The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King is a mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms and based around the fantasy world of Game workshop's Warhammer universe during the civil war between the Elves, the mod's campaign opens with the Death of Bel Shanaar in -2751 IC.

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Night Goblins
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Dum-de-dum... Just sharpening my gromril axe.

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looks great!

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Many years ago some Goblins took to living in the deep cave systems beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains. Over the centuries these became distinct in type and are now known as Night Goblins. Many abandoned Dwarf strongholds have been taken over by Night Goblin tribes, and much of the ancient Dwarf Empire is now infested with these creatures. Night Goblins are essentially very similar to ordinary Goblins, although they are even more vicious. Night Goblins have developed a strong aversion to sunlight that leads them to wear dark hoods and cloaks to keep off the rays of the sun when they come out into the open. They prefer to move around at night and they usually hide away during the day. Their equipment and fighting style is somewhat different, incorporating the infamous Night Goblin Fanatics, highly trained net fighters, and savage herds of Cave Squigs. They can also be seen using tamed Giant Spiders as mounts.Night Goblins cultivate vast quantities of the multicolored fungi that grow in the cool damp caves where they live. Some of these fungi contain toxins which are either hallucinogenic or downright poisonous - but Goblins have tough digestive systems which can cope with this sort of thing. Their Shamans love to experiment with the various strains of fungi: eating them, brewing them into fungus beer, and concocting potent poisons to use on their enemies.

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