Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Oct 1 2009 Anchor

does it have to be the gold edition? Because whenever i try and open the game using the shortcut on my desktop, it says wrong disc inserted and says it must be


and i don't have the gold edition, i just have the original main game and then expansion.

any ideas?

Nov 22 2009 Anchor

I have 1 question and 1 suggestion (for next patch)

-i have medieval 2 total war gold edition.I have downloaded TATW with the last patch 1.3(what an incredible mod), I can play custom battles but the campaign always crashes!! Could you help me please??

-i have seen in the movie that uruk-hais can be in formation of tortoise with their shiels. Could you create a special uruk-hai squad who can use this formation ;)

Thanks to read it

sorry for my bad english (i am french) i wanted to say :tortoise formation




Nov 23 2009 Anchor

@ Mattattck57 Go here and this will walk you though how to fix the crashing problem ;) :D ..

I don't know if that is even possiable, but you can make your suggestions here ...

Nov 23 2009 Anchor

Ok thanks to help me legolose :thumbup:

Dec 14 2009 Anchor

I am a regular player mod Total War Third Age and I love the work done with this mod. It is fantastic and send my congratulations to the team. On the other hand, also typically play one of the best games I've discovered in recent years: Mount and Blade. I love action riding a horse ... and
seeing the wonder of work in Third Age, imagine what it would be
mounted on a horse as Earl of Dale or Swan Knights of Dol Amroth or
warg riders, with their armor, horse ornaments, etc..
My question is ... When are we getting this mod for Mount and Blade?
Many greetings and more see artists.

Dec 14 2009 Anchor

@ Eddard - I too would love to see a "Good" LOTR type mod for M&B, because there was some at one time but they were made half-a*# and was pretty disappointing. The team for The Third Age is strickly modders for TW "As far as I know" because of the work Kong has also done on Stainless Steel Mod for Total War "Which is an AMAZING Mod", seeing that M&B is so easy to Mod I wouldn't put it past some of the team members probly giving it a run, the only way we can know for sure is ...To ask ...Here

Jan 2 2010 Anchor

Does this mod not work with the Steam version of the game? The desktop shortcut launches the Medieval II launcher from Steam and then when I click "play medieval II" the mod launchers, I see the ring loading cursor and for a brief moment the splash screen, but then the mod crashes with "an unspecified error". Help?

I just found a thread through Google on that sounds like it will have a fix for my problem, only the site is down.

Jan 25 2010 Anchor

what do i save the file if i have medieval total war expansion on STEAM that i downloaded? <!--Session data-->

Feb 4 2010 Anchor

i was just wondering, what submods/ additional mods would you recommend with the TA mod? i've noticed some people talking about RR+RC mod and reallybadai mod but don't know what to include. love the work guys, absolutely awesome, i'm totally addicted! lol

Feb 15 2010 Anchor

I was wondering how to re-enable the unit banners, since i noticed that the mod disabled ALL unitbanners in the mod as well as in Kingdoms game and In Medieval 2 game. So if anyone has a solution to this problem besides uninstalling EVERYTHING then i would appreciate it.

Mar 17 2010 Anchor

Im new to this so sorry if the question already been asked but i've noticed that king Aragorn Elesser in the gondor campaigne TWTA 1.4 mod is offered as a general with the possibility of becoming king of gondor how if any do you make him king of gondor? Really need some help plz or have i missed somethin?

Mar 18 2010 Anchor

Not for sure haven't played Gondor in a while :S

Edited by: Legolose

Apr 4 2010 Anchor

My English is not good, but I hope you can understand me.
Who white when the update 1,5 of TATW out-comes. I cannot wait simply no

Apr 5 2010 Anchor

There is no word yet on the release of 1.5 patch sorry...

Apr 16 2010 Anchor

hello i have one question does this mod works on russian version of medieval total wars : kingdoms ?

Apr 18 2010 Anchor

I'm sure it does but to make sure go here and ask just to make sure.

Apr 21 2010 Anchor

@Vanir since you asekd the question a couple months ago im gunna guess you found the solution...just in case you didnt, go to the mod directory, open tatw in notepad and change "show_banners = 0" to "show_banners = 1"

Apr 23 2010 Anchor

hey, Im new here, I wated to say how much I like the mod, its totaly awsome and wanted to ask if the difficulty has anything to do with the dwarves sitting outside one of my elven settlements near the Blue Mountains... I saw them try to take over the palce and I had my army atack the city after they lost the battle... then they jsut froze outside the city and in another region one of their heroes froze... actualy the whole production movement and everything else the dwarves are supose to "do" is kinda stuck, Im I doing somthing wrong? or are they stuck in dwarven politics? ^^

Apr 25 2010 Anchor

I think it just might be a glitch I had the same thing happen when I was playing as the Silvan Elfs and an army of Dwarfs just set next to my capital for about 30 or 40 turns and did nothing, then all of a sudden they took off so I think its just a glitch..

Apr 26 2010 Anchor

any news for when patch 1.5 is going to be released?

Apr 26 2010 Anchor

None yet sorry...

NOTE : By the way I think I read it some where on there forums that it not the "1.5 patch" but it will be called the "2.0 patch"

Edited by: Legolose

May 1 2010 Anchor

Hi guys

Im going to install (Well actually im doing it right now :devious: ) my Medieval 2 and Kingdoms again,just becouse of this mod.Iv played this ages ago.But yeah,how many cities are now looking like in the movies/book? And is Online working with this? And now comes suggestion,im too lazy to post it to the another topick,sry :D but so:Is it possible to Make aragorn/gimli/legolas/gandalf and heroes like that without like 40 bodyguards? Would be a lot funnier,but i dont know is it possible with this game :)

Cant wait Patch 1.5..The fellowship! Its going to be awesome.

May 2 2010 Anchor

The custom Citys are few as it stands they are working on trying to get Minith Tirith and Helms Deep but it wont be any time soon, as for your other question it is "NOT" possiable for M2TW to have just one guy in a unit if that was the case then there would have only had one guy for the Balrog but as you can see the unit miniamal is 10 men per unit so "NO" is is not possiable...

Hope this Helped...

May 3 2010 Anchor

Thank you :) Ill try to play with another faction see if that helps :p
uuu! Im so excited about the 2.0 patch ^^ I want to see Helms Deep at its glory :D

ps:the dwarves have been there for over 150 turns... :-? Ill give it to em after I whipe out mordor maybe that will work... :p

May 3 2010 Anchor

Np, ;)

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