Darkness... My body hurts! Or is it my brain? The explosion! I remember it now. Maybe I'm in a coma? Or even worst, I may be already dead... Everything is so confusing... Zombies, monsters and ghosts from the past are filling my mind... Oh God, so many memories mixed with my dreams! I can't even distinguish them anymore. What if my entire life was just a nightmare? But it felt so real... Wait, what's that sweet voice? Sounds like a nurse! THAT is part of reality, I am sure. Now if I could just concentrate on this voice and try to wake up...

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Sep 22nd, 2012 1 person agrees 12 people don't

Another complete and utter waste of time.
I have yet to find a mod whose creator understands the concept of difficulty scaling. Once again: you have 10 million enemies (with infinite enemy spawning), a handful of medkits, no armor, a handful of bullets, and crackshot zombie marksmen.
Keep god mode on and be prepared to noclip on numerous occasions and you MIGHT find a measure of enjoyment from this garbage mod but then again, I doubt it.

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Apr 14th, 2014

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May 25th, 2012

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Apr 23rd, 2012

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Apr 19th, 2012

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Jun 15th, 2010

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Oct 30th, 2008

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Aug 19th, 2008

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Mar 22nd, 2008

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Dec 11th, 2007

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