Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, which see's the return of the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod battling it out during the the Second Tiberum War! retelling Tiberian Sun like never before.

A Whole New Tiberian Sun!
Not just a remake, but Tiberian Sun Rising is the next evolution of Tiberian Sun! Its time you saw the future, while you still have human eyes! Having been redesigned from the ground up to include all the things you love from Tiberian Sun, with new features, abilities, units and gameplay better then ever. We take the mindset that this is the first time Tiberian Sun is being made as an originale game as a design concept/mindset for our development.

This mod will include the additions made in the expansion Firestorm as well they will make a return with a new spin. This mod promise's to do alot and we'll be bringing back the thing's you love from Tiberian Sun like. Stealth technology, Real Tiberium, Subtterain Units the Firestorm Defense system and more!

Battle the Elements!
One of the most exciting feature's we'll be including is a dynamic growing Tiberum environment which mutates the battlefield as it spreads! You could start on a map with not much tiberium at all, and finish the battle with Vein Holes, Ion Storms and more all occuring! So watch out!

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Subterranean APC Prepare to Dive! Firestorm Defense Online!
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Welcome Back Commanders!

We do indeed LIVE! Rumors of our defeat have been greatly exaggerated and are merely propaganda spread by the great oppressor. We've been back in development for some time now we apologize for the delay in bringing you up to date with our progress. We have some very exciting developments coming up that we can't wait to share with you and we praise your continued support, loyalty and faith in this project. We make this for you the fans your continued support, input, feedback and even criticisms (keep them constructive please) means everything to us and we thank you. I'd also like to thank my fellow team members both new and old for their hard work and continued support that combined with our amazing fans is what keeps driving us forward!

Its time you saw the future, while you still have human eyes!

Kind regards,

-The Tiberian Sun Rising Team

--------------------------------BEGIN TRANSMISSION--------------------------------


We've been monitoring Nod's activity for just over a Year now and the situation appeared to be settling down until recently. But now we're seeing more activity's among the splintered factions of Nod the stage seems set for another power battle among high ranking officers fighting for power within the Brotherhood. We're bringing you back on Active duty Commander we need you to gather more intelligence on the current situation and we'll be briefing you on the latest developments get you up to speed.

Years of research & development have paid off there has been a breakthrough in our defensive technologies and it is now been added to your arsenal Commander approved for testing under battle conditions, we're calling it the "Firestorm Defense Shield". The system is made up of two components the "Firestorm Generator" and the "Firestorm Wall Sections". GDI Commanders are recommended to deploy Firestorm Wall Sections forming a perimeter around the entire base these are reasonably flat
surfaces vehicles & infantry can easily traverse over when inactive. For activation the Firestorm Generator requires a surplus amount of a base's power reserves so additional power plants are recommended to ensure no defense or manufacturing structures are affected. Once activated the Firestorm Generator generates an impenetrable barrier across the Firestorm Wall Sections that will
destroy any aircraft, missiles, projectiles trying to pass through the field
this includes any vehicles or organic matter as well.

Firestorm Generator Firestorm Defense Online!

This is a very effective counter-measure against the Brotherhood's Missile strikes when an EVA unit detects an incoming Missile activating the Firestorm Defense Shield will protect the area enclosed by the Firestorm Walls. The system does have its draw backs however the Firestorm Generator can only
stay active for a limited period of time requiring time to cool-down and recharge its priming capacitors. It is important to take note that friendly aircraft also cannot pass through the field and you should be mindful of Nod's subterranean vehicles that could bypass the field by travelling under it and surfacing in your base we recommend keeping Mobile Sensor Array's deployed to detect any subterranean activity in the area.

Prepare to Dive! Subterranean APC

We have new Intel on Nods activity Our satellites managed to capture these image's before Nod forces managed to set up a Stealth Generator in the area. Intelligence from our source within a Brotherhood faction reveal this is a new Armored Personnel Carrier redesigned as a subterranean troop carrier. The vehicle can dig underground and travel vast distances making it much more difficult to track Nod's troop movements or predict where they may emerge. Deploying pavement across your base's should be sufficient to stop these Subterranean APC's from surfacing however this has been untested and we've yet to see if Nod have any surprises for us in this regard our source has been known to withhold information in the past. We'll keep you informed as we gather more information about this discovery as we learn more.

--------------------------------END TRANSMISSION--------------------------------

TSR Easter Update

TSR Easter Update

3 years ago News 5 comments Report

In this months update we've got the G.D.I. jump-jet trooper, Nod infantry and our new Ion cannon FX. Hope you all like them. Yggdrasil out.

Technology of Destruction

Technology of Destruction

4 years ago News 12 comments Report

This month's update shows you the mighty Disruptor and the sneaky Assault Cycle.

Technology of Peace

Technology of Peace

4 years ago News 11 comments Report

It's been a while since our last proper update, but never fear we're still working hard and getting ever closer to a release. Today we release the harpy...

Global Operations Report - Access level gold

Global Operations Report - Access level gold

4 years ago News 9 comments Report

Today for your inspection we have the latest generation of the Brotherhoods AA base defence, the SAM site, as well as a look at one of Nods most lethal...

Tiberian Sun Rising was a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars! Tierian Sun RIsing brings back GDI and Nod battleing it out during the Second Tiberium War, retelling Tiberian Sun as never before. This isn't just a remake of the...
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TSR Avatar Pack

TSR Avatar Pack

4 years ago Other 7 comments

As a thank you to all our fans and supporters we present to you a collection of exclusive TSR avatars for your use.

[TSR Soundtrack] Secrets of the Scrin

9 years ago Music 2 comments

Title: Secrets of the Scrin Composer: Michal Bartnikowski (feat. Paul Statezny) Length: 6:09

[TSR Soundtrack] Snowy

9 years ago Music 2 comments

Title: Snowy Composer: Paul Statezny Length: 4:58

[TSR Soundtrack] Harvester Ambush

9 years ago Music 1 comment

Title: Harvester Ambush Composer: Paul Statezny Length: 4:43

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AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Nov 22 2006 says:

Yep sad but true, but better to minimise the problems with the AI, Once we've found a solution I'd be happy to implement a hybrid system for GDI as i mentioned... For the first release however this wont be the case but there is alot planned for the future of TSR so the first release is just the beginning. As for what we have planned for future version's you'll have to wait and see for now we're concentrating our efforts on this one.

Well true not hell... but it is an aweful lot of units. Dont forget the Hunter Seeker Droid, oh and Service Depot was only GDI in TS remember. GDI and Nod have a real unique atmosphere to distinguish between them, not to mention the gameplay is quite different for each side. Allowing for some very interesting matchs indeed.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Nov 22 2006 says:

EA caved on the Construction Yards.. afraid to try the Dozers again after the reaction Generals got thats all it was in my opinion.

I personnally think that for the good of C&C's evolution construction units should still be part of the gameplay. Eg if i was making C&C3 I woulda make a construciton unit to build say defences.. and the construction yard would build everything else. Now we could do this for TSR but due to the AI issues involved with the Conyard code we wont.

The ConstructioN Yard is clearly a GDI design and in Tiberian Sun looked really out of place on Nod. Nod's main base of Operations is the Temple of Nod. They mark their territory straight from the start with construction of the Temple.

This does not mean get advanced tech early.. infact the Temple of Nod plays quite a critical role and as does the ConstructioN yard on GDI. If ether is lost... you will find various functions crippled without them. Both sides get hurt in different ways with the loss of their main structure. Nods Temple of Nod plays a pivitol role in their tech tree as well later on.

In Tiberian Sun Rising, both sides are completley unique from another, Nothing is ahared... unlike Tiberian Sun where there is a hell of alot of things shared. Even the REfinery's and Harvesters have different advantages/disadvantages depending which side you are.

+1 vote   reply to comment
_EvilAlex_ Nov 22 2006 says:

This does not lie in the Construction Yard alone. - well, that's right. Not in it alone, but for me, it is one of pieces, that makes the puzzle we call "C&C: Tiberian Sun". A piece, without which the puzzle won't be complite. For as far as I know EA realised this for C&C 3, but I can't tell for sure due to the lack of info I have, so I'll just wait until the game gets released.
The story - yes, it's the main part of couse, no debates here, but like your body has several vital parts (heart, brain, e.t.c.) each game has its own. And I think C.Y. to be one of them this case. Not the main, but still one of the most noticeable. But I told you this many times, so lets knock it off for now.

Good to hear about command bar, by the way. So it's this "nuke button"? Looks pretty!

So, If we have to accept the fact NOD has no C.Y. now, what's their so called "main structure" now? (Sorry, can't read all of your web site, due to the lack of time.)

+1 vote     reply to comment
AssassinCS Creator
AssassinCS Nov 22 2006 says:

In TSR we have a system you can already see the superweapon shortcut menu button in the existing screenshots.

There is also a primary building feature, where you may desginate a WarFactory, barracks, helipad etc as primary buildings. Then a shortcut button appears on the sidebar so you can access it anywhere on the battlefield, allowing a much more C&C like style of gameplay.

Makes it alot more like Red alert 2's sidebar basically.

The whole interface was redesigned for TSR and it is quite alot more intiuative then it was in Zero Hour now.

The spirit of C&C doesnt lie in the Construction Yard, it lies in the story and the atmosphere C&C creates. This does not lie in the Construction Yard alone. Tiberian Sun's atmosphere to me has always been the story and the great atmosphere it creates when i play the game. Conyard had nothing to do with the spirit. No one ever said a Construction Unit was more realistic but it certainly allows for more intiuative gameplay.

Regardless this debate has been had many times before, and the conclusion has always come to the Construction Units, this far along in development it aint changing.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AfterFlash Jan 29 2007 says:

This is going to be the most freakin' awesome mod of all time!! I CANNOT wait till it's released!!!!!! hurry with the mod assasin!! we're waiting anxiously!!! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BGRacer2010 Nov 22 2006 says:

Alexey, I've added you in my ICQ list authorize me please :>

+1 vote     reply to comment
_EvilAlex_ Nov 22 2006 says:

Yes, I agree with BGRacer2010 about the S\W shortcuts being instantly accessable. ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BGRacer2010 Nov 22 2006 says:

It seems that quite a debate is starting. I love the way the mod is being discussed. I my opinion both construction system have their pluses and minuses. The piont that WingDingo has bout the building system indeed totaly equals with mine. But not to mention that is quite useful ti have in handy all your production ques on the sidebar, it really makes you concentrate on the strategy and makes you follow your enemy's move and manage yours.

Just as a suggestion for the superwaepons, i think that it will fit into the idea of making the game original to make them more acsessible as the "Generals Powers". When you build the ion canon uplink the icon shows up next to the sidebar in the lower right corner. More or like making the game, i think the goal of every developer is to make things as useful and easy as possible to handle. I think that needing to find your mIssile Silo/Ion cannon uplink in your base and releasing it's devestating effect looses time and is bit confusing. It will be sure in the roots of C&C and the other side innovative for dozer style RTSs.

That being said, I love the mod and I love the passion of us the fans about CnC!

+1 vote     reply to comment
_EvilAlex_ Nov 22 2006 says:

2 WingDingo It seems you've missed the entire point of what I had to tell. It was about spirit, and NEVER about strategy. If we're talking about tactics, then yes, you are correct. But tactics&strategy has nothing to do with what I had to say.
There are three facts:
First: C&C games WERE always (expect for the Generals, but they were never a classical C&C) based upon ConYard system, whether you like it or not.
Second: If you dislike C&C system there always were, and there always is the WarCraft, the StarCraft, the WarHammer, e.t.c, e.t.c, e.t.c. Nobody makes you play C&C :D
Third: Let's talk about how the strategy persists in the REAL world around us: There is NO conyard, there is NO dozer, there are NO mutagen-enhanced-workers, who can build structure in a matter of minutes, or even seconds! Building a structure, that can basically be used for at least taking your wounded soldiers to requires 30 to 40 minutes at least, building a stationary automatical defence structure takes mounths, and building a "so called" War Factory can take up many YEARS. Not to mention, that training a good soldier takes 19+ years (from the moment of his birth to the point where he can go to war and really shoot someone strategically), creating a tank requires at least weeks e.t.c. This all are a common sence facts, but I had to re-tell them. Why? Because any words about "realistic tactics & strategy" in the key of the most computer games, C&C *AND* Starcraft especially are basically pointless. Both games are as unrealisitc as they can be, still remaining not irrationally humorous. That's why I'am talking of ConYard in the key of spirit, of atmoshpere, not in the key of tactics, where workers&dozers are much more suitable, I agree.
And what we get here is neither the C&C nor the Starcraft, it's a deadly mix of both it seems! Hope it works for the best, but we'll never know unless it's released, so let's wish the developers luck with that one! This may not be C&C, but it still looks beautiful & sounds intresting enough at least! ;-)

+1 vote     reply to comment
_EvilAlex_ Nov 22 2006 says:

And, just noticed it - GDI always loose! They tried it many times, and they can't dispose of NOD, no matter how hard they push! NOD rules, man! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
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