The Stanley Parable is an experimental narrative-driven first person game. It is an exploration of choice, freedom, storytelling and reality, all examined through the lens of what it means to play a video game. You will make a choice that does not matter You will follow a story that has no end You will play a game you cannot win's actually best if you don't know anything about it before you play it :D

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Not really a game, has no gameplay.


Can't say I enjoyed this and with all the hype I was expecting something less average.

Sadly, I did not enjoy this game. I don't understand what is so great about this game! Just going down a straight hall listening to this guys story? In my book, that is boring. There are a few good things about the game tho. The narration is great and the narrator explains everything in a non-annoying way.

It's a really great game never played anything like it. It really gave me goose bumps

Nice game to kill some time, but I don't understand the hype... :(

I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't satisfied. While the Narration and the Story are excellent, the level design was obviosly lacking. But since this is, what I'm assuming, a one-man project, I can understand why it's lacking. That said, I enjoyed this, but I can't seem to play it without wishing it was so much more. I'd love if this concept was improved upon and made even better. It has so much potential, and it really is a wonderful idea.

"You will make a choice that does not matter
You will follow a story that has no end
You will play a game you cannot win"

Wow. This sounds just like real life!!!

Downloading now and looking forward to playing, sounds very interesting and cool.

The game itself is interesting, the narrative and story is captivating enough for the time it will take to complete the game (for the most part). But it's nothing special, we shouldn't give indie developers slack just because they are indie developers.

An example of what I mean is, the game is ugly. I know the author has mentioned they have 0 experience in mapping. But giving the maps a few more passes, aligning textures properly, aligning geometry properly -- there is even a few issues with pitch-black geometry in parts.

The game is also particularly short, I completed all the endings I could find (around about 10). None of which were particularly difficult to attain and each took about 5 minutes -- most of that is repetition of starting over. I believe it's possible there are a few hidden endings that I have missed and would be happy enough to jump right back into the game to see them, but I am not compelled enough to scour the depths of the game assets to find them like some other individuals.

All-in-all, I believe I gave this game a generous rating. If I were to justify it, I say I would take points off for visual presentation and lack of REAL re-playability once you've discovered the majority of the endings. But a large portion of points for intelligent writing, great narrating and the lovely irony of the "intended" ending.


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