Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Mar 9 2009 Anchor

@ Focomaru

Yes, it's possible to begin a war as a good faction with another good faction and it's same thing with evil factions. Evil factions have same situation as Christians in MII:TW, if you fight against another evil faction too long you will be "excommunicated".

We have no idea yet, there might be some small patch which fixes major bugs and errors found from game but nothing is sure yet.

@ LOTRuler

You can't choose your faction leader's heir by yourself.

Mar 13 2009 Anchor

if i want to play mordor in the game who is my faction leader i hope sauron or witch king and can i play them.

Edited by: LOTRuler

Apr 5 2009 Anchor

Quick questions about the evil heros. I saw some postings about Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. Will Saurumon, Lurtz, Grima Wormtounge, Sharku, The Mouth of Sauron, Gothmog, or even Saruon himself be showing up in the game? Will there be any chance of flying units like eagles, Drogoth or nazgul on fellbeasts? Just curious.

Apr 6 2009 Anchor

The main heroes like Aragorn, Gimli, Legolose, will be in the game, but Sauron will be like the "pope" in the game, Lurtz will not be in the game because he was not in the books, about Grima, Sharku, and The Mouth of Souron, and Gothmog I,m not for sure, about Saurumon he is the fraction leader for Isendgard..Hope that anwsers your guestion, if you want to find out more about it just go here and you should fine what you need ;)

Apr 7 2009 Anchor

how is that idea of the pope made i dont realy understand it

Apr 7 2009 Anchor

Like in M2TW the pope calls crusades and stuff same as what Sauran will do...

Apr 7 2009 Anchor

I was wondering if the main campaign will be availible for the regular Medieval tw 2 cuz thats the only thing i wanna play

Apr 8 2009 Anchor

Well... the mod will be able to download from thes site when it's finished I suppose?

...and will it be compitable for Gold Edition?

Wery active forum this.

Edited by: Meltathraion

Apr 10 2009 Anchor

sorry for maybe beeing somewhat ignorant but i need to know, since this works using kingdoms and stuff what do i have to do, intsall kingdoms and choose any of the for campaings to install and then the 1.5 pacth and then mod after that, or do i have to install the 4 different campaigns or is it possible to install kingdoms without installing any of campaigns i dont think thats possible but maybe you can, so if someone could tell me how do i actually have to do it. if i have to just install one campaign, all of them, or if im able to do it with none of them.

Apr 10 2009 Anchor

I think I read somewere that you will have to install ALL campaigns, because they use something out of each one...

Apr 10 2009 Anchor

i see, that kind of a let down specialy with the fact that ill be a lot of disk space use then for this but okei at least the game looks worth every bit of it, all do if anyone have someother info about my question you are more than welcome to share

Apr 11 2009 Anchor

in the original game medieval total war if you kill the pope a new pope will be elected. what if you kill sauron with your idea of the pope if you kile him what will happen?

Apr 11 2009 Anchor

ONE installed kingdoms campaign is enough. You do not have to install all campaigns.

Sauron can't be killed.

Apr 11 2009 Anchor

thx for the answer dude

Apr 12 2009 Anchor

ok but if you can't kill sauron how can you defeat mordor you can kill him only if you destroy the one ring. but you first told that you didn't make that thing with frodo and the ring.

Apr 13 2009 Anchor

Sauron has his own faction which is similar to Papal States in MII:TW. Mordor is its own faction.

Apr 13 2009 Anchor

ok where is sauron's capital as Mordor an own faction is.

Apr 15 2009 Anchor

It's in unreachable spot in the corner of the map surrounded by impassable mountains.

Apr 15 2009 Anchor

ok and i have another question in the second fall of sauron gondor made some cities and buildings around the lands of mordor. 1 of them was minas ithil, but lather when sauron returned withe the nazgúl, the nasgúl captured minas ithil and made it minas morgul. in the game i i'm gondor and i capture 'minas morgul' whil it be minas ithil again or will it stay minas morgul. thanks for answering al the questions.

Apr 15 2009 Anchor

No it will probly stay Minas Morgul...

Apr 15 2009 Anchor

o thats not fine.

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

Who know maybe in later patches...don't know ...;) ...It could happen :|

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

ok but Varjon said ones the game startes 1500 years before the last fall of sauron. en in thad time minas morgul was owned by Gondor en the name was minas Ithil. so when the game start i will be minas anor or ithil.

Apr 26 2009 Anchor

One thing that really would interest me is: Is it likely that this mod will run on a kingdoms version with a different language? I've had quite a few problems with mixing up different languages. Is there a chance it could work? It would be a shame to not play it therefore I guess I'd go and buy the english version if its necessary since I only posess a german one.

Apr 27 2009 Anchor

can anyone help me please in a battle on the battle map my comand browser thing don't now the name is all white. the other things are just fine.

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