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Jan 4 2009 Anchor

Faction Preview:
Units created by King Kong

Sauron was originally a mere servant, the Lieutenant of Morgoth. After
the defeat of his master at the end of the First Age, he hid himself in
a dark place in Middle Earth, only to emerge 500 years later as
Annatar, supposedly as an emissary of the Valar. His beautiful visage
and cunning performance seduced the Elves of Eregion. They crafted the
rings of power, desiring to sustain all things. Yet in secret, he
secretly forged a ring through which he could dominate all the others.
However, the elves deduced his plan immediately and took off the rings.
Furious, Sauron unleashed the armies he had been building in the black
land of Mordor, thus initiating the of War of Elves and Sauron. The
slaughter was terrible, with the lands west of the Anduin being
completely overrun by his hordes of orcs. Yet Gil-Galad and his elven
subjects did not submit, and with the aid of a powerful Númenórean
host, his forces were decimated and forced to retreat back to Mordor.

From then on Sauron would be the Dark Lord of Mordor. Barad-Dur would
finally be completed, it serving as the citadel from which he would
direct his armies of Orcs and Trolls. The evil men to the south and
east would come under his dominion as their God-King. He was at the
height of his power. Ar-Pharazôn the Golden, last and strongest of the
kings of Numenor, believed it was right to rule Middle Earth though. He
set sail with a vast host and cornered Sauron, whose army had deserted
him when faced the glory of Man. In a humiliating display, he
surrendered to Ar-Pharazon, who took him as a captive. Yet Sauron
managed to reverse his situation and even acheive the impossible: the
corruption and destruction of Numenor.

Sauron was furious when he first learned of the Kingdoms in Exile. He
ordered an attack upon these kingdoms, seeking to wipe out the last
vestiges of Numenor. Yet his blow would prove too hasty. His armies
were routed by an alliance of Elves and Men; Barad-Dur itself was
besieged. There the valour of men and the shapness of a sword would
prove to be his downfall. Once again he fled into thte deep shadows.

Yet all this is in the past. Gondor lies withered like the tree she
fights for. Arnor lies dead, killed by his faithful servant while he
was exiled. The Elves are a laughable remant of their former glory. The
Dwarves stew in their own muck deep in the mountains. NOW is the time
for the final conquest of Middle Earth. Now is the time when Sauron
will smother the Earth in shadow. For against the power of the Dark
Lord of Mordor, there is no hope of victory.

Please Note: All Orcs will be slightly smaller in the final release.

Orc Band

Orc Raiders

Orc Raiders Upgrade

Morannon Guards

Orc 2handers


Orc Archers



Uruk Halberdiers

Uruk Archers

Nazgul & Black Numenorian Bodyguards

Mountain Trolls

Battle Trolls

Edited by: Varjon

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

Hmmm... i think all of the actuall skins look great but the orcs are like way too tall. It's possible to make them shorter right ? cause in the rtw lotr mod the orcs were alot smaller than humans. And probably less trolls in a unit. And make the battle troll weapons bigger.
Sorry if thats too much critizing at once but really other than those things it looks damn awesome

Jan 8 2009 Anchor

yea...making weapons bigger and less trolls in a unit

same with the orcs(only orcs). to tall to realistic...

hope the goblins are going to be small...uruks of mordor are great...hope to isengards legions cut down Rohan/Gondor/Mordor/Ruhn/Dwarves/Dale...etc...

more or less ^

Jan 9 2009 Anchor

I said this in red and underlined:

Please Note: All Orcs will be slightly smaller in the final release.
And unfortunately I can't make the troll's weapons taller because of animation issues.

Edited by: TW_King_Kong

Jan 10 2009 Anchor

cn u show a preveiw of isengard?

Jan 10 2009 Anchor

Isengard isn't finished yet, Uruk-hai Raiders are ready and Warg Raiders are under work. ;)

Jan 10 2009 Anchor

ok...well other questions are t the ask question forum!

Jan 11 2009 Anchor

Wow. These look amazing.

Those are Mordor Uruks aren't they? Can't wait for the proper Isengard Fighting Uruk-Hai. Will Mordor get Warg riders too? I remember that captain in the Return of the King film (the one with the missing eye) who rode around on a Warg.

Jan 12 2009 Anchor

No Mordor won't get Wargs as far as I know, Isengard need to have something special :P

Apr 8 2009 Anchor

It's just so amazing, this mod.

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