The patch contains various bugfixes and game improvements such as widescreen support, and provides some GUI tweaks. It also enables the use of the FMSel fan mission loader frontend with Thief 3 and bundles the most important T3 mods. It works with the GOG and Steam versions of the game.

Original game bugs and issues that have been fixed or improved:

  • Multicore fix prevents the intro video from looping. Can be switched off for better performance (when it works)
  • New missions and restarted missions will use your chosen difficulty instead of Normal/Easy
  • The City sections are played on your chosen difficulty instead of always being on Normal
  • Frame rate and refresh rate limiting fixes broken lockpicking, ladder climbing and wall flattening
  • Some speed-up of level loading, especially with vsync on
  • Fix for the desktop being visible during level loading on Vista and up
  • The game will no longer crash when binding an analogue controller through the keybinds screen
  • Fix for controller axes sometimes being set up reverted
  • Fix for a crash that could happen when using the game's multisampling option
  • Fix for the mouse freezing or becoming invisible when using large font size settings in Windows
  • Fix for the vsync (and possibly brightness) settings not working on Windows 10

Game improvements:

  • All resolutions reported by the system, plus an optional custom display mode, are available from the options screen. The aspect ratio is shown as well
  • In widescreen the horizontal view is extended, instead of cropping off the top and bottom
  • The field-of-view can be specified by the user. The setting will work with both the original game and fan missions, with existing savegames and with missions which use scripted FOV changes. FOV adjustment includes the mechanical eye and bow zoom
  • The HUD and menus are shown correctly, regardless of resolution and aspect ratio. In 3-monitor modes, the HUD can be constricted to the center monitor
  • The main menu and loading screens are shown correctly, at 4:3 aspect. The proper movies, which are letterboxed, are allowed to crop to fit the monitor (up to 16:9)
  • Take screenshots with descriptive file names, and automatically with savegames
  • XBox360-type gamepads are working, the triggers are mapped to buttons. Support for up to 16 gamepad buttons using modifiers. Mouse and escape key emulation
  • Run the game on a display other than the primary
  • Multiple quick saves, quick load the most recent save

As an FM loader, the emphasis is on ease of use and reliability:

  • Easy to set up – besides this patch there is nothing to install or configure
  • The contents of your game installation folder are never changed. (GarrettLoader has a habit of messing up your installation)
  • Works even if the game is installed in Program Files
  • Automatically installs custom conversations. (Used in the FM All the World's a Stage)
  • Fixes for crash on save and crash on exit in certain FMs, and for the mechanical eye zoom not working in many FMs
  • Fix for the in-game loot list showing wrong values and total in certain FMs
  • The FMSel supplied with the installer is slightly improved over the NewDark version

Additionally some optional tweaks have been incorporated:

  • Mirror and/or scale down the main HUD
  • Scale down loading screen text
  • Minor HUD and GUI tweaks: Remove loading screen tips, mechanical eye overlay, main menu version text, "Nothing" texts, loot percentage, purple fog, 'bouncing arrows', junk item flashing and the lockpicking HUD
  • Alternative background modes for the readable/map and pause screens
  • Better mouse response and removed motion blur, adjust mouse sensitivity
  • More realistic physics, gravity multiplier
  • Scale the difficulty up or down. (Can be set to zero for a 'notarget' cheat)
  • Disable auto-raising of the blackjack and dagger
  • Reduce or remove headbobbing
  • No switch to third person in death
  • Classic speed. (Walk by default, run qualifier) and a speed multiplier
  • Decrease or increase the ambient fog or ambient light in any level
  • Human-readable savegame folder names
  • Borderless windowed mode

The full edition includes the mods The Minimalist Project, The Collective Texture Pack (a.k.a. John P), "GarrAT" Garrett Animation Tweaks, Thief 3 Gold and Briefing Videos. Please see those threads or the included readme files for more information. The update edition only includes the SU patch and the SneakyTweaker tool. It provides a much smaller download in cases where the mods are unchanged since the last release.


Tester hall of fame: Abysmal, fortuni, Maruchin, Linda, noblehelm, Cigam, mensch, AluminumHaste, Depili, Kerrle, decayedmatter, DJ Riff, lowenz, Lolwutman, Corsair, bikerdude, Beleg Cúthalion, Child Of Karras, gnartsch, chrish, Pheonix, PsymH, Hiatus, tolsen64, Xarg, Zaratul, voodoo47, Lord Soth, scavvenjahh, scarcow and TreyM.

This patch builds on previous fixes and ideas etc. from the following sources: massimilianogoi, tolsen64, Hadley, NotCarolKaye, daremo, Xiaopang, New Horizon, Pheonix, Kerrle, lolwutman, swaaye and UCyborg...

A huge thanks goes to le Corbeau for NewDark and FMSel, to John P, New Horizon, Beleg Cúthalion and mensch for permission to include their mods, and to the FMSel translators: gnartsch (German), Briareos H (French) and raven4444 (Polish). Thanks also to clearing, Lord Soth and Esme for file mirrors.

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1.1.8 is out, containing several bug fixes. If you've had trouble getting the patched game to run, try this version.

Apart from the bug fixes the changes are:

  • Fix to make vsync (and possibly brightness) work on Windows 10
  • 'Direct load' mode, which is a bit cleaner and hopefully more reliable
  • You can now have multiple quick saves. An additional option to quick load the most recent save, quick or not
  • Some troubleshooting options have been added to the tweaker
  • The 'mouse improvements' tweak is now 'no rotation blur'
  • Select which FM loader to use from the tweaker
  • All binaries linked statically, to reduce installation trouble
  • Moving texture files around when configuring the Collective Texture Pack is now more robust
  • New Thief 3 Gold Inn mission, without tutorial stuff and with the new exit mentioned above

The Windows 10 fix was apparently found by UCyborg on the Vogons forum. The fix overwrites code in d3d8.dll to disable the pseudo-fullscreen mode imposed by Win10. That's somewhat fragile and may break with a Windows update - a couple of checks were added to detect that.

This version was supposed to have an installation option to make the Steam overlay work (copied from the Visible Upgrade for DX2) but Steam explicitly disables the overlay for T3, so it wouldn't work. As a work-around to get the overlay working, add the patched game as a non-Steam game. (Browse to the Steam install and select the Thief3.exe file.)

The direct load mode (enabled by default) launches a second instance of Thief3.exe directly when loading a save or new level, instead of going through an external launcher exe. It looked like this could make loading faster - in practice there's no difference. But since synchronization in this mode is much simpler it may fix the cases that some have reported, of the game hanging on relaunch. (Although virus checkers are also a suspect there.)
In the direct load mode the desktop title bar is hidden for a few seconds around the time of the relaunch, making the transition a bit cleaner too.

The "numbered quick saves" option makes the game cycle through e.g. 5 active quick saves, "Quick Save 1" through "Quick Save 5", the oldest of which will be overwritten next time (and quick load will of course load the newest). There's also a setting for retaining every quick save...
Thief 3 has always had a rep for frequent quick save corruption. Not sure about "frequent", but it does happen. So players relying heavily on quick saves are encouraged to use this feature.
The "quick load most recent save" feature will just cause the quick load function to load the latest hard save if it's newer than the most recent quick save - so you don't have to remember if you did a hard save or not.
Both these settings are on a new Save Game page in the tweaker. A couple of existing save game related options were moved there too, and must be re-enabled.

The tweaker's Advanced page was renamed Troubleshooting, and now exposes some options that may help in certain special situations: Attempted loading of damaged saves, ReShade/dgVoodoo work-around etc. The direct load mode can also be disabled here.

The "mouse improvements" tweak has been reduced to a "no rotation blur" tweak. The other part of the original tweak, zeroing MouseLagThreshold, is now always active (with an option to disable).

The tweaker's fan mission loader page now allows you to select which FM loader DLL to use. The bundled default is FMSel, but a recent alternative is NewDarkLoader, which aims to combine the best from FMSel and the classic DarkLoader for Thief 1-2.

The bundled C++ runtime in previous versions were causing installation trouble for some users, so from now on binaries are statically linked. That also makes things easier for Wine (Linux/Mac) users.

Last but not least, Beleg Cúthalion has provided an updated version of the Inn mission for Thief 3 Gold. This is not the final Inn map, but an intermediate version, which has had all tutorial stuff removed except on Easy - and there's a new exit:

Because of this the T3 Gold version has been bumped to 1.3, which means old savegames will not be visible after installation. Use the button on the tweaker's FM page to temporarily revert to version 1.2, e.g. to finish a play-through.

Sneaky Upgrade released

Sneaky Upgrade released


Fixing a couple of bugs, most importantly in the Garret animations mod.

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.7 released - adding the GarrAT mod

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.7 released - adding the GarrAT mod

News 3 comments

Also, a loading text tweak, display selection, multicore mode (YMMV) and an improved installer. And the patched game will again launch from Steam etc.

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.6 released

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.6 released

News 2 comments

More tweaks, a loot list fix, and GOG users get their Alt-Tab, brightness and vsync back.

Sneaky Upgrade released - Italians take note!

Sneaky Upgrade released - Italians take note!


A couple of important bug fixes and improved logging.

RSS Files
Sneaky Upgrade Beta

Sneaky Upgrade Beta

Patch 5 comments

Beta version of the Fat Edition containing another classic Thief 3 mod and a setting for selecting a monitor for fullscreen display. Wine users (Mac/Linux...

Thief 3 Loot Hunter

Thief 3 Loot Hunter

Other 6 comments

Crude tool for locating loot and keys in Thief 3 and (primarily) its fan missions. Be sure to read the readme!

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition


Unofficial patches for the Thief 3 Editor: Have multiple independent editor installs, launch the patched game exe through "Send to Xbox", generate IBT...

Sneaky Upgrade Full Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Full Edition

Patch 19 comments

Unofficial patch for Thief 3: Bugfixes, widescreen support, GUI tweaks, FM loading. This version includes the mods The Collective Texture Pack, Garrett...

Sneaky Upgrade Update Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Update Edition

Patch 2 comments

Unofficial patch for Thief 3: Bugfixes, widescreen support, GUI tweaks, FM loading. Much smaller download for when there's no changes to the bundled mods...

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The loot in the inn mission (training) doesn't add up. I get max 75% and I know for a fact I got everything. (I play on Extreme, find only 2 out of 3 *special items* and get to only 75% of loot)

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Found it. There's a bottle of wine in the cellar, on the top shelf

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hi all,

Everything seemed to install fine, boot up and looks great, etc... Except one issue with the hud.

I am running a 21:9 screen, the hud elements are all still compacted to what looks like a 4:3 ratio. So I thought ok, ill just remove the hud in the sneaky tweak tools setting hud scaling to 0. However the hud still remains in game. Likewise, if I enable hud mirroring, no change in game, so not sure what that is even supposed to look like.

But, if I change to classic hud under minimalist project that works, but is still compacted, which I dont want. I am guessing you cannot turn on or off certain elements? The weapon select is in such an odd position on my screen as well.

Anyone else with this issue with a WS monitor? Or any things I can try to fix this?


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snobel Creator

Sorry for the late reply. The setting you want is HUD Width, on the Display page. Setting it to 1 should make the HUD fill the entire screen. It's made the way it is so that the HUD will be restricted to the middle monitor on a 3-mon setup. Weird if the other settings had no effect - sure you reloaded the game after changing them?

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After installing this mod the Intro (Training mission) no longer shows footstep paths or hints, which I have no problem with. BUT, although I've redone it quite an few times , and I've played the game countless times in vanilla, the loot only adds up to 75% collected by the end of the mission. I know where everything is, but the percentage is off. Another problem is during the finale of the training mission I have absolutely no Flashbomb to use in my inventory. Therefore I can't make it to the door without knocking the last guard out with my blackjack. Are these bugs or is this the way the training mission is now supposed to be ? Can I take the Training mission back to default settings ? In other words, the loot doesn't add up correctly and I have no FlashBombs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
snobel Creator

Regarding the loot, see posts by RealQi above. The flashbomb thing is new to me - will have a look. You can revert to the vanilla Inn mission by selecting version 1.2 on the T3 Gold options page in the tweaker - but note that your current savegames will not work with that version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So how did you fix the issue?! Maybe you should've told us. "Read the notes" is not really a fix. Appreciate it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My mistake. I should have better read the notes. Sorry. My post on Dec. 5 2017 is obsolete.

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snobel Creator

Only saw this now - good that you got it figured out...

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