TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many bugs left inside TSL giving you the most polished and best possible chance to get the full experience.

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Nagneto says

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While this restores a lot of interesting content, there are places I can see why things were cut. HK-47's solo mission for example, once the 51 models are activated the game becomes unbeatable, they are much tougher than their 50 counterparts and come at HK in such huge numbers. Only through cheating could one get past them. This should never be so. I don't understand why he goes into the droid facility alone, with at least other teammate the odds would be fair.

After completing a Light Side playthrough, I can honestly say that TSLRM truly brought the game to life to me. I felt like I was playing a new game through this restoration mod. Everything from the cut dialog all the way to the numerous bug fixes truly made this mod worth it in every way. I wish I could say some of my favorite parts of the mod but, I don't want to spoil it to anyone who has never used the restoration mod or has never player KOTOR 2 before.

All I got to say to the everyone involved with the development of this mod is, "Absolutely amazing job and thank you for all your hard, well- done work!"

KOTOR 2 is my favorite game of all time just vanilla, but this mod puts it past the charts. Amazing addition of tons of missed content

It restores everything Obsidian didn't. I haven't played this game for years and THIS is the mod that brought me back into the game and its so awesome now!

Makes one of the best RPGs ever the game it was meant to be.

So far so good. I can't tell what's the TSLRCM in-game actually. But that means it has integrated itself very well that it's no longer just a mod, but a seamless part of the game. The only reason I can tell that TSLRCM is doing its job is that I'm no longer experiencing countless of bugs...and the story seem to make sense now. This mod deserves no less than a perfect score in my book.

i like this mod)

This mod offers great gameplay and more gametime to this wonderful game. It makes it 99% more fun and adds value to the game itself. BRAVO TEAM STONEY AND BOO TEAM GIZKA

This is a mod that add quality to an already great game. Thanks to the team that worked very hard to make this mod and the M4-78 EP.

I've waited years and years for this! AWESOME! =D Reinstalling kotorII right now ;)

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