Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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May 7 2010 Anchor

The game wont install right it shows each patch and file separate but if i uninstall one the other file become blanked pretty much its not installing right to my total war 2 files

May 7 2010 Anchor

Dont know what to tell you, it installed right for everyone else, just make sure that it has finished downloading it and that you followed my install instuctions on my blog here

May 8 2010 Anchor

I wanted to ask again, how far the work to patch 2.0 is and when patch
could out-come.
I cannot expect it simply any longer to it so far am.:)

May 8 2010 Anchor

They have hinted that its still a couple of months away :rolleyes:

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May 25 2010 Anchor

Ok I have three questions and a notice.

Notice: The Dwarven Diplomat says "Aye sire, representing Scotland" when ordered from time to time.


Will the medieval buildings be eventually replaced with LOTR looking buildings in patch 2.0?

Will the LOTR buildings in the Campaign map (e.g. Dwarven Barracks, Temple of Melkor.) be represented in battles in patch 2.0?

And will the Elven and Orc towns be changed so that when you upgrade them from a town to a large town that the Settlement model will change in patch 2.0?


(Patch 2.0 approximately in June! :D :D :D)

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May 26 2010 Anchor

Well there are literally thousand or so diffrent sound files in the mod and game, having the time and the "want to" to look for each and everyone is very time consuming, therefore its very hard to pinpoint some lines here and there, all I can say about that is its being worked on ;)

Not for sure if all the buildings will be, but some are and as far as the ui you will have to wait and see if they are going to be replaced, "dont bet on it" because there has been no word.

Not sure on the quiestion about the Elven & Orc towns...

Hoped this answered some of your quistions...

May 26 2010 Anchor

Indeed thank you very much.


But you seriously haven't noticed that the elven and orc towns don't get any bigger when you upgrade them? you could upgrade them to a large city and they would still look like a town in the campaign.

I mean all the other faction settlements look fantastic when you upgrade them! I especially like the dwarven large city :D

May 27 2010 Anchor

Well I think for the elfs its because they are leaving Middle Earth that is why there citys wasnt growing if anything they where dieing off, as for the orcs not sure I havent played them much and to tell you the truth I havent noticed it..

May 27 2010 Anchor

Okay just wanting to say that you guys have done an EXCELLENT job creating a mod for LOTR. But just wanted to say that when mumakil die, the haradrim uptop will fly in the air while the mumakil stands up then falls then stands back up, i dont know if that happens in anyone elses game but just wanted to throw that out there...


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May 30 2010 Anchor

is there any program (avelible for players,for FREE) with what you can make your own custom buildings or units for this mod? Third Age

May 30 2010 Anchor


Custom buildings require heavy modding as far as I know.

1. You would have to code the custom building (which I believe is the current time consumer for patch 2.0)

2. You would have to manually skin the custom building

3. You could use an existing building model to base your custom building on our construct one from scratch.

The above require modeling programs, like Blender or 3DS MAX.

So in short no, there is not a program for free or a price that can let you make your own custom units for this mod or any M2TW related material.

Anyways its bad enough just trying to find the bloody files to work with :(

Jun 4 2010 Anchor

Can come out version 2.0 next days or does this still last some weeks???
I cannot wait for it any more!:(

Jun 5 2010 Anchor

Hey legolose how powerful will the hobbits be? will they be a swarm type of unit or a small band of specialized yet weak unit? basically they wont last long in a knock down drag out fight?

Jun 6 2010 Anchor

When ever i try to launch the mod using the shortcut provided it keeps saying insert original Kingdoms CD. I have the gold edition of Medieval total war 2 which i suspect has something to do with it.

Jun 7 2010 Anchor

@ Cyenwulf - There more like militia and no they probly wont hold up very long agains tougher units..

@ Gecrap - Read my blog here and make sure you installed it correctly then if it keeps telling you the same thing then go here and ask for help...

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Jun 7 2010 Anchor

Hi , downloaded this mod and it is absolutely amazing, i can do all the ground battles, but once i try to do any type of siege be it in a campaign or custom battle, i get "medieval total war has an unspecified error and must shut down". Or something along those lines, does anyone know why?? And if they do how do i fix this? its the one thing missing! i have seen a siege done before on youtube so i know its doable. HELP?!

Jun 7 2010 Anchor

My game seems glitched. not sure what is happening but when I play a campaign game it works for a few minutes and then the game resets itself on me after muting the sound and popping up the console as well as the short-cuts menu. and when I do get into a battle it mutes it, pops up the console and speeds up the battle to x6. then I can't bring the speed down it's just stuck. I have no idea what's going on its still doing this after 3 reinstalls of all the games. basic medieval to the expansion as well as the mod. can any one can help?

Jun 8 2010 Anchor

@ mithrandear - Its a know problem and easly fixed

  1. Select Custom Battle from the game menu
  2. Select settlement level: Fort
  3. Change settlement culture to Men
  4. Select your desired settlement level
  5. Proceed .

@open_sketchbook - Wow I have never have had that problem or even heard of that problem, the best bet is to uninstall everything and reinstall it, if you need instuctions on how to install or if you just want to make sure you have installed it right then go to my blog here it has all that you need to get your game running right...

I Hope I Was Able To Help You Guys Out If You Still Need Help Just Leave Me A Message On My Profile Here Or On My Profile On TW Here

Jun 8 2010 Anchor

nope, just does the same thing, any more suggestions?

Jun 8 2010 Anchor

I dont get it it worked for everyone else and I just did it 10 minutes ago :S go here and ask for help then Man I'm at a total loss then...

You might have to reinstall its what looks like to me :|

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Jun 9 2010 Anchor

Reinstall fixed it, Cheers legolose, but im a bit annoyed that you cant go higher in size than a fort! would someone recommend this to be fixed for the next patch, because the sieges are some of the best battles in lotr and one of the main reasons why i downloaded this mod. Still very grateful for it and everything, but the one reason why i downloaded the mod doesnt work :S

Jun 9 2010 Anchor

I do beleive its being worked on but there is bigger piority right now, And I do believe you can raise the level, just keep messing with it, "at least that is what I did" and for the life of me I cant remember what I did to make it go to a higher level, I might mess with it later on if I have the time then I will report back here if I found a solution ;)

Ok I Have figured it out try this first make sure you select a map that you can do a Siege on " The Grassy Plains map is the only map that will not work with a siege"

  • Select Custom Battle from the game menu
  • Select settlement level: Fort This should change the game type to "Siege Assault"
  • Change settlement culture to Men
  • Then go back and you can change the settlement level to whatever you want, castle, fort, etc.
  • Select your desired Defence level you want
  • Proceed .
  • Hope this Helped ;)

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    Jun 9 2010 Anchor

    Okay so legolose...big question here. Are there any updates for any of the other factions? because im playing as the High Elves right now and there needs to be another apposing faction in the Eriador region. Also will there be any other faction updates? Or map updates like new regions? Or is this update just a major eriador re-skin.?

    Jun 9 2010 Anchor

    There will be a New Northern Fraction added so its going to give all Northern Fractions headacks and yes some units have been twicked a bit and the regions are also revamped...

    Edited by: Legolose

    Jun 13 2010 Anchor

    Ok ok that worked lol, but last question, what if i want to increase the unit size? i can do it by going into export_descr_unit and change the number to 100, but it wont let me go any higher for some reason. Or can i change the scaling size, either one will do.

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