[ Version 0.870b ]

> Original game bug fixes:

- Fixed Soviet Power Plant dependency bug
- Iron Curtained units no longer chronoshiftable
- Iron Curtained units no longer shrinkable

> Added installer
Run Install.bat to install the mod.

> New units added

- Allied Punisher Gunship
- Empire King Oni Prototype
- Empire Kamikaze Emperor Clone
- Empire Rocket Warrior
- Empire Ghost Plane
- Empire Shogun Guardian
- Soviet Tesla Tank
- Soviet Stealth Bomber
- Soviet Saboteur
- Soviet War Mammoth
- Soviet Grinder Tank

> New structures added

- Empire Air Tower

> General additions and/or modifications

- 16 new multiplayer colors, including black
- Infantry build time modifier set to 1.5 for all infantry units
- Vehicle build time modifier set to 1.0 for all FVs except miners and MBTs
- Vehicle build time modifier set to 1.2 for all MBTs, VX and Tangu
- Garrisoned units do 50% more damage
- Iron Curtain duration + 50%
- Allied shrink beam with advanced tech upgrade duration +5%
- AA Turrets now take -25% damage from V-bombs
- Allied and Soviet Outposts build range increased to 400
- Soviet Hammer Tank Leech Beam can assimilate weapons from base defenses
- New UI implemented (that allows 4 rows of buildable units)
- Allied Support Power Tree: swapped Chrono Swap with Precision Strike
- Soviet Support Power Tree: swapped Desolator Airstrike with Orbital Drop
- Iron Curtain works with underwater units
- Paradrop interval between ejecting units twice as long
- Radars are now available only when air structures are constructed
- Added yellow Tesla fire FX for all promoted Tesla-based units and structures
- Added red Tesla FX for Tesla units/structures that support other tesla units/structures
- Modified Hammer Tank leech beam color to red
- Cryo freeze reduces rate of fire and production rate only down to 10%

> Power Plant Upgrades

- Cryogenic Coolers
Cryogenic Coolers allow the power plant to output more power by cooling the entire facility better.

- Nano-alloy conductors
Nano-alloy conductors allow the power plant to output more power by reducing current losses across the superconductors.

- Tesla Turbines
Tesla Turbines allow the power plant to output more power by using one-wire lossless energy transmission.

- Advanced Tesla Turbines
Advanced Tesla Turbines allow the advanced power plant to output more power by using wireless energy transmission.

> Unit promotion system:

- Promoted to VL1 units have 12% more HP
- Promoted to VL1 units do 12% more damage
- Promoted to VL2 units have 25% more HP
- Promoted to VL2 units do 25% more damage
- Promoted to VL2 units have 12% more range
- Promoted to VL2 units have 25% faster RoF
- Promoted to VL3 units have 37% more HP
- Promoted to VL3 units do 37% more damage
- Promoted to VL3 units have 37% more range
- Promoted to VL3 units have 50% faster RoF
- All defensive turrets are now promotable

> Structure modifications:

- Allied Airfield cost = 1500
- Allied Multigunner Turret cost = 1200
- Allied Spectrum Tower cost = 1500
- Allied Outpost deploy speed is x3 faster
- Allied Chronosphere cost = 2500
- Allied Battlelab cost = 2500
- Allied Spectrum Tower range increased by 14%

- Empire Naval Yard cost = 1500
- Empire Rail Turret cost = 1500
- Empire Nano Swarm cost 2500
- Empire Psyionic Decimator cost = 5000
- Empire Battlelab cost = 4000
- Added buildability range for Empire ConYard
- Empire Air Tower cost = 1500
- Empire Air Tower constructs via Nano Core

- Soviet Sentry Gun cost = 500
- Soviet AA Turret cost 1000
- Soviet AA Turret HP +25%
- Soviet AA Turret range +8%
- Soviet Bunker cost = 300
- Soviet Crane build range +20%
- Soviet Crane HP +67%
- Soviet Power Plant cost = 500
- Soviet Super Reactor HP + 20%
- Soviet Iron Curtain cost = 2500
- Soviet War Factory cost = 2500
- Soviet Battlelab cost = 2500
- Soviet Bunker buildable from Soviet ConYard
- Soviet Tesla Coil now increases range with 12% when charged

> Units modifications

- Allied Dog HP +100%
- Allied Dog bark duration -50%
- Allied Peacekeeper Riot Shield now absorbs a limited amount of damage
- Allied Peacekeeper range -20%
- Allied Spy now steals +20%$ when infiltrating Refineries
- Empire Shinobi HP +12.5%
- Empire Tankbuster HP +25%
- Empire Rocket Warrior cost = 300
- Empire Rocket Warrior secondary ability is Plasma Warheads
- Empire Shogun Guardian cost = 400
- Empire Shogun Guardian secondary ability is Omega Shockwave

- Soviet Conscript range +16.7%
- Soviet Commando attack +8.3%
- Soviet Commando Laser Designator +33%
- Soviet Tesla Trooper HP +25%
- Soviet Saboteur Cost = 1000
- Soviet Saboteur secondary ability is Toxic Tank Detonation

- Allied Riptide cost = 600
- Allied Athena cost = 1200
- Allied MBT cost = 1000
- Allied MBT HP +4%
- Allied Mirage HP -12.5%
- Allied Mirage Range +20%
- Empire MBT cost = 900
- Empire MBT HP +5%
- Empire Rail Artillery cost = 1500
- Soviet Sickle Drone cost = 700
- Soviet MBT cost 1200
- Soviet MBT HP +9%
- Soviet Tesla Tank cost = 1750
- Soviet Apocalypse Tank cost = 2500
- Soviet Apocalypse Tank cannons damage +25%
- Soviet Terror Drone HP +100%
- Soviet Surveyor cost = 1000
- Soviet Stingray immune to Tesla Trooper's EMP
- Soviet Tesla Tank immune to Tesla Trooper's EMP
- Soviet Tesla Tank cost = 1750
- Soviet Apocalypse Tank has a Repair Drone
- Soviet War Mammoth cost = 3600
- Soviet War Mammoth secondary ability is Battle Roar
- Soviet Grinder Tank cost = 1500
- Soviet Grinder Tank secondary ability is Invulnerability

- Allied Dolphin cost = 700
- Allied Destroyer HP +16.7%
- Empire Sea Wing cost = 1200
- Empire Battleship cost = 2500
- Empire Battleship speed -40%

- Allied Fighter speed = 235
- Allied Fighter RoF = 10% faster
- Allied Bomber speed -20%
- Allied Bomber damage +25%
- Allied Heavy Bomber speed -25%
- Allied Heavy Bomber drops 33% more bombs
- Allied Punisher Gunship cost = 3000
- Empire Ghost Plane cost = 600
- Empire Ghost secondary ability is switching AA/AG weapons
- Soviet MiG speed = 225
- Soviet MiG cost 1200
- Soviet MiG HP +25%
- Soviet MiG damage +5%
- Soviet Kirov Airship HP increased by 16.67%
- Soviet Kirov Airship damage received in secondary mode reduced to 50%
- Soviet Stealth Bomber cost = 2000
- Soviet Stealth Bomber secondary ability is paradrop

> Skirmish AI

- Skirmish AI easy mode damage: 75%
- Skirmish AI hard mode damage: 125%

> Upgrades

- Allied T2, T3 upgrades cost reduced by 50%
- Empire T2 upgrades time reduced to 50%
- Empire T3 upgrades cost reduced

> Crate System

Crates can give you the following:
- King Oni Prototype
- Apocalypse Tank
- Mirage Tank
- Rail Artillery
- Prism Artillery
- Tesla Tank
- Death
- Super Explosion
- Toxic Explosion
- Healing
- Veterancy
- Credits

- Credits crate now provides 1500 credits

> Start units

- Start units have been added for all factions.

Allied start units:
- 5 x Guardian Tank
- 3 x Peacekeeper

Empire start units:
- 5 x Tsunami Tank
- 4 x Imperial Warrior

Soviet start units:
- 4 x Hammer Tank
- 6 x Conscript

> Sounds
New sounds have been added for the new units:
- Empire Ghost Plane
- Empire Rocket Warrior
- Empire Kink Oni Prototype
- Soviet Saboteur
- Soviet Stealth Bomber
- Soviet War Mammoth
- Soviet Grinder Tank

> Previous version fixes:
Fixed unit selection sound range for new units

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Comrades, support of mods for Red Alert 3 finally arrived, and they are available for download through Desura. Below are all mods that are currently supported, you can choose any you'd like to try out first.

Some of them change gameplay significantly, adding new units, structures and gameplay features, while others modify the core gameplay only a little. Each one of them is definitely worth checking out.

Best luck out there on the battlefield.

If you have problems with installing or running a mod for the Steam version of Red Alert 3, you can send a PM and we'll see what can be done about it.

Red Star mod news (and beta Tech Tree) - 2009.04.19

Red Star mod news (and beta Tech Tree) - 2009.04.19

News 2 comments

Here's some info about the new tech tree and what will be done next for the mod.

Empire Tech Tree

Empire Tech Tree

Feature 0 comments

Two-way Empire Tech Tree: offensive - naval yard, defensive - war factory.

Soviet Tech Tree

Soviet Tech Tree

Feature 0 comments

Two-way Soviet Tech Tree: offensive - armored vehicles factory, defensive - naval yard and air field.

Allied Tech Tree

Allied Tech Tree

Feature 1 comment

Two-way Allied Tech Tree: offensive - air force, defensive - war factory, naval yard.

Soviet Stealth Bomber code file

Soviet Stealth Bomber code file

Source Code 0 comments

XML file for Soviet Stealth Bomber. I posted this because it was requested by a modder. If anyone wants to know about the main file's related content...

Working art code for Steel Ronin

Working art code for Steel Ronin

Source Code 4 comments

This unit's working art code as used in the Red Star mod.

The Red Star, version beta 2.8

The Red Star, version beta 2.8

Full Version 32 comments

I've resumed working on the mod. Rebuild for 1.12 and added new unit.

The Red Star, version beta 2.7

The Red Star, version beta 2.7

Full Version 21 comments

Added Soviet Grinder Tank, Soviet War Mammoth and Empire Shogun Guardian.

Mammoth mini-mod Source Code

Mammoth mini-mod Source Code

Source Code 4 comments

The full source code for the Mammoth demo mini-mod.

Soviet Mammoth Demo Mini-Mod

Soviet Mammoth Demo Mini-Mod

Demo 16 comments

Soviet Mammoth Tier 3+ unit demonstration (fully functional)

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is this dead now? i was lookin foward to the next release

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Borg.Overmind Creator

As I explained to the ones that PMed me, I was W.I.A. Now I'm back and I'm resuming the work on the mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

im getting a litle impatitence can you plaese update

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

can you make this mod compatible with ver 1.12?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Borg.Overmind Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

this mod is perfect execpt for the interface

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Of course i am -.- come I like to check this mod out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've played the Beta 2.7 version of Red Star, and besides the as-of-yet unimplemented Support Powers, I have only one problem... the construction interface needs to be reworked. The new colors are interesting, especially the neon/apple green color... very notable on the field. But, still. The interface needs to be redone/repaired. It's really my only problem with it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Would have been better if it was Mammoth tank

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

are u open for suggestions cuz i have a lot lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Borg.Overmind Creator

Yes, suggestions are always welcomed.

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