18 BBY/2IY: Supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Vader ordered the execution of Queen Apailana of Naboo on the charges of committing treason against the empire by harboring fugitive . The 501st was sent to eliminate her but the battle became a disaster the empire for a number of unexpected setbacks: On the land the 501st was shocked to see that the defenders of Naboo was leaded by their former brethren's from the from the famed Torrent company, the most veteran company of the 501st under the command of the traitors captain CT-7567 "Rex", the former second-in-command under Lord Vader. Under his command the Naboo defenders put up a deadly resistance and then lunched an even more deadly counterattack that drove them from the planet. In the bloody engagement, the 501st lost an entire battalion, entirely composed of veteran troops from the clone wars and Operation: Knightfall.

Just a status update to keep you all satisfied, as the four of us have been very busy to keep progress going smoothly.

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Hey guys, deadly here. I just want to give you all a status update on what we are doing around the mod team. First, ill introduce our team
CaptainFordo- Mod leader, Coder, modeler
rkraptor70- Mod Co-leader, modeler, ideas and support
OsoDEADLY-Mapper, modeler, ideas and support
EddiesmithWCHS2013-Ideas, support
What weve been working on.
We have been pumping out models like there is no tommorow, getting some models in game, applying shaders and coded and we have been revamping our lists to fit the time period more.
Yay a Conversion
Progress Update
Speeder WIP

We could really use the help from the following
-A modeler or two
-A skinner/rigger
-And another mapper
Please comment or PM Fordo to apply.

rkraptor70 Creator

Ya know DEADLY, i already posted more better, and completed version of the ship in the company page...

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rkraptor70 Creator

For anyone who is interested to see the ships current stats look here Moddb.com

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OsoDEADLY Author

i know but i posted the news 2 days ago, it just took until today to authorize and actually post.

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rkraptor70 Creator

Oh, sorry then. :)

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