TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many bugs left inside TSL giving you the most polished and best possible chance to get the full experience.

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It makes the game what it should have been.

Wow this is one of the best mods ever. I originally owned KOTOR II on my xbox and I loved it. I even liked it more than KOTOR I. I thought the dialogue options were better. The side quests were more interesting. The planets (except for Onderon) were better. But the bugs and the ending were very annoying. This mod solves a lot of the problems that were in KOTOR II as well as really fleshing out the story good job

This is by far the best mod ever created for kotor2. Cut content such as quests, dialogues and even an entire planet(M4-78) are still being restored after several years from its original release. I remember reading in an interview that the lead designer of Obsidian was impressed and thanked TSLRCM team for their effort. As for me, Kotor2 with TSLRCM easily surpasses Kotor1.

i love any kind of restoration mod that re adds all the cut content. i love you guys... but did you add the cut content that allowed you to access the area behing the military grade door in the complex on telos where the shuttle and launch codes are?


This improves the game 100% making it fully playable, and keeps you from banging you head into the walk, you should not play KoTor 2 without this mod. Many years, and a lot of effort make this game what it should have been, and not what broken, half done game we had to settle with.

Having played over 100 hours of Sith Lords restored content mod, in all 153 hours (Steam) give or take, I'd say I've had loads of fun.


order142 says

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Quality mod from start to finish. Quality mod from start to finish. Quality mod from start to finish. Quality mod from start to finish. Quality mod from start to finish.

Adds much more to the story that Obsidian wanted to add put in but couldn't due to time constraints, with Lucas Arts' ridiculous 1 year development cycle.

Absolutely great restoration project. I never finished the original game the first time I played, because there were many inconsistencies and I didn't manage to understand some elements of the plot. With the restored content everything was properly presented, and the whole story can be better understood at last.

I can't even understand why all those little pieces of dialogue and even whole planets weren't included in the original release... this mod is essential for anyone who wants to know KOTOR II as it was supposed to be.

i can finally play the game now, goodbye crashes, goodbye having to mess up with the resolution and delete evey single cutscene, the M-4-78 planet ruined my life tho, and widescreen stretches the UI so a 9/10

Everyone who has Knights of the Old Republic II should get this mod. Your game experience is incomplete without it.

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