This modification offers an alternative gameplay to Tiberian Wars involving many Tiberian Sun units which many CnC fans (like me) missing in vanilla CNC3 and add even new my made units which you can't find anywhere else. Story is quite the same like Tiberian Wars, but is all about what if GDI and Nod do not abandon technologies they have used in Tiberian Sun era and instead of that further developed them. But it's not only that, there are many visual, sound and balance changes which I want to see and hear in my mod, new sounds, new music, new effects (like blood and gore, new infantry deaths, new more realistic missile trails) and many more.

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Dec 23rd, 2009
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Installation: ------------- 1) Ensure you have game patched to v 1.9, if not install latest patch 1.9 2) Go to Dokuments in windows start menu and find folder "Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars" and open it. Inside you should see folder called mods, if not create new folder called mods. 3) Open folder mods and copy folder TiberiumEssence from this package in to it Run mod: 1) Insert CnC3:Tiberian Wars DVD to your dvd drive and Wait until game launcher window emerges. 2) Clic on Game Browser button, new window whith Replays should open. 3) Switch to mods, select TiberiumEssence and then click Launch Game. If game launcher do not emerges after is DVD insert, you have probably disabled autorun in your windows default settings. You must launch Game Launcher manually from DVD. Open Tiberium Wars DVD and run autorun.exe in main root. When game launcher opens click on Game Browser button and follow instructions above.

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Tiberium Essence v 1.4
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Xmera Feb 21 2010 says:

Where Can I download the game patch v1.9,
can you please provide me with it please. . .

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alenoguerol Feb 25 2010 says:

the mod runs fine i have played other versions beafore but i just reinstalled C&C and updated to 1.9
installed your mod but as NOD when i tryed to use a nuke the game just crashes..

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toxictouch Feb 28 2010 says:

can u make a launcher plz

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lolipop123 Mar 14 2010 says:

anyone tell me wat all of the songs called on this mod! plzzzz pm me

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Mogenar Mar 18 2010 says:

This could very well be the best Tiberium Wars mod out there. Great job!

What'd be cool is if you would add in the Core Defender as a Nod unit :p

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RedJohn Mar 23 2010 says:

Having difficulties getting the mod working on windows 7. Followed instructions perfectly however the mod does not show in the mod list. Can I please get some help with this problem.

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matthews445 Apr 1 2010 says:

Must! *sight... DOWNLOAD

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crusader148 Apr 12 2010 says:

*gasp* the readme file has sooooooo many spelling errors like documents spelled with a k
not a bad thing just makes reading harder to do

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ShylaBuggz Apr 13 2010 says:

few installation questions. so 1st, it says to instal to a tiberium wars file, not kanes wrath file. is this correct? also i can't find any cnc tiberium wars files in documents. but i can find a few in "my computer" does that work? says to patch up till 1.90. highest patch i can find though is 1.09, typo? do i need all the other version to run the most current version, or are they in that dl link? and is the 1.4version of the mod the one i see on youtube with all those units? including new mother ship, mark 2, burrowing nod unit, etc? or are those previews to upcoming ones?

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InthenameofKANE May 8 2010 says:

I have a big problem that's actually kind of my fault. Yesterday after downloading the mod I was downloading new maps and I (very stupidly) tried to download and play a Kane's Wrath map (it looked really cool). Anyway, my game obviously stalled when I tried to play it because i don't have KW, so I had to exit it. Then, I tried to launch the Mod again, but when I pressed the game browser button my computer said that the Launcher had experienced a problem and needed to close. The rest of the Launcher works fine, but I can't launch the mod without the goddamn game browser. Is their any alternate way to launch this mod other than going to the game browser, or could somebody tell me how to fix this bug?

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The_H4mm3r May 9 2010 says:

For some reason I can't seem to get Tiberium Essence to show up in my Game Browser, I have CNC3 patched to 1.09 but nothing comes up. I had it figured out once but then didn't play the game for a year lol. Can someone help me with this?


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noobing May 18 2010 says:

Yeah, I gotta go with the Hammer guy. I'm pretty confused too. DLed the zip, unzipped it, dragged it over. I even had to reinstall the game, and it still doesn't show up on the game browser. Lol, and my little brother showed me this, it's pretty rad. But I'm having a hard time to find a way to make it possible to play. I even moved the CnC3 file from my program files to my documents (where I saw many many many people say to have it). But it still doesn't show up on the browser. What's the dealio? Help please?

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Boochaca May 30 2010 replied:

i has same problem

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TheNodCommander May 19 2010 says:

Simply only one thing to say about this mod: Its Tiberium Wars 2.0!

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Boochaca May 30 2010 says:


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yuuzang May 30 2010 says:

how can i install this on a windows 7 OS

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simon1812 Jun 2 2010 says:

hey! Im having problems with the mod lately, every time I try to play I get a message saying that there are C&C3 files missing and that I should reinstall again, I did but the problem doesnt go away. I get no problem with the core game (no mod) or other mods (like advance wars for example)it only happens with TE mod, In one occasion it managed to get to the game's main menu, then I went to setting to set the model detail to the max, in the process of digesting the changes the game quit to window's desktop in other occasion I got the blue screen and my computer shutdowns itself.

not sure why this is happening I havent done anything weird with my computer. it occurred to me that it may have something to do with my AVG antivirus but Im not sure.

any ideas? or do you know of anybody else going through something similar?

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Techpriest88 Jun 3 2010 says:

Carnius, I beg of you: replace the AA gun with the old SAM Tower that we all know and love. Also, if even remotely possible, merge the wall hub and towers into one entity. I will worship you, if you make the wall hubs able to upgrade (at the players option) to one of the three towers. One other thing: The tiberium tree is pretty, but doesn't really work well with the Scrin growth accelerator. Is there a way I can just use the original chasm?

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Jerald Jun 26 2010 says:

i cant find the game browser as well

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Mooostache Jul 7 2010 says:

lol this was uploaded on my birthday, yay me i guess. great mod btw

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TechnoProdigy Jul 9 2010 says:

Hey, mod works nice, love it, just one major problem. When I up the resolution, it works fine, but when I up the graphics at all the mod crashes and displays this message- I know it's not my computer because I can normally run this game at Ultra High.
I also have already tried Re-installing, and yes my game is patched to the most recent patch.

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TechnoProdigy Jul 9 2010 replied:

Okay, I found out the problem, I have to change graphics without mod loaded, then load mod.

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mat123 Aug 30 2010 says:

Hi there everyone.
Sorry to add to the pile of questions regarding this mod and installation etc. But I'm currently running C&C 3 (v1.9 of course) fine on windows 7 but I'm only able to play without the disc using a no disc file. Long story short, my friend has the disc and is away for a couple of months and I really want to play this mod!
So can someone give me some instructions on how to install and run this mod without needing the disc please? Just to warn you guys in advance I'm a bit of an idiot with computers etc. So I probably need 'basic' computer terms/language!
Thanks is advance

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6psrllju9 Sep 4 2010 replied:

how do i launch the game with mod on

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6psrllju9 Sep 4 2010 says:

i did every thing for it and it will not come up on mods screen in game browser

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andre77 Sep 13 2010 says:

I Want To Download This Mod But I cant Cause I Have 3 Problems One Is When I Update To Patch .09 It Gives Me A message Please Install At LEast One Language Pack Second I Have No Control Center And Third I Have No Disk Please Help Me

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Smallchange Sep 21 2010 replied:

First : i dont know
Second : try going into the game folder and check there
third : find a no-cd crack, dont worry they are legal

way to solve first 2: go to my tutorial and make a batch file so that you do not need a control center :D

hope i helped

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C&CGamer101 Oct 18 2010 says:

Do i really need the disk?cause my command and conquer 3 is downloaded and no disk

-1 votes     reply to comment
Smallchange Feb 9 2011 replied:

you should not dl things but just so you know you can use a no-cd crack but it is not legal unless you have bought the game

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nose-bLeed Nov 8 2010 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
bosnian_dragon Dec 4 2010 says:

The tutorial says that I need a patch 1.9, but I can't find the 1.9 patch anywhere! Did you mean 1.09 ???

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PaekSukis Dec 10 2010 says:

Fantastic Works ! Nice nice

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Heavenswrath Dec 15 2010 says:

Excuse me. But i have a problem with my mod. I created a folder in C&C 3 Tiberian wars Named "mods" And i did exactly how to find it..selected game browser and i clicked on mods.. And Nothing blank..i tried looking up a fix..but nope. BTW i dont own any fancy mode software, Just the GAME itself..nothing added on. Except the patch. OH btw.. Its an MDS ..For Daemon tools.

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meelis13 Dec 18 2010 says:

i have 1 question (sorry if i sound dumb): how to play this mod without using autorun? you see, my C&C tiberium wars DVD broke only few days after i installed the game. i never used DVD while playing (cracking game instantly after install), so i dont know if i was needing DVD to play. please help me, i want to have MK II, i just love this unit :S

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Tankspwnu Dec 24 2010 says:

I noticed.. well idk if im just lazy or not, but are you keeping the stealth tank model as it is, or are you trying to get a better model? Because i personally like the reskin of it that you did, and i dont really like EA'S design

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Crimson_Skie Dec 29 2010 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
bg_hunter Jan 15 2011 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
meelis13 Jan 21 2011 says:

does anyone know mod launcher? my DVD broke few weeks after i got the game so im in pretty bad situation right now to play mods. please help, thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
nguyendaiphat Feb 5 2011 says:

How about the source of mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
krzcndn Apr 22 2011 says:

hello i bought my game using the steam platform so i have no launcher it just launches straight to the game, ive been trying to find a way around it but have been unable to do so

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koldsoul Jun 8 2011 says:

Needs some balancing & higher texture resolution but other than that it is great.i prefer big Tiberium crystals to harvest.I noticed that GDI can put alot of units on the ground in no time,especially with the dropship building.i suggest making some time limit between each drop,i mean now i can call dropships at once.

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leo333x Jun 24 2011 says:


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GeorgedaBest Jun 30 2011 says:

I bought, downloaded, and installed this game from Steam. How do I run this mod? I have tried running it from Steam and Desura, but nothing is working. How do I run it?

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dcyuri7 Sep 27 2011 says:

hi, I love the mod, but it is very difficult to use it because the release does not contain the modded XML files. All you can do with .big files is play it, and that's not very supportive of community.

Would you be so kind as to provide the XML files you changed, so that I may configure my own tweaks for MOD_SDK, in order to suit my play style?
Thank you.

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Blak-Dragon Nov 2 2011 says:

I don't suppose there's any chance for a playable beta of 1.5 to be released anytime soon ?

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firestar23373 Nov 5 2011 says:

hey im wondering if i get the patch for cnc 3 (to get the mod)can i play the old post patch version. i dont like cnc 3 post patches and may want to play normal tib wars instead of the mod.

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Erick_Auron Nov 6 2011 says:

yep tried installing the game in many diferent ways, it always fails to detect the mod when i open the game "browser option" on the autorun screen.
im gonna have to give up on the mod now.

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therethree_55 Dec 16 2011 says:

I cannot find this "Game Browser". Or maybe I'm not looking at the right place

+1 vote     reply to comment
therethree_55 Dec 16 2011 says:

Oh wait solved the problem hah

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dmitriy_nsk Jan 19 2012 says:

Превед придурки

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