The Ultimate Universe Mod began in January 2007 with the goal then being a multi stage development process. Chris Jones Gaming as an entity had just begun, and the team, growing by the day, was off to create one heck of a mod. The team acquired modelers, mappers, scripters, programmers, and other ‘staff’. We ended up releasing a ‘demo’ on 4/14/07 – Followed immediately by a little patch to fix a few things. Demo Patch two was released to the public on 5/21/07 after much beta testing, which included all new TOS ships from Moonraker, and a reworked single player campaign from Gamemaster, among other things. Many new missions and 1 on 1 maps added. Mindwipe provided many new sound effects and produced a very nice soundtrack for each race in the mod. Then came The Ultimate Borg, Dominion, then a full 1.0 release on 9/24/07. Stage 2 is in progress with no set release date. Stay tuned my friend.

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Update on Ultimate Universe Mod

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We wanted to post some information and update to the mod and its progress with the release of our mod at Stage I. As many will know we have had at least...

Batch File Enables you to 1 on 1 Mode

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before my UU Demo patch gets compiled, I'll give you this.. This file will enable you to select the race you wish to play as in the 1 on 1 mode for...

Official Release of Ultimate Universe Mod

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Please visit our official location for all Download Locations You will need a Clean Install, with patch 1.1, 1.2 and then the patch in order to play the...

Helpful information on Ultimate Universe Mod

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I would like to thank DRH1589 of Final Frontier Podcast for making this layout for Menu Key on the mod. Link to information on mod: Look for Release to...

Ultimate Universe Mod Demo Menu Keys

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Ultimate Universe Mod Demo Menu Keys Genty's New Hotkeys and context menu. Never open the R menu again to do basic things again. New keys are Self...

Play by Play Diary by Chris Jones

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This is a video play by play with Mindwipe and Chris Jones on features in the game on a few maps and game play and info on the mod. Acidrain THE ULTIMATE...

St-Galaxy Network - Germany

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StGalaxy: Lets start from the beginning. The whole Star Trek gaming fandom has waited for Legacy and we were all very happy when Mad Doc announced they...


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STARTREK LEGACY THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Many Thanks to all the team for the stock footage and big thankyou to Baron Dixon for providing...

Current State of the Ultimate Universe Mod

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Current State of the Ultimate Universe Mod The mod is progressing rather smoothly and with many improvements and added personal within the mod team. We...


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I would like to say tonight we successfully had 6 players in game and NO LAG and great game play! 03/20/07 Acidrain Grunt Capt Delta Moonraker Firetroll...

Star Trek Legacy Ultimate Universe Mod Featured on German Site

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Star Trek Legacy Ultimate Universe Featured on German Site I'm glad to announce that we at ST-Galaxy Network finally brought up the first article...

Intro and Credit Video

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Please visit our official Intro Video of Credits on the Ultimate Universe Mod! Link to Video, many names are on it! Cheers, Ultimate Universe Team