Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Vanilla tweaks/changes and content for the original factions will only be produced/released after the new factions are completed, despite any of our documentation, concepts, and lore that we may refer to or show for world building purposes.

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(by colers) troops and Epic for GDI (Games : C&C3: Tiberium Wars : Mods : Tiberium Secrets : Forum : GDI : (by colers) troops and Epic for GDI) Locked
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Aug 7 2012 Anchor

as i promised not so long ago, i am here to introduce some GDI troops, and a nice EPIC

Name: Lancer
Type: Heavy damage-light armor tank
Weapon: Firestorm lance/knife
weapon explaination: As General Granger gained more pull in GDI's bureaucratic reaches, he revived the Firestorm tech he knew from the time when he was a mere private, in TW 2, and not only got the project to the point of optimalisation and compactness, but also managed to weaponize it into a cannon: the firestorm knife. now, here is some Firestorm-energy 101 for ya: a Firestorm wall generates a technically infinite forcefield that is several meters high, but drains a massive amount of energy. here is where the new researched helped a little: it reduced the size of a firestorm generator to a mere 2 m3, and nearly drained the energy need to 30 percent. the FS knife uses a compressed firestorm beam that puts all energy into one quick flash that stretches 15 to 20 meters far, and deals great damage to its impact zone: it simply rends up the effected matter to atomic level and disperses it near instant. this fearsome new weapon is effective against tanks and buildings, and does more damage the closer it is. looks of laser: purple/ red beam.
Story: this is just the first weaponized firestorm tank. nuff' said.
costs: 1750

Name: Hunter
Type: advanced anti troop, anti air infantry
weapon: SG (sonic grenade) Railgun
weapon explaination: Due the nature of grenade throwers, and the need of extra shoulder rocket launchers, the GDI top decided to fully remake the Raider's gear. the SGRG is mainly a railgun, but the 2 rails are lined with sonic crystals, and it uses odd rubber-like balls as ammo. the balls are hollow, and when subjected to a sonic current, it will swell up like a balloon, the sonics being able to get into the rubber, but not out of. the constant pressure will harden the rubber to a ceramic shell. the now fist-sized bullet gets fired through the railgun at a speed of mach 8, and when impact, the ceramic will crack, causing the sonic waves to violently escape, ripping open the ceramic and throw away its remains like the shrapnel of a frag. the sonic itself will then travel about 3-2 meters, after that, its merely some heavy sound.
Story: After the failure in Egypt, and of the MARV project, ZOCOM lost all and every financial support, and was about to be shut down. however, a group of independently acting Raiders showed ZOCOM's worth by quickly annihaliting several american NOD bases. this restored the faith in ZOCOM, and gave them huge tech support. Most of the raiders where rearmed with better weapons and now went under the name of Zone Hunters.
Looks: slightly more high tech suit that that of a raider
abilities:Sonic take-off (same as jetpack, except that it sends out a weak sonic pulse on take off)
prize: 1400

Name: Griffon
Type: utility aircraft
weapons: none unless deployed
explaination: a evolvement of the Rig, the Griffon is a flying,(even though its not that fast) utility aircraft made for establishing defence lines. the hover-aircraft will land and unpack itself into a square platform. the platform is better armed than the rig, though less armoured. it features one SG thrower (shoots in burst of three), which can take out both infantry and tanks with relative easy, 2 AA guns, and 2 repair drone hives.
looks: in the air it looks like a ox transport, on the ground a square shaped platform (rectangle when you count in the 4 hover engines). the AA guns are up front , the SG thrower in the middle, and the hives in the back
prize: 2300

and now for ze epic

Name: Scarab Walker Tank
Type: Anti-all Epic walker
Weapons: 2 Vulcan guns, 2 Firestorm dagger, 4 High-velocity SAM arrays
Weapon explaination: The 2 vulcans are at the chin, and are made to take down infantry at top speed, and are relatively effective against light vehicles. the slow firing FS daggers are placed in such a way that they look like eyes, and will cut up any tank or building within a medium-short range. the 4 arrays are not visible until they fire, when they come out of the back to burn down some aircraft.

Story: After the many failures of the MARV, the project was closed by GDI's board. Still, GDI was in dire need of a super-heavy to pit against nod and the scrin, and there where already talks of reopening the Mammoth mk II factory and reviving the project. this, mainly out of refusing to admit they where wrong, was dismissed. instead, the leaders of GDI invested into a new project for a even better armored tank. though it was called the Mammoth Alpha in the start, the soldiers quickly started calling it the Scarab, due to its beetle-like appearance. the new tank used 2 double Vulcans at its chin, which would fire at a 50 bullets a second rate (better not do that in game. just imagine the lag of 100 bullets a second) and the new Firestorm dagger tech for anti-armor. The tank has a 1.8 feet thick shell/ armor (whatever you prever), which would persist through everything, from airstrikes to a nuke. even the bottom was extremely sturdy, and could easily survive a minefield. its 6 legs may not be fast, but have sonic charger in them, allowing the Scarab to emit deadly sonic waves for a period of time with every step.
Ability: Sonic trample (for 20 seconds, every step generates a sonic blast, allowing you to plow down the enemies tib field)
Big-bang (calls in a orbital platform to bomb the area with one, powerfull sonic bomb. note: can damage the scarab)
Prize: 5000

all comments appreciated

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