The Trap for your brain. The English vesrion and international trailer has been released. Enjoy!

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One of my favorite mods!

good, but quite short

LOVED THIS MOD! Reminded me of the good o'l days of PORTAL! ^_^

It´s just....WOW!!!!

A really good, fun and inovative mod. If you liked Portal and still like Half-Life 1 (and certian sven-coop maps to boot!), then give this one a try! I'm sure you'll like it!

Probably one of the best HL1 mods.


This mod is absolutely amazing. I wish that there had been another option at the Special Button, but I wasn't able to get all the achievements, so no go there. :(

Awesome mod. Everything was perfect, from the beginning til the end. I only discovered 1 bug in the entire game. Sometimes when you take a elevator you can get stuck once it stopped. For me this mod was pure euphoria! I was really in to the story even though I couldn't understand one single dialog, because its all russian. The only problem I experienced was the difficulty level. You have to be a goddamn good puzzler if you want to finish this mod without even one quick look through a guide/walktrough. Throw away your sudoku's and chessboard if your in for a real big puzzle. The hardest puzzle I have ever participated in!

This mod is ******* sweet, and the puzzles were designed very well.

What can I say....

This is another masterpiece! Best gameplay I have seen in a half-life mod so far. The author claims he was inspired by Portal but this is BETTER!

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