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To begin with, there will be four factions. These will be Gondor, Rohan, Isengard, and Mordor. We are really looking forward to including lots more factions, like Elven factions, Dwarven factions, and perhaps Harad/Rhun. Eriador is a possibility too! Pretty much, we aim to place you into Middle Earth, to do with as you see fit. There are only four initial factions simply because we want to finish the initial version, and allow you to play it.

The mod will be split up into multiple modules. Each module representing a different race. This means that if you want to play as a human and defeat Mordor you would have to select the Men of the West module. Men of the West will be the first to be released.

We will be spending a lot of time on making the map.
The area of Middle Earth that it will (initially) cover. In later releases, more of Middle-Earth will be accessible.

South of Gondor will also be included to open up new opportunities to the player, in the form of Haradrim/Corsairs-of-Umbar invasions.

Overrall, thank you ever so much for reading.
Please stay tuned!

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Latest Dev Diary, folks! Check it out, and don't forget to comment either here or over on our official forum. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
I am raring to get started on the corsairs, though, so I'll keep this brief. Cheerio!


Uruk Hai Weapons + Minor Updates

Uruk Hai Weapons + Minor Updates

News 10 comments

Yeah, these summaries really annoy me. I'm almost running out of random things to witter about to fill these up... almost.

Swan Knights and The Black Gate

Swan Knights and The Black Gate

News 3 comments

Summaries are fun to write because I just witter about random stuff

Scenes, scenes everywhere. Morannon, Orthanc and Minas Tirith

Scenes, scenes everywhere. Morannon, Orthanc and Minas Tirith

News 3 comments

Latest Dev Diary inside! God damn these summaries have to be long. So... uhm... awkward.

Nazgul! My favourite characters of LOTR.

Nazgul! My favourite characters of LOTR.

News 15 comments

Here we have previews of the Nazgul, the undead beings of Middle Earth, along with some news of our progress!

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Paths of the dead: Aragorn sends you into the tombs next to dunharrow to see whats in there

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MountAndBladeWarband Online

The search of Gollum- Gandalf or Aragorn asks you to find a creature named gollum
The quest for Theodens son- an uruk hai partie took theodred and you got to rescue him.
The madness of Saruman- You are a servant of Saruman and need to find out whats going on in Fangorn
The quest for anduril - you have to go to the elves and ask them to rforge anduril (you need to help them make it maybe some part are stolen and you have to get them back whatever)
Retaking of Moria- if you are a dwarf you can summon a meeting with a dwarf called Balin and you need to make an army and do other things
The quest here need to be worked out but they are just ideas
i got many more ideas these are maybe a little dumb but i thought of them in like 5 min

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Jarvisimo Creator

Hey guys, 0.4 is delayed as I'm working on making it a bit bigger of an update. It WILL be out next Wednesday, whether it's ready or not, and YES I WILL stick to this date.

Here's the list of new features which will make it worth the wait:

1. Brand new campaign map featuring the whole of Middle Earth (though at present only Gondor, Rohan, Isengard and Mordor is playable). It's a lot more interesting and it's much improved. However 0.5 will be the update where the new map really comes to life with lots of added features, polishing, quests, places to explore, etc etc.
Map Editor WIP screenshot:

2. Trolls. Nuff said.

3. New, better, way more detailed map icons.

4. Dunlendings in Northwest Rohan wandering around murdering.

5. Corsairs in Southern Gondor wandering around murdering.

6. More aggressive enemies for a far more interesting and lore friendly game.

7. More stuff to fight in general.

8. Ents in Fangorn.

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Jarvisimo Creator

I forgot to add a couple:

9. Of course the bugged inventory/party/character screen is fixed in this update!

10. Companion dialogues have been made and added

11. Many lord dialogues have been made and added

Cheers guys.

By the way, if you have any cool ideas for quests, now is the time! I would LOVE to hear them over on our forums or in comments here. If the quest fits with the lore, I'll add it to the game. It's that simple. :)

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Do you know when Helms Deep castle will be made?

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Jarvisimo Creator


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Jarvi is probably taking the hobbits to Isengard, thats why 0.4 is taking so long. :D :P

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I hope no one is still actually still believing Jarvy when he promises any sort of date. I mean no respect to Jarvy, honestly I'm very grateful he is doing this for free for all of us, but he's hasn't been good on a single one of his promises yet.

I know this is going to be instantly bombarded with down votes because you guys refuse to criticize anything on this mod, but you all know it's true. He's been off by a matter of several months on every promise.

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Jarvisimo Creator

Well I don't think it's every single thing. It's just I have priorities over this mod, you'll understand, and I've had so much on this week. (Been arguing with the gf, studying hard for my French exam, making a shed and hanging out with a friend from Secondary School who's been back in town this week)
Sorry for disappointing you, I'm doing my best! :)

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Hey, I don't say you're not right, but seriously, give Jarvy a break! He's going to college, has got a half-working computer and slow internet and simultaneously works on this mod to please us.
He actually always plans to release his work on the dates he gives but unexpected things happen or he finds new things to add/fix/remove. Noone can be precise when planning a mod's release date.
If this keeps ******* you guys off, though, you can always ask him not to give release dates anymore.
I just wanted to tell you that you're being unfair.

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I wasn't being unfair. I acknowledged what he's doing for us, and I expressed my gratitude. I can't wait for this mod, and I'm very glad Jarvy is doing this. I'm just saying, by now we should know better than to believe him when he makes any sort of promise of timeframe. It hasn't been a few isolated cases, it's been literally every single thing promised. I'm just saying that if you get your hopes up by believing his promised dates then you are the one setting yourself up for disappointment.

I mean no disrespect to you or Jarvy though, take all the time you need. I'm saying this for the fans benefit that they should not have any expectations of punctuality unless they're prepared for disappointment.

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