TSLRCM tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many bugs left inside TSL giving you the most polished and best possible chance to get the full experience.

List of fixes made in january. So you know the additional time is used properly :).

Posted by Hassat_Hunter on Feb 8th, 2012

Well, according to Moddb the page had an update 4 days ago. Not sure what that could be, I didn't add anything. If anyone who uses Moddb longer has any idea what the update was, let me know.

For know, an actual update! 2 new screenshots and january's fixlist!

* Dialog.tlk; Many fixes.
* Re-compiled a few scripts with our new random loot script, seeing how we overlooked those. Also modified several "lightsaber give" files to use the random loot function instead of having faulty old in their script, so they now will use VP's random function.
* Fixed the armor creation issue (one armor creation was buggy) ttlan mentioned on our own forums. Both in Mira and non-Mira function.
* Disciple; Changed gt to bet 1/4 for Disiciple to mention "my turning away from the force" lines (since with 5 he's Jedi again). Added a few small XP rewards (250XP) for flags set named "XP"...

* Taris traveler VO added.
* Added a new module (235TEL) based on Darth Insidious and JCarter426 unused Telos shuttle for sequences before landing on Telos and the Telos Academy.
* Dendis; Fixed "not" being vinked for the check if Samhan was gone while that was the dialogue you should get in that case. Also fixed the shop nothing being properly set in that case (which was... always in the past). Was also why he was such a crap vendor before... but no longer! He now wields a full proper stock!
* Samhan; Changed 202TEL_Samhan_Gone to being set when you're talking with Grenn about him, instead of when you try to talk to him afterwards (which may not happen)...
* Replaced checks in plant.dlg and ithplant.dlg with planttheft.ncs checks, which also turns false if Samhan is arrested.
* Fixes a little pet-peeve with my old solution to the underground base force field fix. Mainly that the popup also appeared when Bao hit the door. Using these new files the following changes occur;
* Clicking the door no longer does anything besides saying 'locked'. None of the awkward camera movement like in 1.7.
** Attacking the door as ANYONE but Bao-Dur gives the message about Bao-Dur maybe being able to unlock the door.
** Having Bao-Dur attack the door opens the force field, no popup messages.
* a_ptel_reactor; See previous news update thread. Basically this fixes those darn droids. And took me 60 min+ of my life to do so.
* Shortened silence delay on Opo Chano dialogue with B4 from 4 sec to 2 sec (equal to the silence of Weequay in the JJT).
* Small modifications to T1 scene (took effort though). No longer does T1 appear to have said the guards stuff in the log, and guards now use lipsynch. Had to write new script (and change timing slightly) cause otherwise T1 wouldn't turn properly back to B4 before fleeing. Couldn't modify existing script due to partial re-decompression...
* Removed exchange door spawning when returning after being to the surface, since the door wasn't solid (so you could just go straight through it, loading the map beyond) and was causing frame-rate issues.
* Removed Czerka Mainframe closing code in 203TEL, since you have to go through here to enter Czerka, and then it wouldn't happen there since the boolean was already unset.
* Fixed a pet peeve of mine. Now the first sister you invite to fight gets removed (implying she's the "dojo sister") so there are no more than the maximum of sisters on the base. For safety reasons (cutscenes) she gets re-added when the Hawk is entered.

Nar Shaddaa;
* Fixed Visquis call gamebreaking bug by disallowing you to enter the Ebon Hawk when all it's conditions are met...
* Vossk now uses .tlk entries again, restoring his 'Jeedai'
* c9t9; Removed exchange hate when blowing up the droid, since it only happened in one of six distinct paths (you still get it if you check the droid for oddities). Increased repair skillcheck from 0 to 5.
* Borna fixes; No more "lower then" checks, which was making between 10 and 14 fail while 7 till 9 works. Fixed not getting keycode with computer's second choice (7 skill+).
* Zhug cutscene now again uses .tlk (besides 'her' alternative that wasn't existant), "Jeedai" > "Jedi" is now done in the .tlk itself.
* Slightly modified Zhug cutscene to use different camera position first line (to make the dancers be removed in the background unnoticable, as was with the old camera) and made one line unskippable to fix camera issues with the running brother.
* 306onenter; Removes dancers during Zhug cutscenes if you talked to the domo. Removes the domo too if you completed his quest.
* Restored a few questions about the Lunar Shadow captain (fixes Red Eclipse > Lunar Shadow) in the JJT.
* Modified 304NAR .git to move Lunar Shadow captain, added 8-ball weequay.
* 8-ball; Fixed small issue with wrong locals being checked for question 3 and 4 (used the value of #2). Also fixed line without alien VO.
* Added 351NAR_Zhug_Enc set to 1 at start of Zhug-convo on Goto's Yacht (unused in vanilla TSL).
* No more wookie growl or kathound growl when loading near Vogga (for example when send to dance there)

* Tame.dlg from 501OND copied to 502OND too, which should give the beasts something when clicking on them in this module.

* Modified "killed family" requirements from depending on Zez's fate (which has nothing to do with the Zhugs) to aforementioned 351NAR_Zhug_Enc flag.

* Move Saedhe from his regular position to Khoonda back door (where he should be in that case) if the militia won.

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orangeflame88 Feb 8 2012 says:

So when is this suppose to come out?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 8 2012 replied:

Not sure.
VP said he's pretty close to finishing the HK-Factory though, and that's the primary thing keeping it up...

+3 votes   reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 9 2012 says:

Did they fix the black screen before entering the Ravager and in the jedi temple when you meet all the jedi masters?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 9 2012 replied:

Yeah. You can already find a fix for that on our official site though. Don't want people to keep encountering it till 1.8's done...
(And the Master scene one has to do with other mods modifying Kreia's look, not our issue)

+1 vote   reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 10 2012 replied:

Thanks I deleted the reskin for kreia and im going to play the game again when 1.8 comes out! :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 10 2012 says:

There is another glitch where when im in the hidden tomb I do all of the things in there but when I get to reven he talks then I cant fight him I don't know if it is a mod problem or what.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 10 2012 replied:

You first have to battle the clone of yourself, then Revan.
Does that happen?

+2 votes   reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 10 2012 replied:

No that does not happen

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 11 2012 replied:

So... what other mods do you have?

+1 vote   reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 12 2012 replied:

Ok I have 3_new_crushes, build_a_saber_v3, ebon_hawk_hd_textures, megareskin I took out kreias, tslhakpad, visual_effects_tsl, wound_in_force, and tsl_urc_2_3

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 12 2012 replied:

URC is Unrestored Content Mod right. By Zbyl?
Basically TSLRCM turned out of URC... and as such is highly incompatible (since very very very older version).

I am going to assume that's your cause.

+1 vote   reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 12 2012 replied:

Yeah it was the unrestored content.

+1 vote     reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 12 2012 replied:

and also any spell mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
shepard88 Feb 12 2012 replied:

So just know I went to test it this time I was able to fight myself but not revan it just showed the same dialogue so I chose then he just stood there. This was with mods.

+1 vote     reply to comment
UthersonL Feb 11 2012 says:

Cool. The list of fixes for Telos actually looks surprisingly long.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter Feb 11 2012 replied:

Yup. Mostly minor fixes though... but the little details do count :).
And "new stuff" of course like the Taris Traveler actually being around and the shuttle scenes working...

+2 votes   reply to comment
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