding this faction :)

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