The Red Alert, developed by the mod team of C&C Labs (makes of The Forgotten and C&C All Stars, undertakes one of the most ambitious tasks in C&C modding: to recreate and improve upon an original game. The mod, in development for Red Alert 3, is based off the original Red Alert's art and game play. Not aiming to model realism, it instead endeavors to bring the addictive heart-pounding game play of the classic to a world-class 3D engine, to bring back all of the classic units, including those from Aftermath, and to recreate the very "feel" of its art style. With The Red Alert, epic tank battles, MiG attack runs, and Cruiser strikes will be more than just fond memories — they will all be weapons in your arsenal once again! It was released on September 21, 2011 and was ranked the number one mod on Moddb.

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Alright, so I had at a it a bit, and here's my tentative opinion.

First of all, the number one thing hurting this mod is lack of coherency. When I started a game on Pier Pressure, I had my large, smooth-looking conyard right next to an original RA3 structure. It was extremely jarring.

Second, many units feel underdesigned and bland. I'm going to have to stick to my opinion from the first video ( that the visuals could have been pushed more into stylized territory.

Good stuff? The pace of play feels perfect. It has all the stuff I'd want from an RA1 remake. Leaving in garrisonable structures and tech structures was good. The balance feels both better than RA1, and very similar to it. The collector mechanic works perfectly, mad props for that.

Nitpicks. The unmanned ranger is just weird; sticking a scaled infantryman into a vehicle is not hard. You'd barely have to animate them. If it was a style choice, it was a strange one. I was missing the giant backpacks on the infantry. You changed the top of the UI, but not the bottom, so they don't match.

Bug Report; when you order the mechanic to repair a vehicle, he goes into a squat and glides over to it. It looks very odd.

Finally, mad props to you guys for releasing this. It's the biggest and most complete RA3 mod yet, and you've really lit a fire under my butt to make Paradox better and more complete. Well done, gentlemen.

It's a good mod, but IA sucks. Enemies just build a tons of turret and units and then just stay in their base.

Great mod! Needs a bit more tweaking.. But I love it so far!! :)

Brings back some great memories!

It's a well-structured mod, but it lacks any real flavor that evokes the classic RA1 feel. More detail into the unit textures and actions could do that, but those are just my thoughts.

Okay, so this was hiped to be just like Red Alert, but on a 3D engine. That's what I came to expect.

What I DIDN'T expect were dozens of changes. If you're going to do an OpenRA styled version where you change stuff to fit what you think it would be in the modern day, say so. What's advertised and what is given are not the same. And I'm not talking bugs or graphics. Here are a few things:

Weapon Accuracy: I don't know if you ported numbers on damages and armor types straight over or if you modified them, but the weapon accuracy makes some weapons beyond overpowered. Units such as rocket soldiers and artillery can obliterate anything in their path. It also makes infantry die far too easily to tanks: something that was blatantly not intended (as it forced you to mix your units and give the Mammoth Tank a real dominant ability.) And it also makes air units basically useless, as they die far too easily. My HIND died before I could scout out the single rocket soldier that was killing it (speaking of which: air units need to see farther with this shroud junk.)

Tanya: If you can't code Tanya to not fire automatically, that's one thing. But why did you remove her from the Soviets? It makes no sense. At least give Soviets Volkov or something else based on Aftermath missions.

Mine Layers: Seriously? You're charged for each mine you plant? Might as well not even bother. There has got to be a better way to do that.

MAD tanks: Yeah... they don't do 1/3 damage to buildings or anything. I did my normal MAD rush expecting a dead CPU base. Instead things are barely damaged. Plus the deployment method means you must do each individually, screwing with your attack.

I could go on. While this mod is fun and I had some flashbacks, overall I was disappointed with how it turned out. It can be easily rectified, but as of right now... eh, I'll just skirmish on RA1. If you want to change stuff, fine, but don't advertise like it's THE definitive Red Alert.


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