Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Jul 8 2010, 12:17pm Anchor

try compatibility mode "ques"! that and run as administrator...

Jul 8 2010, 6:16pm Anchor

i have tryed the compatibility mode it dosent help. and when i try to run it as administrator it just says that it cant find kingdoms.exe and it closes

Jul 8 2010, 9:57pm Anchor


Downloaded all third age patches, try to run it, says it cant fin kingdom.exe. I have kingdoms on steam, medival 2 also!!!!!

Jul 9 2010, 7:44am Anchor

are you 2 running vista or 7?

Jul 9 2010, 9:17am Anchor

i am running 7 have tryed to use the compatibility mode for vista and xp

Jul 10 2010, 6:20am Anchor

uuuu well theres your problem... :( my friend has 7 and it doenst work for him either along with some other games... I gues you should instal vista on your computer or make 2 partitions, 1 with 7 and 1 with vista or xp...
compatibility mode in 7 rarely helps -.-

Jul 10 2010, 10:35am Anchor

ahh ok that is just fucked :P but thx anyways :P

Jul 10 2010, 1:20pm Anchor

That is not true :rolleyes: , I have window 7 and I have no problem with this mod, and I have played this mod from the very first release date, what you need to do is refer you question and or problem to there sight here and they will help you with your problem, but before you do that make sure you have installed everything correctly look here and read my blog and make sure its installed right first this mod has been out for over a year and it "IS" compatable with everything " Windows 7, Vista, you name it " what seems to be your problem is not Windows but your install if your using Steam then that is probly your main problem, there are things you have to do to get it to work with Steam so just read my blog and it should walk you though it..

Jul 11 2010, 3:00pm Anchor

Hey Legolose, don't know if you've noticed or if it's just just a problem with mine but Prince Imrahil doesn't seem to make his mind up about what he looks like! It can vary from a building picture to Denethor's or Boromir's picture. Is there any way of fixing this??

or anybody who can answer this plz do :) ^^^

Jul 12 2010, 2:48pm Anchor

Not as of right now everybody is working on 2.0 and really dont have the time to look into 1.4 patch problems, it will be fixed in the 2.0 patch but as for the 1.4 there just isn't any time sorry ;)

Jul 13 2010, 10:31am Anchor

When are u giving a release date???? :P

Jul 13 2010, 5:01pm Anchor

Here you go the release date is "Ready When Its Ready"
:) :devious: ;) Sorry but any day now they are having scripting issues so probly when that is resolved ;)

Edited by: Legolose

Jul 14 2010, 3:40am Anchor

Well mr.legolose, what is your favorite aspect of the new patch?

Jul 14 2010, 2:21pm Anchor

they are doing this for free! be patient!

Jul 14 2010, 5:08pm Anchor

@ Cyenwulf - Well all of it to tell the truth I have had this mod from the first day it was released and have yet to play as Eriador so that will be a whole new game for me, but really what I'm looking forword to do is play the Fellowship the screenshots are amazing and I like the new sub-missions they have added to

and this one too

Jul 15 2010, 5:18am Anchor

That looks awesome, I cannot wait!

Jul 15 2010, 6:01am Anchor

My jaw dropped when I saw the 2 pictures O.O

Sorry for the epic fail in my last post about the vista thing... I got a message form some who said we should try to reinstal it and when I called my frined the next moment he said he got it to work so yeah FAIL on me :P

Jul 20 2010, 11:51am Anchor

Hello everyone,

This mod looks sweet as but just wondering if it will work with steam version of MTW2 with Kingdom? if so do i need to download the offical patch as i assume steam give me the up to date patch anyway?

Any help peeps?

Jul 20 2010, 2:44pm Anchor

Yes it works with the Steam vertion of M2TW & Kingdoms look at my blog here it has detailed install instuctions and all the links you need to get this mod to work ;)

Just leave me a message if you need anymore help ;)

Jul 27 2010, 3:02pm Anchor

Whats this 2.1 patch about??

Jul 27 2010, 5:22pm Anchor

Changes and Bug-fixes:

- problem with white UI fixed (thanks to gigantus)
- (occasionally) missing diplomats and woodcamps fixed
- wrong music and sounds fixed
- battle crashes fixed (thanks to Germanicu5)
- several missing textures fixed
- some tiny balance tweaks

Edited by: Legolose

Jul 28 2010, 5:33am Anchor

i installed 2.1 but it hasnt fixedthe voices of that right??

Jul 28 2010, 2:21pm Anchor

It should have, that is the major part of the patch is changing the voices of Arnor...

Jul 28 2010, 7:59pm Anchor

Hi there, for some reason when I download 2.1 patch it doesn't open because it is an unknown file type and you need to browse to find the file type. Why is this happening?? It doesn't happen when i download patches on moddb :/

No worries sorted now :)

Aug 7 2010, 6:39am Anchor

I have a problem
i cannot get any settlement in custom battle.
it always crashes when i select any castle,settlement,village or huge city:|
i have the last patch 2.1

please i need a sulution
for ALL the buildings.:confused:

please help

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