Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, which see's the return of the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod battling it out during the the Second Tiberum War! retelling Tiberian Sun like never before.

A Whole New Tiberian Sun!
Not just a remake, but Tiberian Sun Rising is the next evolution of Tiberian Sun! Its time you saw the future, while you still have human eyes! Having been redesigned from the ground up to include all the things you love from Tiberian Sun, with new features, abilities, units and gameplay better then ever. We take the mindset that this is the first time Tiberian Sun is being made as an originale game as a design concept/mindset for our development.

This mod will include the additions made in the expansion Firestorm as well they will make a return with a new spin. This mod promise's to do alot and we'll be bringing back the thing's you love from Tiberian Sun like. Stealth technology, Real Tiberium, Subtterain Units the Firestorm Defense system and more!

Battle the Elements!
One of the most exciting feature's we'll be including is a dynamic growing Tiberum environment which mutates the battlefield as it spreads! You could start on a map with not much tiberium at all, and finish the battle with Vein Holes, Ion Storms and more all occuring! So watch out!

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Subterranean APC Prepare to Dive! Firestorm Defense Online!
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18 comments by AssassinCS on Oct 7th, 2013

Welcome Back Commanders!

We do indeed LIVE! Rumors of our defeat have been greatly exaggerated and are merely propaganda spread by the great oppressor. We've been back in development for some time now we apologize for the delay in bringing you up to date with our progress. We have some very exciting developments coming up that we can't wait to share with you and we praise your continued support, loyalty and faith in this project. We make this for you the fans your continued support, input, feedback and even criticisms (keep them constructive please) means everything to us and we thank you. I'd also like to thank my fellow team members both new and old for their hard work and continued support that combined with our amazing fans is what keeps driving us forward!

Its time you saw the future, while you still have human eyes!

Kind regards,

-The Tiberian Sun Rising Team

--------------------------------BEGIN TRANSMISSION--------------------------------


We've been monitoring Nod's activity for just over a Year now and the situation appeared to be settling down until recently. But now we're seeing more activity's among the splintered factions of Nod the stage seems set for another power battle among high ranking officers fighting for power within the Brotherhood. We're bringing you back on Active duty Commander we need you to gather more intelligence on the current situation and we'll be briefing you on the latest developments get you up to speed.

Years of research & development have paid off there has been a breakthrough in our defensive technologies and it is now been added to your arsenal Commander approved for testing under battle conditions, we're calling it the "Firestorm Defense Shield". The system is made up of two components the "Firestorm Generator" and the "Firestorm Wall Sections". GDI Commanders are recommended to deploy Firestorm Wall Sections forming a perimeter around the entire base these are reasonably flat
surfaces vehicles & infantry can easily traverse over when inactive. For activation the Firestorm Generator requires a surplus amount of a base's power reserves so additional power plants are recommended to ensure no defense or manufacturing structures are affected. Once activated the Firestorm Generator generates an impenetrable barrier across the Firestorm Wall Sections that will
destroy any aircraft, missiles, projectiles trying to pass through the field
this includes any vehicles or organic matter as well.

Firestorm Generator Firestorm Defense Online!

This is a very effective counter-measure against the Brotherhood's Missile strikes when an EVA unit detects an incoming Missile activating the Firestorm Defense Shield will protect the area enclosed by the Firestorm Walls. The system does have its draw backs however the Firestorm Generator can only
stay active for a limited period of time requiring time to cool-down and recharge its priming capacitors. It is important to take note that friendly aircraft also cannot pass through the field and you should be mindful of Nod's subterranean vehicles that could bypass the field by travelling under it and surfacing in your base we recommend keeping Mobile Sensor Array's deployed to detect any subterranean activity in the area.

Prepare to Dive! Subterranean APC

We have new Intel on Nods activity Our satellites managed to capture these image's before Nod forces managed to set up a Stealth Generator in the area. Intelligence from our source within a Brotherhood faction reveal this is a new Armored Personnel Carrier redesigned as a subterranean troop carrier. The vehicle can dig underground and travel vast distances making it much more difficult to track Nod's troop movements or predict where they may emerge. Deploying pavement across your base's should be sufficient to stop these Subterranean APC's from surfacing however this has been untested and we've yet to see if Nod have any surprises for us in this regard our source has been known to withhold information in the past. We'll keep you informed as we gather more information about this discovery as we learn more.

--------------------------------END TRANSMISSION--------------------------------

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TSR Avatar Pack

TSR Avatar Pack

May 3, 2011 Other 7 comments

As a thank you to all our fans and supporters we present to you a collection of exclusive TSR avatars for your use.

[TSR Soundtrack] Secrets of the Scrin

[TSR Soundtrack] Secrets of the Scrin

Nov 2, 2006 Music 2 comments

Title: Secrets of the Scrin Composer: Michal Bartnikowski (feat. Paul Statezny) Length: 6:09

[TSR Soundtrack] Snowy

[TSR Soundtrack] Snowy

Nov 2, 2006 Music 2 comments

Title: Snowy Composer: Paul Statezny Length: 4:58

[TSR Soundtrack] Harvester Ambush

[TSR Soundtrack] Harvester Ambush

Nov 2, 2006 Music 1 comment

Title: Harvester Ambush Composer: Paul Statezny Length: 4:43

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AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Dec 6 2006, 7:32am says:

Anti-Aliasing is completly up to your Video Card.

Generals already supports it, if you want to crank up your graphics much higher then Generals HIGH Graphics option does. Go to your windows display options, and override the default anti-aliasing and other graphics settings and crank them to the maximum. Most computers u should run perfectly fine on this espically if its a newer computer. Older computers u may experiance slow speeds with these settings but it will look freakin cool.

But we are baking Bump Mapping into our textures, eg models will appear to have bump mapping when they really dont, its faked but if u cant tell the difference? Then its bump mapping :) and pre-rendered outside into the actual texture so wont affect speeds.

And Civilian Militia base's like on some of the maps... possibly but they wont be an Army, they will be ether a Rebel faction a Militia taking advantage of the lack of GDI/Nod enforcement in the area and trying to cause some trouble locally. Or if you are in a City loyal to Nod you'll prolly find some Fanatics, if your in a City loyal to GDI expect easy pickings lol.

I got a present for ya!!
There will be a trailer out later today/tommorow so keep your eyes pealed for that goodie.

+1 vote   reply to comment
WingDingo Nov 13 2006, 10:18pm says:

I could probably answer question #4 even though I'm not on the mod team. I think it was Assassin who said that if they followed the traditional rules of attempted TS mods on ZH that it would be boring and not serious as he'd like. Look a couple of his posts down.

Now that I think of it, I cant really see any point to the generals points and powers. It just wouldn't fit into the Tiberian Storyline/Feel. I dunno, I don't mean to speak for anyone, but this is what I think. Meh...:|

+1 vote     reply to comment
SSG_Collins Nov 13 2006, 3:52pm says:

Forgive me I was in Journalism and I’m used to asking questions in bulk and in that format.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SSG_Collins Nov 13 2006, 3:46pm says:

Sir, I have a quick 4 questions on the mod

1) Will any of the maps have the large futuristic cities alluded to in TS and shown in the C&C 3 screenshots?

2) Will their be any Black Hand Units and if so how can you upgrade them?

3) Will the Ghost Stalker have the same or similar abilities (when it comes to combat effectiveness he still has remote detonated C4 and an Ion Cannon beacon replaces the timed C4) as Col. Burton?


4) Why don’t you work tech trees and Generals powers in the same way as mid east crisis?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BGRacer2010 Nov 13 2006, 9:39am says:
Quote:By -AssassinCS | Sat 11th Nov, 2006 @ 3:42:32pm
Well the whole point of Easter Egg's are they are secrets you gotta find Wink ;\)

I assume you have the models at hand since skullking_ferrit /i think/ made them for TFTW ;) Hey we're waiting. And can you tease us with some more new shots :>

+1 vote     reply to comment
WingDingo Nov 21 2006, 9:06pm says:

Dark Alex, you can't speak for any or all of us here. I know everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but quit complaining. The mod team isn't gonna change anything for one person with such a trivial complaint of no conyard system. Hell, StarCraft, my very first RTS has no conyard system, and if you haven't noticed, there aren't many (only the CnC games so far) that actually implement something such as the conyard system. In actuality, the conyard system doesn't offer much for strategy. Having to build your buildings close to eachother teaches you base design and management, but when it comes to taking key strategic points, free base building reigns supreme...

For example, ever notice how bases in CnC games always tend to be messy and very disorganized with defensive buildings scattered everywhere collected in one small portion of the map? In other RTS's you can actually build outposts and defend key areas such as a chokepoint in a valley and make defensive stands by simply telling a construction unit to do so, and it does so quickly. Whereas in CnC games, you are forced to either build buildings in a chain to reach where you want to defend and that gets costly and time consuming.

I guess all I'm trying to say is the team is making something new for us, not just some rehash that gets old within the first hour. Too many times have I bought RTS's that have basically copied StarCraft down to the bone only to be disappointed by the lack of ingenuity. For StarCaft it worked, but for many others it doesn't.

Let's just end it and let it pass. Noddies can kiss my ***, GDI always wins.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Nov 11 2006, 9:04pm says:

We will remake Tiberian Sun and Firestorm maps, with a new spin *wont be exactly the same we'll rearrange things a little bit so its still a new experiance*.

And we'll also create alot of our own maps for TSR, of our own creation.

C&C Reborn has nothing to do with TSR, they are an FPS we are an RTS.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Lucífer Nov 11 2006, 5:39pm says:

will you make aby C&C Reborn maps from the renegade mod in the future for this mod? (just for fun)
Or will you guys just re-create the C&C Tiberium sun maps

+1 vote     reply to comment
AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Nov 11 2006, 4:42pm says:

Well the whole point of Easter Egg's are they are secrets you gotta find ;)

But you did see some buildings from Tiberian Dawn in the original Tiberian Sun, so I think that says enuff ;).

+1 vote   reply to comment
SSG_Collins Nov 10 2006, 11:21pm says:

Sir will the be hidden units buildings ect. in the mod? Say you find an RA1 war factory you can produce a MAD tank, or an old air field you can buy a Nod SSM launcher.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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