Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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It´s not am Mod its a new Total War! Im realy looking foreward to the real Isengard, Hornburg,... on the Battlemap

One of the best mods


getting better

It's great mod absolutely no doubt about that, but it can also still be improved. The game feels unbalanced at the moment, while it is also very slow, taking forever to get things up and running. Keeping a balanced economy in this mod is also a very hard task. Trying to defend against invading hordes while trying to improve and advance your own nation at the same time is almost an impossible task.
However, the amount of detail in this mod is quite stunning. Simply brilliant!

Too much excellent things to all notice them, i always discover something (however i am not new, i have played it since v1.4) this is what makes this mod nearly perfect (of course there are always things to improve), so amazing job KK, DA, and others :D

just all around awesome, keep it up TATW


Awesome work! If you own Medieval II and are a fan of LOTR you have to try this mod!

TA:TW is quite possibly my favorite mod for any game. The most impressive part is probably the worldmap: to make such a detailed map of Middle-earth takes a lot of dedication, and the team deserves a lot of respect for that. Next is all the new units: the skins for both heroes and regular infantry are incredibly detailed, and the battles look as if you've stepped into the movies. The soundtrack from the movies certainly adds to that feel.

There are only a few issues I have with the mod. One is the AI's penchant for pulling vast armies out of nowhere, but I suppose that can be excused as balancing. The second is the long distances between settlements, meaning that moving an army or sending reinforcements can take five or more turns... although I suppose this can also be explained as a balance thing, to make you think twice before launching an atack on far-off territories. The third is that trade, which was such a critical part of the vanilla version, is all but useless in TA:TW, since it only applies to a small number of settlements.

Overall, despite a few flaws, this mod fully deserves a 10/10 rating. It's a mod I've enjoyed playing for the past few years, and will continue to enjoy for years to come.

absolutely brilliant! only problem is that some of the key cities are not the same as in the books/films, that would probably be asking alot but it would be a deffinate 10/10 if places like the Hornburg, Minas Tirish, Rivendel and Minus Morgul all like they should be :D

many thanks!


The biggest reason I fought my way to get Medieval 2 Total War and Kingdoms expansion. Is because of this mod, this mod is one of a kind! This is a true Lord of the Ring game everyone been waiting.
AI cheat, but its ok! XD

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