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Old HL1 battle shot
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FreakingNeo Feb 9 2003 says:

Very nice :D Good job, i like the thing at the bottom that says what atack was used and stuff :D

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Lord_Booga Author
Lord_Booga Feb 13 2003 says:

Thanks :)

I'm probably going to move that, it covers chat text occasionally, but I'm not sure where.

Suggestions anyone?

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BaleFrend Feb 15 2003 says:

Someone actually likes that box? You'd be hard pressed to make it more ugly even if you tried... Just reduce its width and push it more to the right.

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Lord_Booga Author
Lord_Booga Feb 24 2003 says:

Don't want to cover the netgraph info tho....

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BaleFrend Feb 24 2003 says:

Thats why I said reduce its width. It could easily be less then half that size.

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Gurluas Mar 9 2003 says:

i cant wait for the re... oh wait i can i just play my pk saphire rom...
anyway... the battle demo should be out soon

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Ryuujin Mar 11 2003 says:

...well those are Alpha screenshots, I mean you don't think you'll be clutching a pistol in the release version? - I'd imagine the GUI will undergo some revisions.

Hey Booga, perhaps you should try and shrink the transparent GUI box to be roughly the same size as the battle data box, as the battle information has a matt background, while the box is transparent, and all that wasted space just looks plain ugly. If you then forced that into the bottom left of the screen it wouldn't obscure too much view space.

...ok thats my 2 cents on the subject ^_^

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BaleFrend Mar 12 2003 says:

Firstly, I'm well aware they are alpha screenshots... I'm the guy at the other end swining the crowbar.

Anyway, the reason its being modified is that it hides some of the chat text. If you force it to the left and reduce its width you run into the chance of chat text appearing out the other side of it, which would look more ugly then the current situation. The only real postitions you could have the box is in the middle of the bottom of the screen, almost anywhere on the top of the screen or on the right side of the screen (but that would most likely require wraping the text over more then one line).

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Lord_Booga Author
Lord_Booga Mar 18 2003 says:

Moving it to the top is a possible option, but that obscures server messages and player join messages.

I think it'll just be shorter.

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FireIce Jun 17 2003 says:

This looks nice, BUT i DONT like the pistol and crowbar, wtf is that, i dont hope THATS how the mod is going to be, i am like hopeing for a mod where you see your self in 3D , or firstpersion, or whatever! and walk around meeting others, ppl that looks LIKE TRAINERS, a tip : DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE GUN IN THIS MOD, EVER PLEASE, Another thing WATCH SOME POKEMON EPISODES, that will give you guys some ideas on mapediting !!!!
AND you can see how the ppl looks like, PLEASE, the more halflife (people,weapons,textures) the more CRAPY and NOT a well made mod we will end up with, You guys are great and this mod is at the top of my head right now, and its going to stay on along time!!

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Lord_Booga Author
Lord_Booga Jun 20 2003 says:

Every single texture in that image is made by us... the gun is not permanent, and won't be there in the release. Neither will the crowbar (already removed actually)

Neither will the HL models (people can still use HL ones if they want...can't really stop that, but we'll supply anime style ones)

You can play thirdperson (it'll be designed for this) or first person if you really want.

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BaleFrend Jun 20 2003 says:

The pistol is actually a place holder for the pokedex model (which is unfinished) and the crowbar has not been in the mod since February. We actually have some Trainer models (3, IIRC)... although I'm not sure why we aren't using them.

As for the map shown in the screen shot, it won't be released. Its a very small 3 room (2 rooms for battling and a lobby) map that loads fast and is ideal for testing (but little else).

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rpgsephiroth Jun 23 2003 says:

Has he even read the other posts ¬¬

Anyway looking good...Like to see how you are going to pull of the pokemon coming from the pokemon....and also the huge score board at the indigo plateau(sp?)

DAMN I CANT WAIT NOW......THE RUNY/SAPPHIRE GAMEs ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ONLINE TRADING, BATTLING ETC....Imagine it, walking along a field in the online world, a pikachu and Jigglypuff fighting on the left of you, a charmeleon and a Ninetails on your right..i would be giggling like a little girl clutching my pokeballs desperate for a fight..i cant wait :D

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BaleFrend Jun 23 2003 says:

In case you were wondering, the Pokemod will use the Ruby/Sapphire game system (so all 386 pokemon, all the attacks, 2v2 battling, ect). The first release will actually be based on G/S/C though (we switched to R/S after I had gotten the basic G/S/C system working). Having said that, the actual Pokemon in the first demo release are all R/B/Y pokemon (the mod was originaly R/B/Y only).

You've probably already read this somewhere else (you sound like a fan) but the first release will only consist of pokemon battling (no trading, capturing or traing I'm afraid, not even any SP). You'll select up to 6 of the 12 pokemon (all lvl 20, with random DVs, 0 stat-exp and a pre-selected moveset, for those interested) and battle other players (your pokemon are fully healed between battles). Unless there is some MAJOR delay (I can't see why there would be) in getting the demo released, thats all the demo will contain (all the other code will be based on the R/S system, which (hopefuly, I want a release as much as you) won't be finished by the time the first demo is released).

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BaleFrend Jun 24 2003 says:

Not long after posting that I find out we are now having another pokemon (and not primary evolution, although thats not much of a hint) in the demo (well at this stage its replacing one of the original 12). I had to go back and add another couple of attacks for the new pokemon, even if it was just a 5 minute job that was mostly copy/paste :P Ohh well, hopefuly thats the last time I'll have to touch the G/S/C code.

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hedgehog Oct 6 2003 says:

i wonder how many more pokemon there will be in the FULL version

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BaleFrend Nov 12 2003 says:

We are aiming for all 386.

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bacs Apr 12 2004 says:

Well I do admit that is funny but I did do a battle one time in this game (when I had WON and there was similar game) and my friend and I stinking tied it was like go dratini and he called out snorlax yeat my dratini won dumb. Anyhow plz help me

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BaleFrend Sep 11 2005 says:

The mod never had a Snorlax :P

Probably Marowak and Dratini, they were the two overpowered pokemon in the demo.

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[flesh]sniper1 Apr 3 2007 says:

i believe squirtle miss his attack cause they are 500 miles apart from each other!

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The end of a long 6 v 6 battle, with
Dratini's on each side laying the smack down!

This is a screenshot of a very early
(pre-release) version of our Half Life One battle
demo. Ignore the winner.

Jan 24th, 2003
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