Your old Brother Eugene locks you up in the attic for his own entertainment. One day, when you finally decided to stand up, something really out of the ordinary happens.

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KiraImmortal says

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i liked how the mod started, something out of the ordinary at last. levels were generally well crafted, creativity was shown during the events and puzzles. however the story was undeveloped, the plot made no sense, and we never really knew what are the players motives, or what the old brother has to do with all this. also there were almost no threats throughout the whole mod. all in all it shows your capability of making a good mod, try to spend more time on it next time, and refine it a bit longer :) currently i think there are no bugs left that i know of, so it's also a good thing that it's well tested. 7/10, decent.


KrustiClawn says

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- Good level design
- Perfect choice of music
- Very few issues after the 1.1 fix


- Story is super cliché

Story: 3/10

The mod is called "The Old Brother", yet the brother was never heard of, ever, after the intro. Father was the antagonist. What did he do? He found some kind of artifact and you have to destroy it in some kind of a chamber. Did I mention father is Alexander?

Can we please stop doing this? I'll be the first to admit, I have also made mods with artifacts. However, they never ended with the typical Alexander boss fight in an orb chamber, and this whole artifact story, it can be good, but you have to understand, even back when I made mods about artifacts several years ago, it was already... well perhaps not cliché, but it had been used before, it wasn't really new. Now, we have a big group of mods with the same premise. Artifact is found, you have to destroy it inside an orb chamber, Alexander wants to stop you.

I tried to wait to see what happens if I refuse to destroy the artifact. You didn't bother making any kind of alternate endings. Nothing happens ^^. You can make mods about artifacts interesting, many authors have made incredible mods involving artifacts, one of many being The Four Horsemen, but you need to be creative and unique with that idea. This mod is not anywhere near that.

Level design: 8/10

Really good level design here. For a 24 hours mod especially.

Puzzles: 9/10

Very creative here. Not many vanilla puzzles in this mod. Lovely.

Music & sounds: 10/10

Perfect choice of music and a lot of sounds playing to make the maps feel more alive and scarier.

Voice acting: 7/10

The female voice actor did a good job. The old brother was good to. Father and protaganist were okay, sounded a bit like some dude trying to sound like someone he aint. A bit cringy, but overall very good effort here.

Creativity: 7/10

Some creative scares, some neat ideas here and there. This mod have some unique things in it no doubt.

Bugs & flaws: 9/10

Tried version 1.1 after you fixed the missing barrel error and apart from very minor flaws such as a huge texture glitch and bizarre lightning here and there, I had no issues at all.


I love to see people improve. I played your previous mod and, even though this was made in 24 hours only, I can clearly see a huge difference in level design, creativity, puzzles and overall effort.

The story is so cliché and really not that great. Everything else is really great though. It is a 7.5 for me, but I can't give it 7.5, so I'll rate it 8/10. Very good job my man. Keep this effort up, and make a more unique storyline for any potential future mod you may make and you will have a badass mod.

8/10 - Very good


Hoshang-Etemadi says

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probor says

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zoomos says

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Zero bugs and fun to play. great job :)


prenz says

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This is my opinion
Good gameplay and level design.
Good the final fight (maybe i'm wrong, but I think that I've already seen this, not sure)

Not so many music's.
Very confusing, especially in the basement.

Hint: the confusion about what to do with the damn red barrel in the basement, can be used to make another event. Eg: if you trow the barrel on the gate, you encounter a monster, so you're trapped and killed.
Nor just die.

Good anniversary to everyone!


Spelos says

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I'll start with, Happy Anniversary!
Thank you for participating in this event and let me say, this custom story was actually quite fun.

It had its moments and I swear to god there were armors disappearing at random.


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