Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Apr 28 2009, 8:17am Anchor

download the hotfix

Apr 29 2009, 5:45am Anchor

can i delete a total war game and still play the third age because my battles are very slowly i hope i can remove total war medieval 2 itself but i think it cant is's 12G ... much.

Apr 29 2009, 11:46pm Anchor

hey guys i need help installing the mod it looks really really nice but i have yet to try it ><
i have m2tw on steam so i put that as the file to put the part 1 and
part 2, however the option of 3rd age has not shown up like it should,
and so i tried reinstalling it to the mods folder that was in medival2
total war that includes the americas and britannia campaign, but 3rd
age still doesnt show up, i tried the shortcut
but it says that it cannot find kingdoms.exe
what should i do?
i really want to play this mod but ive been having alot of trouble
with mods that are not of halflife2 because almost all my games are on

May 2 2009, 11:09am Anchor

will there in the next release some realy family trees like rohan theoden get theodred his brother or sister gets eomer and eowyn like that so this is a bit of the film. and will the battles when you attack hornburg (helmsdeep) and edoras, isengard, minas Tirith realy look like in the film or is that unpossible. great mod.

May 6 2009, 3:15pm Anchor

I own a gold edition version of medieval II total war which contains both the original and the kingdoms expansion. This version though does not create a "kingdoms" folder and so to compensated by creating a TAT3 folder in the mod folder where the other kingdom mods are placed (britania, crusarders etc). However when i try to run the game I get the same problem as Heavyarm190 saying that it cannot find "kingdoms.exe"
What do I need to do to get it to work?

May 7 2009, 9:24am Anchor

change the map into kingdoms.

May 7 2009, 2:30pm Anchor

Which file for map? There are loads of files under the maps folder?

May 9 2009, 10:16am Anchor

change the map where al the kingdoms are placed into kingdoms don't now what that TAT3 folder.

May 13 2009, 11:56pm Anchor

i need help with installing the mod
i followed the instructions for installing mod with steam
and i also changed the name to americas but when i try to start it it still doesnt work
i also noticed that even thou i extracted both parts into the same place a new folder called mod showed up with a part of the mod inside the folder
should i put that part into the americas folder with the rest of teh 3rd age parts?

May 14 2009, 1:34pm Anchor

Go Here and they should help you, just tell them your problem ;)

May 17 2009, 5:32pm Anchor

hey i dunno if this should go here but i've been having an issue with M2 TW sence i downloaded this (nice mod btw :) ) but sence i downloaded it even on basic M2/Kingdoms or Other Mods i dont have any flags on my units, i was wondering what files messed with this if anyone knows so i can fix this myself? i posted a thread on twcenter but it didnt work out.

Jun 6 2009, 10:20pm Anchor

cant do seiges, dont no if its normal or just me but when in a custom battle if i try to add a settlement it crashes any help hear???

Jun 8 2009, 7:14pm Anchor

It is a know problem, go here and look though the bug report and if your bug isn,t reported just make a post ;)

Jun 14 2009, 2:27am Anchor

Yes you say that the mod requires Kingdoms as well. Does that mean you have to install ALL of the expansions or just one? (I have the gold edition if that's any help)

Jun 15 2009, 10:29am Anchor

^^Just one of them;)

Jul 6 2009, 8:33pm Anchor

Theres no bug or virse are there?
beacuse the last time i put a mod on total crash my comp

Jul 7 2009, 10:24am Anchor

This mod is made and lead by a well respected and known modder KK or "King Kong" if you don't trust me do a little reserch on him..Trust me this is a virus free mod ;) there are bugs but that is why they have patches and any new mod will always have bugs...

Altair0 I will live forever, or die trying
Aug 5 2009, 11:02am Anchor

why is it there is a picture of Frodo? has he even been born at that time? :rolleyes:


All heil the makers of Third age: total war!

Aug 8 2009, 4:46pm Anchor

maybe the making a quest of the ring thing.

Aug 12 2009, 1:55pm Anchor

hey, thx 4 this great mod, i suppose the best 4 medieval (and 4 sure better than empire i hate this chronical shooting thing).

I just have some Questions:

First my Southron Lancers r Horses ^^.
I c only the an army of horses on the battlefield with a commander.
got kingdom 1.05, installed the mod , patch 1.1 hotfix and 1.2.

2nd how to get Trolls or Mumakils? from quick battle (and ent rebels) i know how good they r but i have some of the desert cities hughe or large fully processed, but i can train them nowhere when will i be abled? is it time tiggered?

3rd why do the orks get the ring?^^

i hope u can help me with some of my questions, thx so far.

Aug 13 2009, 10:03am Anchor

1 : Install like this first M2TW then patch it to the 1.3
then in Kindoms {just one campainge is all you need} then look and see if it is the 1.5 if not update it to the 1.5
then install TATW part 1 & 2 { which is the TATW 1.0 } in M2TW main dir. then install the TATW 1.1 in same dir. then install 1.2 in same dir.
then it should work .

2 : You have to be a good fraction to be able to recruit Ents, plus you have to be in Fangore Forest {they are recruitable rebels in Fangore}, to recruit Trolls & Mumakils there will be and event in or around 40th to 50th turn and later on in turns 80 to 100 these will let you build better barracks for Mumakils you have to be in or own Harads area and I think you have to be Harads or Rhun fraction to get them, for Trolls you must be an evil fraction {Mordor or OoMm} . I hope this helps.

3 : The OoMm are the first to get it the ring because there is a General in Moria and that is were the ring is therefore he gets it to get the ring yourself you must take Moria and have a General there and also kill the General that has the ring and in 30 or so turns that General in Moria will get the ring { at least that is what happened to me }

Aug 16 2009, 1:28pm Anchor

eriador can produce ents?

i want to use ents but it is difficult to find how to produce ents.

Aug 17 2009, 8:16am Anchor

I cant recruit trolls whith the mordor faction.
Every city's building tree says they can only be built in a castle and vice-vesa!
Please help!
I'm using version 1.0 without any of the patches so that may be it.

Aug 18 2009, 5:00pm Anchor

@ kind98 No, the only way to get Ents if your a good fraction is walk an officer into Fangor Forest and make sure you have at least 2300gp, and that it has been at least 33 turns " 1 Ent unit will be able to recruit every 33 turns" and you should be able to recruit merc. "which is one Ent unit"...

@ lozza101 First I recommend to add the 1.1 patch & then the 1.2 patch, you must wait for advance barracks to happen which is around turn 40-50 then you have to wait for the most advance barracks in turns 80-100 and I think you will be able to build Troll pits "not for sure haven't played a evil fraction yet so"
But you are missing a whole lot, playing without both patches the patches include new units, Herioes, Characters age right, fixes some problems and graphic issues and much, much, more....

Sep 7 2009, 4:08pm Anchor

i downloaded everything for tatw and the shortcut isnt their on my desktop

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