Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Jan 12 2009 Anchor


good psot/questtion ChestyMcGee

Jan 23 2009 Anchor

What are the pictures on the Unit-Cards going to be? Screenshots of your models or stills from the film(s)?

Jan 24 2009 Anchor

Screenshots of units. ;)

Jan 26 2009 Anchor

@Varjon, you gotta love King Crab's knowledge of this stuff eh :P

-just so you know, this is Code hehe

Jan 26 2009 Anchor

dont u know
(canadian acsent)

Jan 29 2009 Anchor

Varjon wrote:Don't worry, our music section is working hard on finding non-copyrighted music and they've done great so far. Music which they have gathered is even better than movie soundtracks. We will be using some voices from BFME I and II and movies but they re so short that we are allowed to use them. ;)

would it be cool to have a sneak peak of the music? and will the characters we know and love(Legolas , Gimli, Aragorn, etc.) be used in some way? maybe as captains or generals?

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Jan 29 2009 Anchor

definatley generals...but with what factions?

i know gimli with dwarves legolas with silvan elves and what about aragorn? will he be with free people or gondor?

and how will the fellowship thing workout?

in later releases u should put a fellowship campaign wer u have the fellowship characters with bodygaurds...well it seems kinda stupid though but an idea that culd get better

for the free peoples...i meant Eriador...wait theres a hobbit faction...or is it a mix of rangers and hobbits and elves...(scratch elves out)(there the high elves ornoldor)

Jan 30 2009 Anchor

Eriador includes Bree-land, Shire and some other lands so there will be basic Bree-landers, D├║nedainof the nOrth an Hobbits. Aragorn will be part of this faction in the first release. We don't probably include Fellowship and Frodo, Sam, Merri and Pippin because they don't really fit into Total War modification. ;)

Jan 31 2009 Anchor

yea i gotchya...will the high elves hav elronds sons and arwen and glorfindel/
will dwarves have gimlis father gloin and king dain...etc!?!

Jan 31 2009 Anchor

Yes for both questions. ;)

Feb 1 2009 Anchor

for everything?

i'm Galadrihm aswel as falkirk...2 Varjon


how many training slots are ther? will it b exactly like MTW2

Feb 8 2009 Anchor

How are the buildings coming along? Can't wait to see Helm's Deep and the like.

Oh yeah, sorry for the double-post but I just thought of another question.

How are allegiances going to work?

What I mean is, how will you do diplomacy playing as Mordor and Isengard? It's not like they have friendly messengers that can go to Minas Tirith and Edoras and have a chat.

Also, will Isengard and Mordor start the game as allies or neutral. Will Rohan and Gondor and all the other "good" factions start as allies or neutral? Will Rohan and Isengard start as neutral?

This is the one bit of the mod that I can't work out.

Thanks in advance for you answer,

Feb 9 2009 Anchor

Custom cities and castles won't be in first release so Minas Tirith looks like MII:TW citadel and Helm's Deep looks like MII:TW castle. ;)

In the beginning alliences of Good factions look like this: Gondor-Rohan, Dale-Dwarves and Silvan Elves-High Elves.

Feb 9 2009 Anchor

can rohan and gondor go to war? could they dispute over things if your leading them and if your not?

i.e. rohan chases some guys into gondor, will they stay allied? (this is just an example, theres more scenarios)

Feb 9 2009 Anchor

Hey Varjon, is something wrong with the websight, I have been trying to go there all morning and its just saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" let me know if the websight having problems or if I,m having a problem with my cpu thx.....

Feb 9 2009 Anchor

You don't have a prolem, I can't connect either, check my answer in front page. ;)

Feb 9 2009 Anchor

Cool thx man ;)

Feb 28 2009 Anchor

for wich vesion is this mod?

Feb 28 2009 Anchor

For Kingdoms v1.5 but later also for Medieval II: Total War v1.3.

Mar 6 2009 Anchor

when do you think we can download it

Mar 6 2009 Anchor

If everything goes well, we will release first version after few weeks.

Mar 6 2009 Anchor

and that version is for tw medieval II kingdoms v1.5?

Mar 7 2009 Anchor


Mar 8 2009 Anchor

this mod is looking sooooooo cooooooool just cant wait well anyway i have some questions.

1 regarding a question that was made before but left with no response i would like to know if you can actually make war between good factions and also evil ones in other words examples make gondor fight rohan or harad go to war with mordor, im just guessing that it must be possible but just in case im asking.

2 after the realease of the game how long do you think it would take you guys to have a patch with all of the cool places of LOTR like minas tirith, helms deep, each of the towers, and actually maybe been able to see the 2 statues of the old kings in the background meanwhile your are figthing near or in the area of them, that would be great right guys XD

Mar 9 2009 Anchor

i have question to i want to now if we can chose our crown prince/faction heir ourself just like in rome tw or of the computer chose them.( I think it's smarter if the computer chose them because if i should chose them maybe I have later an other king in example no The├│den but an other king of Rohan)

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