Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Amazing , huge and very detailed mod! I wish they were more teams such as this one to create total conversion mods!

Since I first played Rome I TW, I always thought that a LOTR TW would be an excellent idea. This mod is what I always wanted.

Greatest mod i have ever seen in my life and deserves to have an actual total war series for it

Absolutely brilliant, so good that this mod has its own modding community.

This mod is an excellent rendition of the LOTR universe for one of my favourite games. Everything is excellent! Great work to the developers!

Beautiful,BTW,I am a big LOTR fan.

Easterling could do with some heavy swordsmen. using a scimitar as in the lore of LotR. they could also do with some armoured spearmen like in the movie, I don't mean pikemen.. but other than that it is a good mod.

It's hard not to give this one a 8.
It has almost everything you'd want from a LOTR mod in M2TW, and much more.
The only criticisms that i could give: As for right now, it lacks some really important plot parts from the earlier Third Age.
But Sub-Campaigns for each faction (or some) could definitely help on this subject.

Best of the best:D

One of the best mods of all time. Unfortunately still buggy even at version 3.2 (having your PC clock set to check for daylight savings time causes a CTD, spiders cause CTD, enemy siege equipment spawns inside walls)

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