The Worry of Newport is a two part Horror/Mystery built upon Crysis 1. It is an interactive narrative and story built upon the first person perspective around immersion, story, and atmosphere.

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Igloogreenhouse says

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I played this mod through in one go, and reviewed it as an "8" heres why.
The install instructions were incomplete, so that was a bit annoying. The mod itself, however, once it works, is great. story's excellently written, well designed levels, except for the fact that it was easy to wander out of rendered zones, etc.
I found the game to be genuinely scary at times, HOWEVER, there were parts that ticked me off, in particular the slow walking cut scenes, (Why???) and the unskippable french lady books. (WHYYYYYY??) Minor complaints though.
I'd love to see more stuff like this, but please...don't grab the controls away from the character every five seconds, that's NOT good design philosophy.
Great job though.


LegendaryPunk says

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The Worry of Newport (Part 1) is a creative and fun Crysis mod that does a good job of presenting the player with an interactive narrative experience. Steady pacing and excellent voice acting made it feel as if I was literally "playing a book."

I really dig the overall atmosphere; you did a great job crafting the environment to match the mood established by the story. The docks and village don't simply feel empty - they feel deserted; there was life here before, but SOMETHING happened to drive people away. I really liked your use of lanterns, which fit perfectly with the atmosphere while at the same time providing guidance.

Mystery stories can be tricky because there is a fine line between leading the reader on vs. leaving them frustrated because they don't understand what is happening. You do a very good job of giving out just enough information to answer one question while posing another.

I also liked the little touches sprinkled throughout the island, which made exploring for clues rewarding. Reading a note about the person who killed "something" he was supposed to be guarding, then finding the axe next to the cages on the dock. A bloody trail leading off the beaten path to a dead body. Climbing a ladder to the top of a tree to find a chair with bullet casings on the floor. I love it when developers put little touches into their maps knowing that most people won't see everything - makes playing through multiple times fun because there's always the chance to find something new.

Overall I think you did a very good job of walking the player through a story. I am definitely looking forward to Part 2!

Nice idea, few bugs here and there, especially annoying when forced to stay in place and listen to narration.


loligager says

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VERY good mod, I only have a few complaints. First, if you die (or get stuck somewhere) you have to go back to the beginning of the part you were on which is a pain. Second, getting stuck is a very real possability because of various rocks and such, so my advice is to stay on the beaten path. And last, but certaintly not least: the damn books disapear even if you die and restart. Which is a BIG problem for some parts where reading a book is necisary to continue i.e. *SPOILER ALERT* (ish) when you need to read the book in the cabin so that the board will fall and bust the door open. Hoverver, these minor problems are NO REASON to not install this beatifuly done mod, trust me the pros outweigh the cons. This mod features beatifuly rendered environments, and extremely intruiging story, true suspensful lovecraftian horror aspects, and a killer soundtrack that really sets the mood. In conclusion, definetly download this mod, but watch out for places you may get stuck and try not to die, as the ever important books do disapear. Cheers.


Ziggy447 says

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Note: There are major spoilers in here (2nd paragraph onwards).

Before I say anything, the Crysis engine itself causes most of this mod's flaws. Some advice before playing: Take it slow and don't try to break things. Much like the genre, the mod is quite fragile.

Despite being rather user-unfriendly, it is a very good mod. Starting with the story (also the SPOILERS!), I predicted the character of Gray right from the winter flashback. Many things factored into this, and it really spoiled the game for me.

After some discussion, I now realise this is a Lovecraftian story with the past/future being the main focus. In this regard, it has been very well done. Lovecraftian storytelling is hard to pick up on and follow unprepared, and you really have to know it is coming.

This is quite a linear mod, and with the small team and short development time (already quite amazing) it isn't unexpected. This mod is still a major step above most horror games, and the masters - Frictional Games - have had a long time to perfect making a game feel more non-linear than it is. As they have stated in one of their blog posts, the player really has to scare themselves, or at least think they did...

The overall atmosphere and visuals are great. With a few odd or unnatural looking things here and there, it's not too intrusive. The music is excellent, but lack of ambient sound or music, the silence in some parts is distracting. At worst, it further spoils the monster house part after the narrator has given it away already. That part of the mod suffers from its linearity, but that is not to say it is ruined. The parts with the camera on rails are also quite disconnecting.

There are a few bugs or weird things here and there. The intro went out of sync slightly which happens to the richest (Portal2), and the arm coming up at the end was kinda weird.

Now that I've hit the character limit: Definately worth playing. If this was longer and more polished, I could even see it being on steam.


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