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Cause plans never survive first contact. Or hardware failure. Or both. Also some updates which are copied and pasted from the official forums :D

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Big snag. My PC crashed on me... still unsure what's the cause. Processor or Motherboard being dead the 2 current theories. My PC is away for fixing, it will take around 1 week. No fixing or testing during that period. Yes, I have this old PC to use, but all my saves and 1.8 fixes where on the harddisk of my primary PC. Which I hopefully survives intact otherwise, well, I can start from scratch again :/. Hopefully it doesn't go that far...

If you want to keep up to date about testing of 1.8... I frequently post little tid-bits here;
Nothing major, but more often than here, all the big news will still be posted here of course. Some examples of "news" of the recent few days (as copied from the thread);

(29 april)
Well, as was expected it's good that I do a test-run before 1.8 is released in the wild.
Found several things missing already, suddenly got a french line in there as well (playing english). Game hasn't been broken yet though...

The Random Loot Generator is going funky on me. No robes till almost the end, then I got a Jedi Robe, one of those Jedi Armors and a proper armor in 3 sequetive containers. Also no armor or headgear for T3 until reaching the Ebon Hawk, unlike previous time. That's what it's random for, right?
Peragus unique setup for loot and the high level when you leave do screw you over concerning most low-level items though. Checked with KSE and most is already around lvl 6...

Aaaaaanyways, here's some statistical data about the Sith Boarding Party at the End of Peragus. Of course if you think you get no XP from the turret game or I am just messing with you feel free to ignore the data. I think the rest would find it interesting. Also the indoor Sith dropped no loot for me this time. Damn cheapskate Sith. Should just be bad luck though, they were pretty unlikely to drop anything in vanilla too.

XP Before; 29370
After gunning; 35445
After indoor; 34745

(somewhat later the same day)
Aaaaanyways, first rather major bug detected.
Despite my explicit warning it was for 209TEL, that onenter file made it to 203TEL. I assume zbyl downloaded it, than later modded it into a module based on the name (203_enter), and on his PC, no warning mail from me not to do so.
Potential gamebreaking if following Corrun Falt (Ithorian Path) and broke a few side-quest. Surely it will get fixed for the full release though

(3 may)
But well, these distractions generally give improvements. For example a convo drop with Bao-Dur got only now noticed and fixed... together with several other Bao-Dur related fixes.

Another "fun" issue... we fixed a small issue with player HP when lightsaber training (so you're never in a stuck loop having to fight Visas full HP at 1HP).
Though apparently, the same script is used for the confrontation with Visas when she enters the ship to kill me... meaning my Jedi couldn't die and got healed over and over.

Helped my crappy build Jedi defeat her, but obviously not the intention. So added a clausule only to heal the player only when training... and indeed, he promptly dropped dead very soon in the fight.

* The skill lesson bonus, instead of being fixed to give the proper boost, got completely broken (maybe my fault... maybe not). Anyways, it is working now as intended, giving bonus of 1 to both the lowest and highest!
Yes, testing proves it's worth once again. Also around 20 .tlk fixes...

(5 may)
I just spend waaaaaay too much time to make the "Droid Controller" (Goto's Yacht) feedback show up properly on the consoles.
For something most people probably wouldn't even bother with 0_0

And the price for oddest way to solve an issue goes to... Hassat Hunter.

Or there must be more modders who have no clue about the tags of the ones they have to delete, so just run around spamming the wereami armband to gather tags... :P


Little snag; I have to recompile all loot scripts again... Oh joy (not).

Apparently an issue snuck in which meant no lightsaber drops. And I am sure people don't want the one from Bao-Dur to be the only one they ever get in the game, right?
It's already fixed, as I compiled one script to check it out and there it was, a lightsaber drop :)...

Till next time... which will take *at least* one week min. :(


Sorry to hear about you PC, Bro.
Hope it turns out ok.

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I can wait

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