The Red Alert, developed by the mod team of C&C Labs (makes of The Forgotten and C&C All Stars, undertakes one of the most ambitious tasks in C&C modding: to recreate and improve upon an original game. The mod, in development for Red Alert 3, is based off the original Red Alert's art and game play. Not aiming to model realism, it instead endeavors to bring the addictive heart-pounding game play of the classic to a world-class 3D engine, to bring back all of the classic units, including those from Aftermath, and to recreate the very "feel" of its art style. With The Red Alert, epic tank battles, MiG attack runs, and Cruiser strikes will be more than just fond memories — they will all be weapons in your arsenal once again! It was released on September 21, 2011 and was ranked the number one mod on Moddb.

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TheNodCommander Sep 2 2011, 3:50am says:

Nice to see that you show off all the nice work you are doing. But it becomes quite clear that the MAD Tanks needs a shockwave-effect there, I am sure you guys are already working on it, but still.

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ZeroMD Sep 2 2011, 5:17am replied:

The shockwave effect is a good idea. I'll look into it. We do have a cool shockwave sound.

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Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 2 2011, 6:12pm replied:

Excellent suggestion. It should make the release. Thanks so much--another example of great feedback from fans.

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ab2531 Sep 2 2011, 4:39am says:

Were you able to put back to good old RA1 music in the mod?

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ZeroMD Sep 2 2011, 5:15am replied:

Yes. We have the original music in the game

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-XYZ- Sep 2 2011, 5:57am replied:

Do you also have the music from the expansion packs?

+3 votes     reply to comment
ZeroMD Sep 2 2011, 6:26am replied:

Yes also the expansion packs, but I'm not sure we keep those in the game because the quality isn't as good as the RA1 tracks.

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alenoguerol Sep 2 2011, 9:50am replied:

i would love to hear the red alert retaliation music too :D

+4 votes     reply to comment
ZeroMD Sep 2 2011, 12:20pm replied:

I have to disappoint you, but we mad a decision not to include it because the original game and expansion packs also didn't have the retaliation music.

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warmasterpit Sep 6 2011, 7:40pm replied:

ahhhhhh:( i loved red alert retaliation it,s the second c&c game i bought but yeah great mod!!!!! i love it

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ApornasPlanet Sep 2 2011, 4:43am says:

looking good!

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master_oli-p Sep 2 2011, 5:46am says:

loving the dark textures, looks great

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Deadpikle Sep 2 2011, 7:43am says:

Can a demo really survive a TC blast, though? IMO it shouldn't.
But seriously, this looks amazing.

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Madin Sep 2 2011, 7:49am says:

Excellent work! Can't stand the rocking motion on the firing cruiser, but other than that excellent.

(Shame that you will not have an option to play classic Red alert without the complete stupidity that Aftermath added).

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ruby92 Sep 2 2011, 8:12am says:

Loved the nuke at the end. Gave me a nerdgasm.

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silo1991 Sep 2 2011, 8:30am says:

are you gonna upload this video on youtube

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Hijacker Sep 2 2011, 9:07am replied:

Yes youtube please. :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 2 2011, 6:14pm replied:

Just for you guys (okay, and our YouTube community):

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Hijacker Sep 3 2011, 5:24pm replied:

Thanks man!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bl00drav3n Sep 2 2011, 8:48am says:

I love it. :)

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Zeke_Dlyoung Sep 2 2011, 9:28am says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
GriffinZ Sep 2 2011, 10:08am says:

LuL! Anyone else saw the track marks after the chrono tank? :P

+3 votes     reply to comment
Null-Entity Sep 2 2011, 12:34pm says:

Looking great keep it up!

+2 votes     reply to comment
SinineSiil Sep 2 2011, 12:57pm says:

YES! Awesome. Finally some new media.

+2 votes     reply to comment
stephanovich Sep 2 2011, 1:13pm says:

Cannot wait for this to be released!!!!!! :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
SwiftBlizz Sep 2 2011, 2:32pm says:

YAY! Finally some movement in the public :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
oxiixo Sep 2 2011, 5:55pm says:


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JeradGray Sep 3 2011, 6:48pm says:

I saw the tire tracks from the chrono tanks when they chrono jumped, are they able to get into completely walled off areas or do they have to stop the jump outside the wall?

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APB_ICE Sep 3 2011, 8:57pm says:

YES!!!!! :D

Awesome trailer! This mod' is going to be the single best RA3 mod' ever.
The only thing that would make it better is being able to select which song you want to play, but that may be impossible. :(

Either way, awesome mod'!

Also, will you change the menus to look like the RA1 ones?

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Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 6 2011, 9:36am replied:

I don't know that it's possible to edit the menus in RA3, sadly.

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4Bit Sep 4 2011, 7:14am says:

This mod is better than Red Alert 3. This developer team is a new Westwood Studios! :)

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ImperialKaskins Sep 4 2011, 11:53am says:

Hey i tought is a movie, but its an ingame play

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open_sketchbook Sep 20 2011, 12:03am says:

I gotta say, I was looking forward to this mod right up until this video. What I thought was a cool stylistic flair in the graphics turned out to be part of an effort to exactly replicate the limitations of games from fifteen years ago, and in 3d it feels like a soulless imitation of the originals. Everything feels.. blank, almost, and the direct use of the original sounds further makes the game feel lifeless. While I will be downloading it and giving it a spin, I can't say I'm that excited.

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Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 20 2011, 5:15pm replied:

Can you give a specific example?

+2 votes   reply to comment
open_sketchbook Sep 21 2011, 1:55am replied:

It just lacks the spark of life, sorta. It's hard to put into words, but to be honest I was watching the units move and interact and I just found it dull. There was no spark. I think primarily it's that the models occupy the space between stylized enough to look cool and realistic enough to look plausible, leaving them neither; they just look like props.

While I wouldn't expect you to actually do anything, as you have your own design goals, I personally would have exaggerated the proportions of the units a bit more. Probably made things taller, drawn more attention to the worky bits like tracks and guns, and generally pushed into more stylized territory. I'd have also used some animations to add more movement to each unit; made the MAD tank vibrate as it charges, have vehicles bounce on their suspension a bit more, that sort of thing.
They would still visibly be the sprites rather than the sort of reinterpretations we prefer over at Paradox, but they'd be better suited to a dynamic 3d environment.

To be honest, the reuse of the RA1 audio, unchanged, really isn't helping. I get the faithful remake goals of the mod, but remaking or at least remixing the sounds to take advantage of better audio processing would be no different from making 3d models from sprites in my opinion, and would add a lot to the atmosphere.

In general, I sort of get the feeling that you guys are trying too hard to ape feel of RA1 and so it just feels forced. I'll know one way or another once I can actually play it, but that's my two cents.

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taintxs Sep 20 2011, 12:14pm says:

I might have to reinstall RA3 just for this mod

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SMIFFGIG Sep 20 2011, 12:56pm says:

can u make it so infantry splatter when run over like RA1 rather than just falling over?

Also the black cubes that come out of units when they are destroyed doesn't look very good. Could this just be an explosion like RA1 with maybe some MUCH smaller debris ?

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A trailer showing footage from The Red Alert, a mod for Red Alert 3. Various units from the classic game are shown, from the both the Soviet and Allied arsenals. The mod is under development by C&C Labs.

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Sep 2nd, 2011
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