This total-conversion mod takes the Battle for Middle-earth II to the Fifth Century BCE, replacing the original content with two new, fully-fledged factions: Sparta and Athens. Completely new content, strategies and more awaits you. This project is brought to you by Kwen, Matias, Lauri, njm1983, Glaeken and Mike who are hosted at, a division of

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Graphically this mod is really impressive, great models and skins.
The map Corinth also looks very good. Good object placement, nice map props, good texturing.
The background music is also very nice.

i didn`t play it yet, but i saw screenshots and understood, that mod is masterwork


best mod ever

Really good mod!

Perfect mod,Perfect Idea,nothing missing!

I love this mod Units look Amazing Building look Awesome just everything you guys have don't in this mod is Awesome!!!

Thank you.

Even in a version that only has one faction, their attention to detail is amazing!

Looks very good, plays like a charm.
And btw, are you Dutch? Matthijs sounds pretty Dutch :p

amazing mod, love the graphics and gameplay.

look forward to seeing more keep up the great work


epic mod, would be nice to have a persian faction, or other city-states as well (I know it's not 100% historically correct to have a persian faction, but, would be nice to have more factions)

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