My name is Jake Johansson. I was a normal person. In the year 1845, when I had 23 years, my best friend betrayed me and stole my girlfriend. In a fit of rage I killed my friend. Surprised of what I did, I ran into the woods, just thinking about what could happen to me. Police pursued me, when I saw something strange... Features Custom models made by me (A lot of them!) Re-Textured enemies Unique and self-made jumpscares (realistic ones) Original story Different endings A lot of custom textures Un-Expected flips in the story Different objectives and situations Very well treated lights, atmosphere, etc.

Features of The otherworld

Features of The otherworld

Sep 6, 2012 Article 0 comments

This are the Features of my CS: The Otherworld. The most important: No cheap jumpscares!

The properties of  "The Otherworld"

The properties of "The Otherworld"

Sep 8, 2012 Article 0 comments

Everyone played a lot of CS. A lot of times you don't get out of a place in all the CS, except some that you are "free".

Things of  Full conversions, new features  and collaborations

Things of Full conversions, new features and collaborations

Oct 16, 2012 Article 0 comments

I'm going to discuss here some ideas that have been in my evil and modder mind...

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