Inspired by other mods such as Dear Esther, The Shelter is a short interactive fiction experience in which the story is conveyed almost entirely through original cinematic audio design and music. This is a one man project featuring professional voice acting (one of the actors has been heard in countless film trailers and commercials), and cinematic music composed by Rich Douglas and performed by the English Session Orchestra. A "planet killer" asteroid known as Eden 426 is headed your way and you're the only one in the neighborhood with a survivalist mentality who was smart enough to build a shelter in your basement to protect yourself in case of catastrophic events such as this. At least... thats how you remember it. The only information you have in the confined shelter comes in the form of a lone radio DJ commenting on what he sees and furious neighbors who will stop at nothing to gain access to your securely sealed shelter. The world ends in 15 minutes... what would you do?

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U-Jooy I'm very excited.^^ Very good trailer, doesn't show to much. I really like it. Keep it up!

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Try color correction.

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This is a short trailer to show you a bit more of what to expect from this mod. Everything you hear is in game and not added in via post.. all of the music you hear was specifically composed for the mod (inlcuding the piece over the logo at the end). You'll quickly learn that both the radio and the door are, in their own ways, characters in The Shelter.

And before any of you ask or comment on the power situation... The Shelters smallish generator in the back powers the red emergency lighting and the computer terminal which is why it stays lit during an outage. All of the other lights are linked to the main grid... when they go out, bad things are most likely happening outside.

Got it!

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