18 BBY/2IY: Supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Vader ordered the execution of Queen Apailana of Naboo on the charges of committing treason against the empire by harboring fugitive . The 501st was sent to eliminate her but the battle became a disaster the empire for a number of unexpected setbacks: On the land the 501st was shocked to see that the defenders of Naboo was leaded by their former brethren's from the from the famed Torrent company, the most veteran company of the 501st under the command of the traitors captain CT-7567 "Rex", the former second-in-command under Lord Vader. Under his command the Naboo defenders put up a deadly resistance and then lunched an even more deadly counterattack that drove them from the planet. In the bloody engagement, the 501st lost an entire battalion, entirely composed of veteran troops from the clone wars and Operation: Knightfall.

After much thinking, debate and discussion, we (that is rkraptor70, ΘsΘdeadly and I, mainly raptor because he did the list, we just made some changes), decided on the new RCA space units, disregard everything in the features section, cause I don't know how to delete features, every bit of info will now be a news article.

Posted by CaptainFordo on May 26th, 2012


(All purpose strike-crafts)

Tech 1-2

-V-19 Torrents

The V-19 Torrent starfighter is an assault fighter with exceptional speed and maneuverability
used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone wars. While it is somewhat
outmatch by the new TIE fighters it is still capable of holding its own on a
1-1 battle. Even though, the RCA is quickly replacing them with the new
RF-6"Talon" Class starfighter in there more advance and powerful
capital ships and re-assigning them in many PDFs as heavy ground attack craft.

=Abilities: Hunt, Fire Missile(Fires a swarm of missile on the targeted
starfighter squadron, effectively destroying it)(Passive)(V-19s will only fire conc missiles at enemy fighters,bombers and interceptors).

tactical strike fighter

The Aurek-class tactical strike fighter, also known as an A-wing, was the primary Republic starfighter used in the Old Sith Wars, the Great Galactic War and the New Sith Wars. This fighters
are now upgraded to current standards and now utilized by the Firefox class


Tech 3-5

RF-6"Talon" Class

RF-6"Talon" was created to counter the never ending wave of T.I.E.
fighter and its variants. It is a very well built starfighter, featuring an
excellent combination of firepower, speed, maneuverability and most
importantly, durability. Its heavy shielding allows it to even survive direct
hits from enemy corvettes. This allows fighter to engage the enemy and come out
victorious even when they are outnumbered 3 to 1.

=Abilities: Hunt, Fire Missile(Fires a swarm of missile on the targeted
starfighter squadron, effectively destroying it).


Bombers (Dedicated Anti-ship

Tech 1-2

-BTL-B Y-wing starfighter

The first model of the famous BTL-Y-wing starfighters which served the Republic
navy during clone wars. Unlike its successor designs, the BTL-B model had a
full covering of both the primary fuselage and engines. A bubble-turret, which swiveled
360 degrees, provided clear view for the gunner and afforded them a clear view
of the surrounding space. The ship was designed to operate mainly as a bomber
and the Republic used them well in this capacity. On later models that used by
the RCA, this bubble feature was replaced with a turret operated from within
the main cockpit. However like the V-19, this bomber is quickly replaced by
newer XB-16 "Neutralizer" Class bomber in there more advance and
powerful capital ships.

= Abilities: Afterburners, Ion cannon.


Tech 3-5

-XB-16 "Neutralizer"

XB-16 "Neutralizer" in an uncommon bomber design. Instead of using a
large number of shields-bypassing bombes to destroy enemy ships like most
bombers, the Neutralizer uses its quad ion cannon to rapidly drain enemy
shields and then quickly destroy it with a small amount heavy Baradium bombs.
This unique approach allows this bomber to be more agile than most of its
counterparts and more effective in dogfight. The only downside of these bomber
are due to the fact they do not have any shield bypassing ordnances, they
cannot hit any specific hard points until the enemy's shields are down. This
however is compensated by the fact that the bomber can wreak havoc on a ships
targeting and propulsion system after its shields are down.

= Abilities: Afterburners, Switch weapons (From ion cannon to heavy Baradium


(Dedicated Anti-Fighter platform)

Tech 1-2

- Alpha-3 Nimbus-class
V-wing starfighter

The Alpha-3 Nimbus-class
V-wing starfighter, often simply known as the V-wing starfighter or Nimbus
fighter, was a short-ranged starfighter deployed late in the clone wars by the
Republic navy. It is a sturdy, wedge-shaped starfighter with similar
performance that to the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class
interceptors employed by the Jedi Order. Due to its impressive speed and maneuverability
it is utilized by the RCA as an Interceptor. However, due to the fact it is
difficult to control and its rapid obsolesce (Its compact size left no room for
upgrades without sacrificing something), it is rapidly getting replaced by the
new XFB-22 Rage fighter.

= Abilities: Intercept (Increases speed and damage for a short period of time),
Fire Missile.

Tech 3-5

-ARI-22 "Comet"

Based on the ancient sith fighter used by Darth Revan and later Darth Malak's
space forces during the Jedi Civil War, the XFB-22 "Comet" fighter is
the modern version of this infamous fighter. Designed to be small, lightweight, agile and easy mass-produced,
this fighter is an even match for empires T.I.E. interceptor in respect of
performance. What gives this fighter a edge in battle however, is the fact that
the RCA engineers successfully managed to install a compact shield generator
and a ordnance bay in the skeletal frame, giving it better firepower and
survivability that its adversaries.

= Abilities: Intercept, Fire Missile.


(Recon crafts with limited combat abilities)

Tech 1-2

- Z-95
Head hunter

The Z-95 Head hunter was a starfighter designed jointly by Incom and Subpro
corporation's years before the Invasions of Naboo. Its resilience and longevity
meant it remained a staple of private and low-priority government starfighter
forces long after its introduction. And for the same reason, the RCA utilize
this fighter as scout craft and assign them with their frigates and corvettes.
This fighter however, is only a stop gap for the more new and advance ARF-2X
Katana class starfighter.

= Abilities: Sensor ping.

Tech 3-5

ARF-2X "Katana"

The ARF-2X "Katana" is quite simply, one of the most advance and
expensive recon fighters ever produced. Featuring 4 RCA 8K8 fusial thrust
engines and 1 Novaldex "Defender" deflector shield generator, this
fighter is as fast as a T.I.E. interceptor and as durable as a Talon. Like it
counterparts, It also features a high powered, long range sensor package that
allows it to make a sensor ping that could reveal unseen enemies in a tactical
battlefield. The downside of this fighter is, due to its heavy weight and low
armament, this fighter is unsuitable for dogfight and can be easily taken down
by starfighter. It can however, work very well as a bomber interceptor is situation
need be.

= Abilities: Sensor ping.


anti-fighter platform with limited light anti-ship capability)

Tech 1-2


The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter, also known as the ARC-170
starfighter and Advanced Recon fighter, was a heavy hyperspace capable Fighter-
bomber that saw widespread use by the Republic navy in the later days of the
clone wars. Considered an elite craft, this Fighter- bomber squadrons are
mainly used for hit and attacks against Imperial territory. They as now slowing
getting suspended by the newer RX-10 "Troublemaker" class

= Abilities: Fire ordnance, Power to weapons.

Tech 3-5

XF-20 Void

XF-20 "Void" was
meant to be further Incom's improvement of the Imperial T-65 X-wing
starfighter. However, after seeing the effeteness of the X-wing in battle, the
RCA decided to stole its successor, X-83 Twin Tail. Utilizing some engineers of
the Incom Corporation who were willing to defect, the RCA lunched a successful
raid on the testing facility and stole the X-83 prototypes. Now renamed as the
XF-20 "Void" by RCA this fighter is now a fearsome opponent for
Imperial TIE/ad Avenger.

=Abilities: Fire ordnance, Power to weapons.


anti- ship platform with limited light anti-fighter capability)

Tech 1-2


The Space Born Assault Transport/Gunship (SBAT/G), is a variant of the well
known as the LAAT-series
gunship used by the by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.
This gunship model had its bubble turrets replaced with large external floodlights
and was better equipped for space travel, having a sealed cabin. The RAC
variants had their floodlights replaced with heavy Ion cannon and the cabin
with an ordnance storage bay for better anti- ship capability.

= Abilities: Missile barrage, Evasive maneuvers (Increases maneuverability for
a short period of time)


Tech 3-5

-GX-30 "Lancer"

Created as a direct response to the Imperial Alpha-class Xg-1 "StarWing"
assault gunboat the GX-30 "Lancer" is a beefed up version of the
SBAT/G. Featuring a prow mounted Baradium torpedo bay, two Baradium missile
launcher, Two heavy Ion cannon, two compact plasma pulse blaster and one
civilian corvette grade shield system, this ship is a nightmare for any capital
ship. On the downside however, this ship is even slower and sluggish than
SBAT/G, making it a very easy target for any enemy weapon system.

= Abilities: Missile barrage, Evasive maneuvers (Increases maneuverability for
a short period of time)


(Lightly armored but heavily armed for its size, Corvettes are dedicated
anti-fighter/ anti-ship platforms depending on its configuration. Corvettes are
capable of atmospheric flight and handle like fighters in space.)

Tech 1-3

Corvette (Anti-fighter platform)

Originally known as the Republic light assault cruiser before the days of the
Clone Wars, this heavily modified Consular-class
cruisers once formed the backbone of the Judicial Forces(Predecessor of the
GAR). Reclassified as the Charger-Class- Corvette by the Charger program (A
refitting-procedure done early in the Clone Wars to convert all former republic
ships to warships). These ships are still very-effective Anti-fighter
platforms, and thanks to the fact they are very easy to upgrade, they are still
top of the line warship despite their age.

=Abilities: Power to Engines, Flack burst.


(Third one from the top.)

- Corellian-Star
, (Anti-Ship platform)

The Corellian Star Frigates is a militarized version of the Corellian Star
Shuttle , like the Republic light assault cruiser, it was part of the Judicial
Forces, Reclassified as an Anti-Ship Frigate by the Charger program. Like all
ship that served in the Judicial Forces, (Which had limited funding, so
utilized ship than can be used for a long time) they are very easy to upgrade,
and are still top of the line warship.

=Abilities: Missile Barrage, Power to Engines


(First one from the top.)

Tech 4

jamming Corvette

Originally known as the Gozanti class Cruisers, are slow but powerful
independent transports used by merchants throughout the galaxy to defend cargo
vessels from piracy. The RAC has procured many of these ships during the start
of the war and modified them to serve as fleet support corvettes. While these
41.8 meters long ships are only armed with 2 quad laser cannon batteries, they
are equipped with a powerful jamming device that can jam any ordnances warhead
system. Therefore making any type of missile and torpedo attacks infective near
its vicinity.

=Abilities: Jamming field, Power to Engines


Tech 5

- Pelta-Class

The Pelta-class frigate was a
highly modular capital ship used by the Galactic Republic as both medical
frigate and cargo frigate during the Clone Wars. Due to its modular nature the
RAC easily managed to re-propose these now obsolete frigates as fleet support &
repair corvettes. Filled with repair bots, these ships can quickly repair any
nearby friendly ships even in the thick of a battle, giving the RCA a big
advantage in prolonged fleet battles.

=Abilities: Power to shields.


Stealth Corvettes (Corvettes
that has clocking abilities. Deadly for hit and run attack and rids behind
enemy lines)

Tech 1-3

Stealth Corvette (Not buildable. 5 will be available from the start)

First used during the Clone wars, the Boomer-class
was the first stealth warship used by the republic after nearly 4000 years.
They were, while capable of cloaking, where ill designed as combat ships and
were very expensive to produce. Due to that, only a few prototypes were built
which nearly all were stolen by the RCA during the start of the rebellion. The
RCA currently use them to scout and raid behind the enemy lines, a tusk that
ships handles quite prominently.

=Abilities: cloak, Fire torpedoes


Tec 4-5

Stealth gunship/Corvette

While the Boomer-class was a successful proof-of-concept, it was never a true
warship. Both Empire and the RCA tried to improve the design and came up with
their own version of the Stealth ship. The RCA end result was the Nemesis-class Stealth gunship/Corvette. The Nemesis-class was a vast improvement over the Boomer-class as it could stay in stealth for almost indefinite amount
of time and only had to de-cloak while attacking any target. Its armament and
maneuverability was also improved to such level that, in right numbers, it can
easily engage and cripple an entire imperial battleship.

=Abilities: cloak, bombing run (Will perform a flyby over the target while
dropping bombs, damaging multiple hard points)


Frigates (Lightly armored but
heavily armed all-purpose ship)

Tech 1-2

-Alliance-class assault frigate
(No buildable. 3 will be available from the start, 3 will be added after every
tech upgrade)

After the formation of the RCA, the navy begun to gain a number of Dreadnought-class heavy cruisers. However, the 16,000 crew requirements and
large logistical needs of these formidable ships is something the RCA could
hardly afford. So the RCA started to modify the Dreadnaughts to allow more efficiency and greater speed and while retaining
the original weapon systems. The final product of this modification was so
different than the original Dreadnaughts
design that the RCA reclassified them as frigate. The Alliance-class assault
frigate is a very formidable warship that while has shield and armament of a
frigate, but also has firepower that of heavy cruiser making the very
formidable is combat.

=Abilities: Power to weapons, Power to shields.

- Consular-class
Frigate (Charger c70 retrofit)

The Consular-class cruiser (Charger
c70 retrofit) was a model of retrofitted Consular-class
cruiser that turned the ships into small frigates. Corellian Engineering
Corporation created this for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the early part
of the Clone Wars. The Consulars were armed with five twin turbolaser cannons,
each mounted on the opposing side of the center fuselage and one on the stern
behind the sensor and communications array. The class also had a double laser turret
on the top of the bow, making it very well armed for its size. An excellent
ship for border patrol and planetary defense duties

=Abilities: Power to engines.


-Acclamator II-class
assault ship

The Acclamator II-class assault ship was
Second in the Acclamator series of warships, the design was mainly aimed at
planetary bombardment proficiency, converting the Acclamator
-class assault transport into a fully-fledged warship. However,
despite the fact these ships where fully-fledged warships, their mainly aimed
at planetary bombardment proficiency, Due to that fact the ship main weapon was
a heavy proton torpedo launchers which models were of those of the later
designed Torpedo Spheres. They were designed to breach planetary shields but
could also target other capital ships, making the Acclamators' a very deadly
long range anti-ship platform but a very weal "Knife fight" combatant.

Complement: One squadron of V-19 torrents.

=Abilities: Barrage fire, Power to shields.

Tech 3

light cruiser/ frigate

The Arquitens-class light cruiser,
known more commonly as the Republic light cruiser or the Jedi light cruiser,
was a Galactic Republic ship used by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.
The ship resembled a fusion between the Venator-class
Star Destroyer and the smaller Consular-class space cruiser. Armed with 4 Quad laser turrets and 4 Dual
Turbo pulse blaster cannons, this ship excels at Escort duties for larger

=Abilities: Power to shields.


heavy frigate

The Firefox is quite basically are retrofitted Hammerhead-class cruisers, a type of warship used by the Republic Navy
during the Old Sith Wars, the
Mandalorian Wars, and
the New Sith Wars. While clearly obsolete as a cruiser, its armament of four
Turbo pulse blaster batteries, point-defense laser cannons and its ability to
carry a full squadron of Aurek tactical strike fighters, makes them very deadly
and versatile frigate for their size.

Complement: One squadron of Aurek tactical strike fighters.

=Abilities: Power to weapons, Point-defense lasers.


Tech 4-5

-RX-1/Freedom-class frigate

The Freedom class is built after the "Pocket cruiser" concept the
assault frigate was based on. Featuring mediocre armor and shielding this
frigate is nevertheless was armed to teeth with every nearly weapon RCA ever
produced. This ships also futures a large starfighter hanger and a Capital-ship
grade torpedo bay, which allows this ships to take down bigger adversaries than
them, with relative ease.

Complement: Two squadron of RF-6"Talon", one squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Power to shields, Fire torpedo.

(Lightly armed and armored, this ship can carry a large amount of starfighters
in battle)

The Blue driver (Single ship,
not buildable. Will be available from the start)

Originally was the property of Mon calamari shipping lines, the blue driver was
the largest freighter in the outer rim territory. However after imperial
subjection of Mon calamari and Mon calamari's formal insertion in the RCA, the
Mon calamari workers have modified the massive starship into a starfighter
carrier. While its armament can only match a heavy cruiser, its ability to
carry a tremendous amount so starfighter more than makes up for it.


Tec 1-3

Ten squadron of V-19 torrents, Eight squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, Eight squadron of BTL-B Y-wing, four squadron of
SBAT/G, four squadron of ARC-170.

Tec 4-5

Ten squadron of RF-6 "Talon", eight squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", eight squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer, four squadron of GX-30
Lancer, four squadron of XF-20 Void.


Tech 3-5

fleet carrier

The Enterprise class is, unlike many of her kind, is a purpose built fleet
support carrier. Its ability to carry an enormous amount of strike craft makes
it a deadly threat in any prolonged fleet battles. Also, its armaments of one
Baradium missile pod and three dual mount Multi-particle accelerator cannons
for defensive purpose makes it quite capable of defending herself from incoming
starfighter and corvette attacks. Despite is specific purpose to provide
fighter cover for a fleet, many RAC admirals found it to be an ideal platform
to lunch surprise rides on enemy territories.

Complement: Eight squadron of RF-6"Talon", six squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", six squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Flak mode, Fire missile.


Tech 5

-RX-6/Provider-Class assault

Although technically a star destroyer, the Provider class was re-classified as
an assault Carrier in an attempt to avoid confusion with imperial warships. Not
only they carries a large amount of starfighters they are also very heavily
armed. These ships are so powerful that they are called "Baby star
battleship" my many fleet commanders. The only downside of these ships are
their weak armor. If their powerful shields are somehow breached by enemy fire
they will not last long.

Complement: Eight squadron of RF-6"Talon",six squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", six squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer, two squadron of GX-30
Lancer, two squadron of XF-20 Void.

=Abilities: Flak mode, power to shields.

Cruiser (Cruisers are
middle-weight combatants, faster than most battleships and battle cruisers, and
more heavily-armed than frigates. Cruisers are the standard unit, and often
lead frigate flotillas. They have medium armaments and are one of most numerous
types of ships used in any navy)

Tech 1-3

- MC-80 Liberty type
Star Cruise (Not buildable. 2 will be available from the start. 4 will be added
after every Tech upgrade.)

The MC-80s were originally part of the massive Mon calamari shipping line
serving as luxury passenger liner. However, after the declaration, the Mon
calamari started to convert them into warships. The warships, while is equal
match to star destroyer in Armament and nearly twice as durable are slow to
convert due to the fact Like most Mon Calamari designs, each vessel was
individually unique. They also proved to be rescores costing and frustrating
for RCA technicians as each ship needed an individual repair team to remain
operational. Thanks to that this ships are only used in limited numbers by the


Tech 1-3

Two squadron of V-19 torrents, two squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, one squadron of BTL-B Y-wing.

Tech 4-5

Two squadron of RF-6"Talon", two squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Power to shields, Tractor beam.

Heavy Cruiser (Replaces the Dreadnaught)

The kal'boishaki class is a heavy cruiser class of ships that served as the
backbone of the Bothans defense fleet before and during the Clone wars. After
bothans joined to the RCA, they passed the plans for the Cruiser the RCA high
command for mass production. Roughly equal to the imperial Dreadnaught class on
performance, this ships have the advantage to a carry extra squadron of bombers
for attack purpose.

Complement: one squadron of V-19 torrents, one squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, one squadron of BTL-B Y-wing.

=Abilities: Power to shields, Fire missile.


Tech 3-4

Assault Cruiser

The Blade class is the RCA evolution of the 4000 years old republic hammerhead
class Cruiser. The front "blade" of the cruiser is covered with a
large amount of Turbo pulse blasters, plasma cannon, assault Baradium missile
pods all facing forward. It has two plasma defense batteries to defend itself
from broadside attacks. But, despite its massive size, it only carries three
squadron of strike crafts as the rest of the ship is used up by the massive
frontal weapons and their power generators. Created purely for offensive
purpose, this ships can even give battleships and battle cruisers a bad day is
they can managed to them is into their "Cross of fire" of their
frontal weapons.

Complement: Two squadron of RF-6"Talon", one squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Assault, Power to shields.


Interdictors (Vessels capable
of generating an interdiction field which is an artificial gravity well that
disabled hyperspace capability in most starships. It is used to prevent ships
from entering hyperspace as well as draw ships out of hyperspace and into real

-Interdictor-class cruisers
(Not buildable, 2 will be available from the start)

The Interdictor-class cruiser, also
known as the hyperspace interdiction cruiser and the Interdictor-class Sith Destroyer, was among the most numerous capital ships
seen in action with the Sith Navy during and after the Jedi Civil War nearly
4000 years ago. They are now obsolete by all standards and are near impossible
to find. The RCA with sheer luck, found two of this legendary vessel intact
with their Gravity well projectors still functioning. They retrofitted both
warships to current standards but found the Gravity well projectors impossible
to reverse-engineer. Both of them now serve in the RCA fleet and are used only
in the most high-risk mission.


Tec 1-2

One squadron of V-19 torrents, one squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, one squadron of BTL-B Y-wing.

Tec 4-5

one squadron of RF-6"Talon", one squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Interdictor field, Power to shields.


Tech 3-4

-RX2/Paladin-class Interdictor

Created as a direct response to the Imperial Immobilizer 418 cruiser, the
paladin is the RCA counterpart for an Interdictor cruiser. The vessel uses the
same Vindicator-class heavy cruiser
hull like the 418, but its gravity well generators are more compact and has a
lower power consumption allowing the ship to carry a stronger shield generator
than the 418.

Complement: one squadron of RF-6"Talon", one squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Interdictor field, Enhanced sensors (Allows it to detect nearby
stealth units).


Star destroyers (Versatile
starships the can either serves as a Destroyers, Carriers, Cruisers and even
peacetimes battleships. Star destroyers forms the backbones of any major spaces

Tech 1-3

- Venator-class
Star Destroyer

The Venator-class Star Destroyer,
more commonly known either as the Republic attack cruiser and/or Imperial
attack cruiser, was the solid proof of the concept of the Star Destroyer. Used
by the Republic during the Clone Wars, it had become the most popular capital ship
of the Republic throughout the war. However, after the formation of the Empire,
it was eclipsed by designs inspired by the Victory-class,
and the Venator and its variants were phased out. While they are considered
obsolete by the Imperial fleet, these ships are still versatile warships that
can still give any smaller warships a very bad day. Due to the fact after the
end of the Clone Wars, large number of this ships were abandoned and left to
drift in space and Empire sold many of them as scrap metal, this ships became
very easy acquire for the RCA. In their hands, the Venator still serve as the
symbol of freedom and liberty and it did in the days of the clone wars.

Complement: Four squadron of V-19 torrents, three squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, three squadron of BTL-B Y-wing.

=Abilities: Power to shields, Assault.

Tech 3-4

-RX-9/ Republic-class
Star Destroyer

Created as a direct counter for Imperial-class,
The Republic-class Star Destroyer is
manufactured by Rendili StarDrive for the RCA. While the Republic-class is smaller than Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyer and has a very unusual hull design, it
boasted 20 percent more firepower than an Imperial I-class
model and costs only half of an Imperial II -class. The extra firepower however, came at the cost of a
reduced starfighter complement. Nevertheless, this ship is an excellent vessel
to counter any generation 1 Imperial. It is however, still outmatched by the Imperial
-class Star Destroyer when put in to head on combat.

Complement: Two squadron of RF-6"Talon", two squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", one squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Tractor Beam, Assault


Tech 5

Star Destroyer

The Nebula class is quite simply,
the most compact, yet powerful and versatile star destroyer class ever crafted.
A scaled-downed version of the Liberty-class,
The Nebula-class is built to be a
match for an Imperial II.
With its sleek outline, it presented less of a target to potential enemies,
while at the same time optimizing its shield protection. The forward-sloping
superstructure of the Nebula-class
also gave the main gun batteries excellent vantage points, more so than on the
Star Destroyers of the previous generations. It is designed to carry enough
firepower to be able to defeat any one enemy Star Destroyer, two heavy
cruisers, or an entire line of smaller Imperial support ships. Those, combined
with its ability carry a large amount of starfighters, makes it a deadly
adversaries in any battles.

Complement: Four squadron of RF-6"Talon", two squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", two squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Tractor Beam, Assault


Experimental Artillery Ship (Surprise


-Archer-Class Artillery Cruiser

While the hull of the Harrow-class was mainly chosen for the new
Redemption-class, the RCA engineers found it to an excellent base for carrying
oversize weapon. With that is mind, they made the Archer-Class, a scaled-down
version of the Harrow armed with a large fusion warhead accelerator. The gun
uses its large "JAW" magnets to accelerate a Mk-3 Antimatter-Baradium
torpedo to a speed where it is impossible for a enemy to intercept. Upon
impact, the torpedo's on-board Anti-matter and Baradium collides with each
other, creating a micro super-nova powerful enough to decimate groups of
fighters and unshielded frigates alike with its massive massive energy waves.
Due to its imminence firepower, this ship cannot perform orbital bombardment as
it will simply blow up the entire planet's atmosphere and half of its surface
with it. It is however, has its weaknesses. Aside from the weak armor and and
shielding that all artillery designs plagued with, this ships are cumbersome in
battle and are easy prey to enemy ship that gets in to close range. It
dose however, has an impressive array of lethal dual plasma auto cannons that
can boost their firing rate to take down any lighter opponent by transferring
power from its main gun and temporally boost it engine by transferring power
from its shield to get away from bigger adversaries.

Power to engine, Power to cannons.


(large vessels that carries formidable firepower and Heavy armor but lacks
speed and has lower starfighter complement)

Tec 1-3 (Yeah I know but why
the hell not?
(And guys the praetor II fits better in Imperial side)

-Juggernaut-class Tactical

The Juggernaut-class, like many other
RCA ships, is actually refitted ancient Inexpugnable-class
tactical command ships used by the galactic republic nearly 4000 years ago.
However despite their age, they are still immense behemoth that can both sock
and thanks to their weapons upgrades, return a large amount of firepower. Due
to the fact that these ships were indeed built as fleet command ships, they
work most effectively when assigned as a fleet commend ship.

Complement: Six squadron of V-19 torrents, four squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, four squadron of BTL-B Y-wing.

=Abilities: Power to shields, Fleet, from-up! (All ships will fight 30% more
effectively for a short period of time).


Tec 4-5

-RX-6/Liberty- class
star battleship

The Liberty-class is a testament of RCA technological advances over all other
rival factions. A battleship that holds the firepower and shielding of a small
dreadnought and speed and maneuverability of a light Battle cruiser, this ships
are undoubtedly one of the most powerful battleship around. To supplement their
already massive firepower, this ships also features a Fusion Accelerator Cannon
that can destroys and frigate in a single shot.

Complement: Six squadron of RF-6"Talon", four squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", Four squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Firing FAC, Power to shields.


cruiser (Warships that has the firepower of a battleship but the armor and
speed of a heavy cruiser. They mainly used for raiding and surprise/rapid

Tec 3-5

-RX-4/Valiant-class star Battle

Valiant-class is an interesting anomaly in RCA ships designs. Unlike other RCA
ship designs, these ships doses not focus one technological advance and
complexity but more on simplicity and cost effectiveness. Thanks to that, the
Valiant-class is the cheapest vessel in the entire RX series. However, it low
price does not means that it less effective than other class of her types, it
is one of the most well rounded Battle cruiser ever produced and is ideal for
its intended role.

Complement: Four squadron of RF-6"Talon", two squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", two squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer.

=Abilities: Torpedo barrage, Point-defense lasers.

Star Dreadnoughts(Massive
vessels that not only carries devastating firepower and Heavy armor but also
has large starfighter Complement and moderate speed. They are the largest and
strongest type of warships ever classified in the galactic history)

-Mandator MK II-class Star

Tec 3-5

The Mandator II-class Star Dreadnaught
is an upgrade of the pre clone war Mandator I-class
Star Dreadnaught, which had formed part of the Kuat sector's defenses in
peace-time. These heavy vessels are so powerful that is been claimed that these
ships shields could withstand an assault of up to 1,000 of Separatist Recusant-class light destroyers, while also boasting enough firepower to
take down all of them. Though they are now considered obsolete thank to newer
heavy warships built by the Galactic Empire, they are still formidable warships
that are a welcoming sight to its allies and a terrifying sight to its enemies.

Complement: Ten squadron of V-19 torrents, Eight squadron of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, Eight squadron of BTL-B Y-wing, four squadron of
SBAT/G, four squadron of ARC-170.

=Abilities: Assault, Power to shields.

Tec 5

-RX-11/ Guardian -class Star Dreadnought

Created to counter empires gargantuan warships like the Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the Guardian class is one of most
advance star Dreadnought ever existed. Although it is only 70% of the length of
an Executor-class Star Dreadnought,
they are built to be a pure warship rather than a terror weapon and therefore
carry's the nearly the same amount of armaments of their imperial counterpart.
What gives the Guardian an edge in combat however, is its prow mounted massive
Fusion Accelerator Cannon that can tear up an Imperial I-class
Star Destroyer in a single shot.

Complement: Ten squadron of RF-6"Talon", eight squadron of ARI-22
"Comet", eight squadron of XB-16 Neutralizer, four squadron of GX-30
Lancer, four squadron of XF-20 Void.

=Abilities: Firing FAC, Power to shields.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata May 26 2012 says:

Will you do a land unit list with screen like this ?

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rkraptor70 Creator
rkraptor70 May 26 2012 replied:

Well I can but I have to discuss it with the team first.

+2 votes   reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo May 28 2012 replied:

Yes, Yes you should

+2 votes   reply to comment
rkraptor70 Creator
rkraptor70 May 26 2012 says:

(And guys the praetor II fits better in Imperial side)

Erm.....Frodo, that line was meant for you guys.

+2 votes   reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo May 27 2012 says:

forgot about that line

+2 votes   reply to comment
ShockingCactus May 28 2012 says:

A lot to read...

+2 votes     reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo May 28 2012 says:

Yes well you want details you got it, this is a fanon mod, in order to understand you need to read.

+2 votes   reply to comment
dds95555 May 30 2012 says:

Wow this is REALLY COOL!!! I can't wait to play it. Will you also do one of these for Zann and the empire or will that be too much work?

+2 votes     reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo May 31 2012 says:

The empire is also getting re hauled and the Zann is basically Gizor Dellso's army/CIS remnant

+2 votes   reply to comment
dds95555 May 31 2012 says:

So the empire will have a list?

+2 votes     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Creator
rkraptor70 Jun 29 2012 replied:

If I can find some extra time, then yes.

+3 votes   reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo May 31 2012 says:

Yes, they will...

+2 votes   reply to comment
dds95555 Jun 3 2012 says:

Cool!!! I honestly can't wait to play this. It looks really cool and I really like the idea around it. The clones takeing the fight to the empire. I dreamed of this when I was younger lol. I wish you well. I wish I could help BUT I can't code or make modles or any of that lol. Sorry.

+2 votes     reply to comment
CaptainFordo Author
CaptainFordo Jun 6 2012 replied:

Thats alright we'll appreciate the support.

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