The Sundering: Rise of the Witch King is a mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms and based around the fantasy world of Game workshop's Warhammer universe during the civil war between the Elves, the mod's campaign opens with the Death of Bel Shanaar in -2751 IC.

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1)Download all parts to the same folder 2)Run the TheSundering.exe and let the installer do the job 3)Make sure the path is correct (C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\The_Sundering) or wherever you have installed your game. 4)If you are using Steam be sure to follow this tutorial to get the mod to work.

The Sundering v0.69 Part 5 of 5

where r part 1, 2 ,3 and 4? im so confused about 0.69 dl.. if u cold tell me what to do, cause it is different from before it seems :( sorry to be such a bother...

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nvm :3

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Kolwen Author

The other parts are being uploaded right now.

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hi there, I don't know where to post properly. I downloaded the mod. and installed it in the correct path under the steam section. but I get an error report on up start and this is the text from it below post:

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Error, Geomod v0.6.18 2012-12-04 14:05:13

Impossible to find the external name of unit 'orc choppa' !

Error, Geomod v0.6.18 2012-12-04 14:05:14

Impossible to find the description of unit 'orc choppa' !

Error, Geomod v0.6.18 2012-12-04 14:05:15

Impossible to find the description of unit 'tomb_kings liche' !

can anyone help? :)

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I noticed the game has saved games in it, I downloaded from modDB server before being member. the oldest save is from 2011 october. does this mean that the version I have is from 2011 even if it says 0.69?
or is it older saves from previous versions being with the download.. so confused :)

I did something unconventional and now it's working :) I don't know about the error report. but it works if you delete content in another mod map and copy paste the entire thing in, in it's place, the installed mod here, I used teutons:) which I don't play anyway.

Good job, I love the game, the AI is better! and it looks amazing ;) I just wondered whether there will be any fixes for images and sounds of some of the units. so that all female units sounds like females and not men... and some of the unit pictures can get an upgrade from the standard citizen wearing brown clothing.
and of course, I did notice a few things in the text, like everqueen handmaidens having bows and spears in the text, but only spears ingame.
then there is the occasional text or diplomat voice leftover from the former factions saying england this or that.
anyway, I will enjoy the game and those issues are only minor.

and I can't wait!!! for the next version to come out :) :)

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