Darth Revan is back...A Sith Lord from a time period 4,000 years prior to star wars: A new hope. One of the greatest strategists in the galaxy, his actions had lasting ramifications for the Republic, Jedi and the Sith for millennia to come. Dark Lord of the Sith is an alternate history to the original trilogy, the storyline is 4000 years in the future, therefore, making it non-canonical; a story of what would have happened if certain key events in their respective canon sources had played out differently. TEN STORY LINE CAMPAIGNS, Eight Gigabytes (roughly 8 billion bytes)...Groundbreaking, 'Dark Lord of the Sith' is a technical triumph...Featuring TEN STORY LINE CAMPAIGNS; the Fourth Faction is fully playable in GC or Skirmish mode. In conclusion, uncompromising, unrestricted and fully executable game play...'Bad to the Bone', a formidable beast.

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The Reckoning Final Edition

The Reckoning Final Edition

2 years ago News 3 comments

The Reckoning Final Edition Release Date: 7/3/2013

The Reckoning is unique...

The Reckoning is unique...

3 years ago News 9 comments

No FOC mod, with the exception of 'The Reckoning' has ever...

The Reckoning Final Edition

The Reckoning Final Edition

2 years ago Full Version 78 comments

Groundbreaking, the 'Final Edition' is a technical triumph...Featuring EIGHT STORY LINE CAMPAIGNS; the Fourth Faction is fully playable and does not interfere...

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malanthor Dec 20 2012 says:

-Maybe remove the corruption graphical effect from revans faction, also please remove the defilers. Revan is no petty criminal like tyber zann, i hardly think that mechanism is fitting for hes faction.
-in skirmish the uppgrades are linked to the old tyber zann faction not revans new ships, this need to change. (maybe its like this in GC too ive forgotten)
-the praetorian frigate are missing a cap number when you mouse over it on the main map screen.
-revans buildings still refer to some old zann crap, like the jedi temple saying "the center for tyber zanns..."
-revan need some planetary bonuses for hes side, he should also have a resource building and some planetary defences like turbo lasers and shields, hes faction really miss that.
-revan is no longer the nameless nobody without memory or resources he shouldent be flying around in that wee spaceship anylonger.
-hearth of the maw gc has a mission text which does not say anything abouth a time limit but once i played it i suddenly got a termination with the message i had lost
-more info on the various units would be nice, there are many who have hardly a single sentence, would be nice with more info regarding weapons role and history.
-how abouth some alternate orbitol buildings like some golan platforms or whatever.
-would be nice if you had to build a shipyard to build ships instead of it relying solely on your starbase.
-almost every GC start popup speaks of tyber zann not revan, suggest fixing this.
-suggest adding in a description to what the various heroes do, if they have a ship, how big if any the bonus they give an army is:like 10% to all ships etc.
-how do revans faction uppgrade their tech level?
-can you tell me what happened in your alternate timeline. im curious as to what world i am playing in.

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Darth_Saber Dec 25 2012 replied:

Malanthor made some good suggestions, but I disagree on two points:

1. Removing the defilers.

Revan has no defilers, he has "Sentinel" class war droids. The use of droids to infiltrate star systems has been a Sith trait ever since the Sith Purebloods obtained droid technology.

Having made this point, I would remind the reader that Revan created HK-47 for the purposes of espionage and assassination. Thus the use of droids to bring a system under the control of Revan would not be out of the ordinary and is, I believe, quite appropriate.

2. That "wee spaceship" is one of the key parts of both of the KOTOR story lines. Just seeing that ship in this mod has brought a part of the KOTOR glory to the mod. It is as much a symbol of the crew, (which are in this mod too), as is Revan himself. If there were to be any other ship to attack Lord Revan to, it should be the Star Forge itself.

The Star Forge was the earliest known Star Dreadnaught, having been built by the Rakatan Empire before most star systems had even achieved much in the way of space travel.

Since Revan learned to control the Star Forge, it would make an excellent command ship, and could even sport an axial super laser; IF the Ebon Hawk were to be removed as Revan's favorite mode of transportation. In my opinion as mentioned earlier, the Ebon Hawk is a symbol for Revan, and a key part of the KOTOR story line.

I would like to see the Droid Foundry which Revan took over; and the Traya Academy, which Revan Founded, added to the game.

The Foundry could train every type of droid that the Sith of Revan's time ever used, and the Academy could train the Sith Assassins, Sith Marauders, and other Sith classes. However, no matter what happens in the end, I know that this mod will be worth everything used / spent to create it.

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malanthor Dec 25 2012 replied:

When revan was revan he had a real capitolship, then he lost him self and hes resources and he traveled in the ship he had availible. Would you go to war in a small patrol skiff if you could be in a carrier or a battleship?
I dont have an oppinion on the star forge. I dont remember how it looked. wasnt it a huge station or something.
I dont mind revan having access to war droids and maybe assasinating heroes with them, what i dont like is the silly mechanism that the zann coruption has going for it. Revan was after all known for hes tactical genius not hs scheming criminal mindset.

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Darth_Saber Dec 25 2012 replied:

Hmmm, valid point on the capital ship; it was more than likely a Leviathan class ship like Admiral Saul Karanth's; the Leviathan was one of the most advanced ships in the old Sith fleet; that, or a Ravager class warship. Still, a small ship can often defeat the mightiest vessel.

The Star Forge, a product of the Rakatan "Infinite Empire" resembled a sphere with four vertical fins attached to the outside.


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malanthor Dec 26 2012 replied:

Yup remember the star forge now. I think it should maybe be a prebuilt structure in a system or something if Knokos intends to use it. Should be able to build many defensive vessels fast when attacked and should speed up ship production and ships should cost less when produced on said system. Its classified as a star base so revan riding around in it would be kinda strange, as far as i understand it exists near the rakatan homeworld drawing its energy from a star there.

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Darth_Saber Dec 26 2012 replied:

Knokos has already made use of it. Play as Revan's Alliance in any GC in "The Reckoning" that has Malachor V as a planet in it; then go to Malachor V and level up your star base. As you do so, the Star Forge becomes buildable, allowing you to create most ships in record time.

I wish that the Star Forge would be created as a buildable unit, like the Arc Hammer; able to create the ships of Revan's Alliance - still in record time - but also like the Hammer.

The Arc Hammer, as you know is able to build its own unique units on any world around which it orbits. It is a factory ship. Well, the Star Forge is a factory Star Dreadnaught: in KOTOR I it was able to mass produce ships, droids, and robes.

Now if the Star Forge were created as a buildable unit, it could not only build ships faster, but also build the crimson droids of the Forge's defense system. This would not only be wickedly awesome, it could also be a counter to Prophet's SSD, and other capital ships!

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malanthor Dec 27 2012 replied:

Well it should be possibly to let the planet malachor build special droids to represent that ability. Or are you saying you want the star forge to be like a ship traveling around?

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Darth_Saber Dec 27 2012 replied:

"Or are you saying you want the star forge to be like a ship traveling around?" - Malanthor

That is exactly what I am saying. Instead of having the Star Forge as a stationary station, whose abilities are bound to one planet, I would like to see the Star Forge as it has been described in KOTOR, and the Star Wars Wiki: namely, a Star Dreadnaught that can travel the galaxy building ships in record time, as well as building the droids shown in KOTOR.

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malanthor Dec 29 2012 replied:

I didnt know it could move..
It was created 30,000 ABY above Abo in the Lebon system and it was destroyed 3960 ABY above Abo in the exact same Lebon system. Did it ever moove in all that time?

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Darth_Saber Dec 29 2012 replied:

I am not sure; it is possible, although I cannot find any info on that. In the KOTOR I game, the Star Forge is referred to as a Star Dreadnought of immense power.

Every other Star Dreadnought in the Star Wars Universe is capable of space travel, and with the Rakatan people developing and using a force power hyper drive, I would assume that the Forge could move when needed.

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malanthor Dec 30 2012 replied:

I have played the game but i dont really remember it, although i dont doubt you. Personally i would just like it to be a special starbase dwelling in its original system that speeds up ship production and allows the building of droids. It should have an actual structure when in combat if possibly though. Not much weapons but fast and infinite ship reinforcements. In any case well just have to wait and see what Knokos does hehe.

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Darth_Saber Dec 31 2012 replied:

Well malanthor, for the most part your wish is what Knokos has already put into the mod: the Star Forge is currently a buildable space station, located in the Malachor V system, able to produce ships at a fast turnover rate.

The Star Forge does not as yet build droids, and it is not located at Lehon, but other than that, what you wanted is here. :-)

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malanthor Dec 31 2012 replied:

Yup, i got that from previous information given hehe. I meant we can only see if he decides to change anything around. Im eagerly awaiting the next version in any case.
Getting rid of the last remnants of zann stuff for revans faction if nothing else will make me mighty pleased, as i despise that mongrel crime lord. :D

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Darth_Saber Jan 1 2013 replied:

When I moved from EAW to FOC, I must admit that I loved the new tech, ships, and abilities displayed by the Zahn faction; but when the Zahn Consortium keeps showing up in eras that they do not belong in, then they become annoying. There are times (playing as anything other than Zahn), that I agree most heartily with the sentiment you show in that last line: "I despise that mongrel crime lord." :o)

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Knokos Creator
Knokos Dec 21 2012 replied:

A thoughtful and most valuable comment; rest assured all items of mutual concern have been addressed in the soon to be released 'Carbonite Edition'; featuring six campaigns and the inclusion of three-way GC space and ground battles.

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malanthor Dec 21 2012 replied:

Great news. Really looking forward to it. :) I was skeptical of the non-canon elements initially, but i loved kotor, and this is well done, so i pretty soon started to enjoy it. Thank you for all your work and effort.

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Captain-Rex(501st) Dec 19 2012 says:

Can't wait for.the new addon

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malanthor Dec 18 2012 says:

I dont understand what this mod is abouth, what period, what is canon and what is your own invention. The main heading only tells me that revan is back...back somewhere..

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Darth_Saber Dec 19 2012 replied:

This mod is about: the best mod that has ever been made!!!

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degtayrev Dec 18 2012 replied:

It's basically KOTOR vs. Republic vs. Empire

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elitewolf13 Dec 18 2012 replied:

its a era compilation, praticaly, all eras together

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malanthor Dec 18 2012 replied:

okay so everything star wars have been thrown into the blender and mixed together then i assume. Hmmm, hehe. Anyway good luck to the mod maker.

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Knokos Creator
Knokos Dec 19 2012 replied:

'The Reckoning' is an alternate history to the original trilogy, therefore making it non-canonical; a story of what would have happened if certain key events in their respective canon sources had played out differently.

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lost15 Dec 24 2012 replied:

well its not a bad idea i mean George Lucus did make clones so lord revan could be a cloned sith lord

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malanthor Dec 20 2012 replied:

Thanks. Is timelines adhered too or are people from entirely different time periods together aswell? Meaning is people from revans time (non immortals:P) running around in the time of darth vadar and the emperor?

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Also_known_as_Peter Dec 18 2012 replied:

It sure doesn't play like that.

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