The Worry of Newport is a two part horror/mystery mod for Crysis built around immersion and story telling, rather than combat or action. Both parts span a story arc that concerns a nameless protagonist awakening in the ocean outside of the island of Newport, a fictional colony in the Atlantic. Upon exploring the port nearby and uncovering a little bit of the backstory, it is on his (and your, the players) shoulders to presue the truths behind the dark secrets on the island. Sacrifices, ancient rites, deities of long past within the ocean, and surviving the very creatures that doomed the island are all on the player's plate. Finding out who Edgar Gray is and what has he done is the leading mystery, as well as your own past and truths to face. Just what was the Worry of Newport?

Game Play:

Worry of Newport is a playable horror/mystery story with no combat, a few puzzles, but mostly exploring, reading, and listening and observing through some truly detailed and atmospheric setpieces. I need to stress that this is still a unique take on gaming and is more of a playable conventional story rather than a horror "game". There is no stealth, no monsters, no combat.

Interaction is not limited however. Exploration and book reading is key, and the devil is in the details. There are scenes to "survive", a puzzle here and there, and some engaging moments. It is not limited to walking in a straight line listening.

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The Worry of Newport - Final

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The Team

  • C-zom: Lead Developer & Writer
  • Jason: Secondary Developer & Lead Trackview Designer
  • KillerTruffle: The Protagonist - Voice Actor
  • Seaglass: Aoife Gray - Voice Actress
  • James Dean: Lead Musical Composer (Gameplay)
  • Jarod DCamp: Additional Musical Composer (Themes/Songs)
  • Rana Winkelmann: Graphics Artist - Part 1


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I didn't expect myself to be posting here again so soon, but -- hello everyone, C-zom here to bring you bilateral news of pure excellence. Though, I should begin by stipulating that, indeed, the Developer Commentary was cancelled officially and will not return due to poor reception and low view counts. What was begged of us practically by the community for almost a year straight landed to ice cold reception, and there won't be another crack at it. Now, onto the important bits:

What is first and foremost is the discussion of a hotfix patch upcoming for The Worry of Newport, to be released by March 1st or earlier (guaranteed this time, no if's ends or buts.) Hotfix-#1 will address the following issues,

Hotfix #1

  • Book reading system has been recoded to be sturdier and more weighted, akin to the Triptch book reading engine. This should solve all complaints on the logs once and for all.
  • All glitchy narrations have been recoded to not overlap or loop, and a narration change has made it so... you can walk while listening! No more standing and waiting for every painstaking line.
  • Option to skip Aoife's logs will be given after 30 seconds.
  • Glitchy swamp section in Part 2 has been reworked to gel easier in the storyboard.
  • For real this time, for the billionth time we've tried, we can FINALLY get the ambient music to cooperate with us. Expect the soundtrack on almost constant loop.

Tales from Afar

The Worry of Newport is going to get a AAA prequel at long last. I will be writing it once again, I am unsure if Jason Daysh will return to direct our cutscenes, but I hope to secure the original cast and crew entirely. Preliminary talks have not gone into motion. Rather, I've secured the confidence in Cryengine3 to begin private build development and conceptual solidification. I have also begun the screenplay and storyboard.

The prequel is designed to deal with the explorations of Aoife Hall in Europe, the Middle East, and eventually to Newport itself, before culminating in a visitation to an ancient city housing a cosmic horror -- Tygras. Fans of The Worry of Newport will be familiar with this all by playing it and reading the journals and logs. The context, and hook, of the game is a first person adventure (I stress adventure) in Lovecraftian Mystery, whereupon she delves deep into a profound mystery surrounding that city, as well as the whereabouts and identity of a cosmic horror named Hadad. She meets Edgar Gray at a focal point of the story and each character is dedicated to leap-frog patterned chapters in the game.

It is going to ramp down on the dreadful, horror, and misanthropic atmosphere of the first and present itself as an actual spanning adventure with quests, npc's, and the like. But it won't be without it's Lovecraftian influences or horrifying atmosphere, of course. Promising a full suite of characters, locations, DX11 graphics, and custom assets and top grade voice acting and composing, it should be the prequel Newport deserves. Expect a Moddb page to be opened up shortly after Summer begins. Tell the living, tell the dead; The Worry of Newport's long awaited "successor" has begun development.

The Worry of Newport -- Developer Playthrough

The Worry of Newport -- Developer Playthrough

News 6 comments

A look at the first official developer commentary and playthrough of TWON, by Dark Craft Studios.

The Worry of Newport - Final Released!

The Worry of Newport - Final Released!

News 0 comments

The final patch for Worry of Newport is released, closing the door on this tremendous mod and its extraordinary long life cycle.

March becomes June for this highly anticipated patch.

March becomes June for this highly anticipated patch.

News 2 comments

The final change log for the final Newport patch, including a release date.

Worry of Newport March Update

Worry of Newport March Update

News 2 comments

A look at an upcoming update for Worry of Newport which is due in a months time.

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The Worry of Newport - Final

The Worry of Newport - Final

Full Version 18 comments

The Worry of Newport Final. Both editions patched to their maximum threshold, complete with a new custom UI, loading screens, loading animations, cutscenes...

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Think I've sussed it...BRB
This is pretty dumb (but I guess you'd sherlocked that already) but about 2 months ago a mate gave me "Crysis-Maximum edition" he'd done with -I had the old retail one (patched up)
-and guess what...I installed it, but forgot to patch it....


Patchimg it now...(whilst feelin like a PROPER chump I might add)

Your patience be lesson to us all -(I reeally gotta give up doin 3 things at once)
-Thanks Fella
Niceone -ZTK

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C-zom Creator

Just in case, I've sent you complete install instructions complete with reference pictures, just to be sure. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sir,you are a Superstar
Thanks C-Zom -I'll get back to you with the results ASAP

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Right-o, an update...
I got the MOD to load (my target line was " -mod=Newport2"(other MODS I've used -big OFP/ARMA2 fan -always had the "=".)
changed it to " -mod Newport2 " and it seems to have loaded,but on restart when I enter the "map part1" bit I can see the game is loading something behind a wall of console text then the whole game crashes...
I already have a few other MODS working for Crysis (noname isl/mandate of heaven etc)-but I'm loading this on a VANILLA shortcut.
I got WIN7 64bit/ I5 2500K /NVIDIA GTX570/ 8GB RAM etc (good standard kit-took me 15months to save up for -worth it:D)
so I don't think it's anything up with the rig...
-Can someone please help me out: I'm developing a nervous tic over this :S

Yours twitching in agitation -ZTK

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C-zom Creator

Gonna PM you, we can definitely work this out easily. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

HMNNFF!! -I've just thanked you even tho you didn't reply haven't I?
(this what happens when you have a dozen tabs open at once -I should cut back on the multi tasking :S)

Well, the question remains ,I don't know when you type in this "con_Restricted 0" in,my Game is full patched (retail) with altered target (" -mod+Newport2") in-game when I type in the "map1" command it says 'crysis needs to restart' so I do that and type in "map1" thing again and am caught in a loop going round n round...
As Shakespear once put it so well - WTF?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C-zom Creator

You need to type in "map part1" precisely, without quotes. It should load when you're using the -mod Newport2 target. Great to see such an enthusiastic Lovecraft fan. Beware the lies of the Mi-go my friend, and what ever you do, do not answer the door, lest the secret of Nyarlathotep reaches you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks C-zom
I really appreciate the help good sir, (Yog-Sothoth knows I need it!)
I'm gonna give it a whirl right now :D

And DEAR ESTHER out in a coupla hours -this is Definitely a GOOD DAY:)
(Well, a good day to be drenched in sombre and tenebrous wraiths of lonesome half occupied places anyway;)



Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Seeing how Wreckage is going standalone, any possibility of that happening with Newport?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
C-zom Creator

It is unlikely to happen. We do not have the resources or programming abilities of the Wreckage team, infact Newport is made by just two people in Cryengine. We'd have to spend two years making all the custom assets and objects and legalities alone, before even remaking it as a standalone engine.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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