This modification offers an alternative gameplay to Tiberian Wars involving many Tiberian Sun units which many CnC fans (like me) missing in vanilla CNC3 and add even new my made units which you can't find anywhere else. Story is quite the same like Tiberian Wars, but is all about what if GDI and Nod do not abandon technologies they have used in Tiberian Sun era and instead of that further developed them. But it's not only that, there are many visual, sound and balance changes which I want to see and hear in my mod, new sounds, new music, new effects (like blood and gore, new infantry deaths, new more realistic missile trails) and many more.


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33 comments by Carnius on Dec 1st, 2014

+++ Reciving transmission +++

+++ Updating mod status - Mod is alive and ready for future updates +++

+++ Welcome Back Commander +++
Important update on mutant civilian population in red zones.
Mutants spotted building new military bases and building new armies.

Mutants weaponizing blue tiberium with devastating results.

Their motivations and purpose are unknown.

Future update on situation required.

+++ End of transmission +++


Yes it´s true, mutants as playable faction - The Forgotten will happen in Tiberium Essence.
I know it is been a long time since last update, but to be honest I was not sure what to do with TE after that. After many thinking and testing different things I have come to decision that Forgotten as playable faction is way to go. The process that lead to this point was also slow and uncertain to the last moment and its not quite finished yet, but at least I have finally something to show you.
Also there was some ups and downs, things happened that I can´t talk about, so it was not easy to keep it going this year.

Anyway rest assured mod is alive and it's going to be bigger.

I have a lot to show you so there will be more updates soon this is just beginning.

Also if you like it so far, vote for mod in annual moddb awards.

Thank you for your support and see you soon.


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Tiberium Essence 1.6 Beta

Tiberium Essence 1.6 Beta

Feb 2, 2014 Full Version 132 comments

This package contains main mod files for Tiberium Essence v1.6 Beta and readme file with description and list of changes.

Tiberium Essence 1.51 Beta

Tiberium Essence 1.51 Beta

Jun 5, 2012 Full Version 148 comments

This package contains main mod files for Tiberium Essence v1.5 Beta and readme file with description and list of changes.

Tiberium Essence v 1.4

Tiberium Essence v 1.4

Dec 23, 2009 Full Version 158 comments

Installation: ------------- 1) Ensure you have game patched to v 1.9, if not install latest patch 1.9 2) Go to Dokuments in windows start menu and find...

Tiberium Essence v1.3

Tiberium Essence v1.3

Mar 28, 2009 Full Version 76 comments

Tiberium Essence v1.3 Installation: 1) Ensure you have game patched to v 1.9 2) Mods for CnC3:Tiberian Wars belongs to "Documents and Settings\*YOURNAME*\Dokuments\Command...

Tiberium Essence v1.2

Tiberium Essence v1.2

Dec 18, 2008 Full Version 15 comments

Quite the same as v 1.1 but most bugs fixed. Installation: 1) Ensure you have game patched to v 1.9 2) Mods for CnC3:Tiberian Wars belongs to "Documents...

Tiberium Essence v1.1

Tiberium Essence v1.1

Nov 27, 2008 Full Version 17 comments

New version of Tiberium essence - mod for CnC3:Tiberium Wars, add more new units, new graphic and new sounds to game Installation: 1) Ensure you have...

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SryCauldon Jan 17 2015, 10:56pm says:

Hmmm.....I had a interesting thought...what if instead of garrisoning, the Shock trooper, or perhaps another infantry unit, had a ability that had a similar function? For instance perhaps the ability to generate a shield with basic elements similar to being garrisoned, they couldn't move when the shield was active, and it would take damage instead of them, and also perhaps it could cover two infantry groups, like a alien energy based variant of the GDI troopers Dig In ability, but with the added effect that anti garrison attacks could not take out the Scrin in the shield. If they could create a shield like that, it could act as a barrier keeping tanks from advancing, using a few to create a blockage in chokepoints and such since vehicles could not drive over the shields. But unlike garrisoning or such the Scrin infantry could only move again after the shield is destroyed or they deactivate it.

Just a thought, as rather than make them garrison, why not consider other methods to balance them that could be unique to the Scrin.

Ah, and a bit tired at the moment, so if the whole "infantry group shield" idea is a tad less clever than I think at the moment, my apologies.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Oaks Jan 18 2015, 11:48am replied:

Why not simply give Forcefield generators to infantry.
We could give Scrin the "Protoss" shields feeling with Energy recharger.
I were also pondering about Scorpion mkII Dig in for Devourers.
I were thinking of adjusted version of Assimilators Phase out for Disintegrators.
As well as Detonate(Fanatics/Tarantula drone),they are kind of suicide unit when rolled over after all.
They have range lower than both Devils tonque and Disc throwers.
It requires 3-4 squads of them to defeat single Wolwerine.
Certain disenchantment of Scrin infantry gnaws at me for many years.
Both Assimilators and Disintegrators(or Shock troopers) also could be stealthed temporarily during Phase out ability.
For ability to be usable, theres Tiberium integration upgrade.
Being "unique" doesnt always mean "good" or "possible".
Rip me apart if you want, take your freedom of speech and uncomfortable honesty, for granted. :D
Thats what discussions are for, anyway.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 18 2015, 9:48pm replied:

Being unique doesn't necessarily mean good or possible, but it is quite true that it makes it more enjoyable, if each side is too similar, the game becomes boring, if each side functions in a manner too similar, to me, and to others I am sure, it is less like playing as different factions and more like playing as the same faction but reskinned. The negative side of balance is that sometimes in trying to make each faction equal to the others, you end up destroying their diversity in pursuit of that, you have to admit that perfect balance would be achieved if each side functioned the same, and had the same vehicles and units in form, cost, and ability, just with different appearances. I personally find the Srin far more enjoyable to play as with Carnius's modifications than with the base version in either C&C3; or Kanes Wrath. One has to find a proper balance of both Uniqueness and Balance. Personally I think giving them abilities or traits that are unique to the Scrin is better than making them more like the human factions.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Oaks Jan 19 2015, 9:36am replied:

Yes,you are absolutely right,but I still have comments.
Yes, dear Ahriman,gameplay balance is my obsession, btw your railgun missed me,because it is inexplicably inaccurate againts infantry(though it happened so, in the name of balance) : D
I think it is a pity that GDI and Scrin vehicles and now also Mutant vehicles dont have access to any kind of stealth.
Just Snipers and Conqueror in restricted manner.
Diversity: Look on Starcraft. What is it that other faction doesnt have?
Look on Tiberium Secrets mod. That much diversity,the thought of trying to balance it frightens me.
Look on Universe at War:Earth assault, that much diversity the situation spiraled out of any control and critics smashed it into oblivion.
Dawn of War series diversity:Look on factions without heavy infantry,though they have strength in quantity like Imperial guard.Almost laughable vs Marines,or Necrons.
I could go on like that for looooooong time.
Anyway, to find that tenuous border between perfect point of diversity and gameplay balance,given the engine and game mechanics is like a slowly falling feather which weight could cause cataclysmic armageddon of entire universe. or balance it.. xD
But I do realize how much correct you are.
Take it as fierce discussion or boring chitchat, impact is quite relative.
I did no forget about GDI,Nod and Mutants at all, so dont think that I am constanly bitching only about Scrin.
But you also feel that changes are needed,eh?

+2 votes     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 19 2015, 2:34pm replied:

True, but only so long as the changes and balancing do not reduce the diversity and uniqueness of each faction. I would prefer it that any steps to balance the sides would increase their diversity in some manner or another. And I still think if anyone can both increase diversity and uniqueness for the sides WHILE also balancing them, that person is Carnius.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ahrimansiah Jan 18 2015, 3:52pm replied:

*aim Oaks with a Railgun* what did you say about unique is?....
dude ur getting obsessed with balance and stuffs, the first and most important fact of a game is being fun to play! and unique is the first path to reach that aim!

+1 vote     reply to comment
FortressMaximus Jan 18 2015, 4:04pm replied:

No game is fun if it isn't balanced and Oaks is right about Scrin. The way they became "unique" is wrong in several ways, starting to infantry, ending with the way the vehicles get repaired.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 18 2015, 9:52pm replied:

I really like the way Scrin vehicles get repaired, it makes any generator or Tiberium field a repair bay, and it seems far more high tech and interesting for them to repair via the absorption of ambient energies and particles rather than to use the same exact means of repair as the to Earth Dwelling factions.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FortressMaximus Jan 19 2015, 8:28am replied:

The concept itself isn't bad. The way how it was developed has its flaws. Power plants are fragile and are supposed to be placed in safe locations. Portals, Warp Spheres and Gravity Stabilizers don't work fine anymore (If you capture a Gravity Stabilyzer it fires lighting bolts randomly, even with captured Scrin structures, you are forced to sell them). To replenish the infantry you must have the stasis chamber which is a T2 structure (you build just one because the upgrades and the options, no more), and the process is slow compared to multiple barracks of the other sides.

A very good Scrin feature was the "conversion" (and I really hope to seen again in Annihilators). They consume Tiberium in order to fire a beam. Why don't consume Tiberium to "convert" the crystals into an integral part of a Scrin Vehicle, maybe using a special Scrin support unit? Plus Scrin vehicles still benefit from allied repair drones. A vehicle itself (except the haverster) shouldn't be able to automatically repair itself in a Tiberium Field, it is not balanced.

I think Scrin way of repair/heal must be reconsidered.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jan 17 2015, 5:30am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

SryCauldon Jan 15 2015, 5:07pm says:

That's what they look like size wise in the game, not how they look size wise in the videos within the game, regardless of their size shown when playing, they are treated as though they had the size shown in the videos. Proportion is always a bit off in a RTS after all.

Shock Trooper

Zone Trooper and Conquer 3 GDI/218347137_8cad426a7a.jpg~c200

From those images, and if you went back and watched the vids showing them in the game, the Shock Trooper has about twice the mass of a Zone Trooper, is taller at it's highest point by about two feet, and is definitely wider. It would never fit in a doorway, hallway, or any other passage in a human habitation.

As mentioned, I am fairly sure Carnius's objective in part is to make how things work more true to the Tiberium Universe, as such if the Shock Trooper is shown to be bigger in other medium in the game, they will be treated as bigger in the gameplay, even if in the gameplay they look closer to human size.

+3 votes     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 15 2015, 11:26pm replied:

Personally I think it is more likely that Carnius will increase their model size, individual power and toughness, and reduce the number in the squad, to reflect their forms as shown outside of gameplay, rather than make them able to garrison.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Oaks Jan 16 2015, 7:24am replied:

We cannot afford the story,lore and sticking to realism to be the obstacle of gameplay balance.
If its not an ingame screenshot but just some video footage then its irrelevant for me.
If you will do a T2,5-T3 heavy infantry with price bigger than 650-800 credits out of them,than they will be like Cyborg reaper(or maybe like Zone troopers), killed in a moment by Buzzer and will be unable to provide proper anti-air/anti-vehicle fire support.
What will you do when you dont have Warp sphere or have but your Seekers/Razorbacks are getting pwned by Missile/Rocket troops,Titans and your Shock troopers requires Stasis chamber and Nerve center and dont have price under 600?
Spam Disintegrators? Looking how one Wolwerine keeps at bay and quickly gains heroic rank from three Buzzer hives?
Seeing that Gravity Stabilizer and the Stormriders more expensive than Titans are useless in the face of human T1 AA infantry.
The only thing you will think of is that your Disintegrators and Shock troopers could use some cover of garrison or APC.
Quality is useless vs numbers if they cant garrison.
Tiberium universe is thnx to EA just a one big botched up paradox of screwed Westwood concepts, especially when it comes to Scrin.
Thats why we are all so grateful to Carnius for TE.
The first thing you can read about Scrin is that "Primary base has been established using nano-asembler"
I wonder how would you categorize nano-assembler otherwise than repair drone.
If your mind is not open for atleast any kind of compromise then playing multiplayer matches has no sense.
Trying to do a heavy infantry out of things which looks like fragile insects,no matter how tall(let us remind old Tripod) is senseless. If you are not open for compromise, that is.
I dont care that EA videos are feeding us with nonsense.
I care about only game itself.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 16 2015, 9:57am replied:

You don't care, but based upon the evidence available, I believe that Carnius does, and even if he puts the lore first and balances second as I think he does, that doesn't change the fact this is the most well balanced mod I have encountered for the game. And nano assembler is in reference to nano-tech, all the buildings suddenly forming the way they do with the Scrin, and then "Primary base has been established using nano-assembler" is indicative of the structures being created via nanomachines, not drones, if drones were responsible you would see them when buildings were made, not just when reparing vehicles. I think, and based on available evidence I believe Carnius thinks, that Story, lore, and sticking to the realism of the Tiberium Universe, is just as important as gameplay balance, if not slightly more so. As mentioned initially, if you want a mod based solely around perfect gameplay balance alone, then likely you would have to make it yourself, as I don't think that is what Carnius is aiming for. He does a great job of balancing, but I don't think the proof available indicates he lets balancing interfere with his vision of what C&C3; should be.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Oaks Jan 17 2015, 8:27am replied:

Scrin lore is practically non-existing.
EA conjured it up out of thin air and screwed what it could what left after Westwood.
And Carnius continues where Westwood left and so much thankfully redone many problems which EA and their KW created. But that still creates Tiberium universe which is yet filled with bunch of contradictions.
Yes,lore is important and only thnx to Carnius's vision most of it is now..truly great.
But that doesnt change a fact that entire Scrin basic infantry is almost as good as non-existing.
Shock troopers has lower range and two squads of them cant defeat single Wolwerine.
Bunch of mutated Fiends,Visceroids,Contaminators,Buzzers and Tarantula drones are still riding in a Humvee and
are entering bunkers as they see fit.
Vision is great, and everything has its time, but the vision is still little bit skewed. xd
If you will change Shock troopers as per what you said, then their role and use will be even more negligible.
Thats why I rather want to change Disintegators into T2 clear garrisoners(or and old corruptor as an infantry squad addition) and change Shock troopers into T1(T1,5).
Your human ally will go to defend your base, but they will die just because theres everywhere tiberium aura and no drones to repair your vehicles.
Enemy will plunge through your Scrin vehicles, your infantry will fail miserably and what will everyone say?
"Screw Scrin, I dont want to play any multiplayer matches with Scrin".
Is that what you want for Tiberium essence?
Oh, sorry, kind of purpose sentence.
Somewhat indecent, but still..

+2 votes     reply to comment
KeithAlvarado Jan 16 2015, 7:57pm replied:

I agree with you 100 percent bro

+2 votes     reply to comment
SryCauldon Jan 16 2015, 3:43pm replied:

Admittedly I could be wrong, in the end we have no choice but to wait and see precisely what direction Carnius plans to head, for no matter how either of us feel about any aspect of it, in the end it is his mod to do with as he so wishes, it shall follow his vision, his purpose.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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if I could i would this mod [infinity] out of 10 points

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