It's been about 60 years since the events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The events of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs are just beginning to unfold. A young man and his friend settle down at Brennenburg castle and begin renovation... ==Amnesia: Justine REQUIRED==

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Areas from original Amnesia are used (this could be excused in a "continuation" of the main game), the player is slowed down too many times, old good Clarence from Penumbra is senseless in this custom story and some illogical design. Generally, this had a good potential at the beginning but turned out to be mostly screwed up.


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So I started playing and I thought this was going to be a decent custom story, but then I realized something right when I was about 2 minutes into the second map. The second map wasn't fully created by you, it was taken from the original game. In short, you started off with creativity and it slowly started going downhill. All you did was make a few changes to the map. I enter the "kitchen" and realized that the beginning of the map was the laboratory except with blood all over the walls and no laboratory AREA. Then you go down some holes and then it's the cellar maze except two paths are blocked off except the one to the kitchen. I'm not sure, maybe the custom story was supposed to be a "Look back". If so, then I'm an idiot. But then there were two tiny point that upset me. I was brought to the orb chamber and I went out and there was a useless room so I went back and all of a sudden, it was the ending of amnesia the dark descent. Also, at the 7th map, the tomb was right there. Hooray... no wait boo!!! Boo because I could not jump or crouch so To anybody to ends up reading this before playing, Spoil alert: This CS is impossible! The next time you make a custom story, add a little more creativity.

3/10 Bad

Good start but then you got VERY lazy I find with the copied rooms from The Dark Descent.



Ok, I decided to give this a try. It was average, maybe a little tad boring. The maps lacked detail and there was no scary atmosphere in my opinion.

I first gave you an 1/10, because I was just totally angry about you copying, and I still are a bit. I'll give you 5/10 for now.

I bet that 80% of the players don't even care about you copying 70% of the cs, but it ruins my gameplay experience totally.

Sorry for my bad english.

All my ratings go to this! The best custom story I've played!!!


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