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We shall start on the warring states period.

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copy this:
remove the *'s

and set it as your signature on forums and spread the word about the naruto mod for warband! >:D

Support the narusimu project please

Playing around with the wedding scene, which will be the base for cutscenes, made 2 cutscenes with fading out colors, no animations yet. I have animations, but they are timed out, and out of sync :|. Makes me wonder how long it took the developers of warband to create this cutscene.

Oh snap, just bought motion capture software!, new animations such as jutsu handsigns are now possible, if I can figure out how to convert the animations as an smd file D:, then import to blender and replace native animations. Possibly re-enact scenes from the show.

I've noticed I've been gone for a while, college is a pain :|, I'm choosing to restart and not use light and darkness as a base, but build my own. So far, I've been creating jutsus and merging them into the mod through the txt files using winmerge, which is pretty easy, yet buggy. When I have a break for this semester, I'm going to go full kyuubi mode >:D and not only port some features of this mod into a full working module system, but make my own stories, make the mod MORE CANON, add freelancer, add diplomacy, add new factions to the existing roster, improve the models, add working npcs with dialog, create a naruto map, and then add multiplayer.
this is what this mod is based off of, just in case anyone was wondering. I'm so proud that this mod can display atleast a few of these techniques.

c++ or runtime error? go here

error saying it can't load texture fabric_plain? uncheck load textures on demand

if you crash on startup, switch dx9 to dx7 in the launcher's configuration
before starting a new game, please make sure your virtual memory is increased or it will crash,
if your game is in chinese, then go into both the module and main languages folders, rename en to cnt or cns(whichever works) in both folders respectively and set the language to chinese.
if you get a postfx error of any kind then make sure your directx is up to date.
if you keep getting a crash when talking to a companion or encountering any party on the travel map, then open up module.ini find disable_moveable_flag_optimization = 0 and change that 0 to a 1, if that doesn't work then turn off dynamic lighting and the stuff below that in video options ingame.
known bugs : soldiers sometimes refuse to charge , solution press "-" button to charge them individually, or press backspace and select them all and click on charge on the command options.

...this mod's main storyline is based on the medieval mod light and darkness by oo long
here is the release statement that includes the credits.....for the main storyline of light and darkness

Assistant of Planning :ybn100 、老高
Assistant of Literature:ybn100 、老高、流浪的游侠
Assistant of Art design:小一乱跑、莱恩、kelavis、暗暗十分、阿斯塔拉诺、su2006
Assitant of Writing:ybn100 、老高、流浪的游侠、nieyb1、tl10、踏银
Assisant of Music Edit:NORA_LEE 、ybn100
Translation from Chinese into English:Ginn、NORA_LEE
credits for other sources:
Band of Warriors: Steel armor set, death mask, Head hunter's crown, a arena scene model. Thanks to fisheye.
The Tripartition:A crossbow, a shield, a horse. Thanks to muyiboy.
TLD:1 helmet, 1 grove, 2 shields, 1 axe. Thanks to Ancientwanker.
1 set of LOTR weapons made in MNB Chinese forum.
Two axes and three swords made by TheRock: administrator of ali213 forum.
kanesunny from MNB CHN forum: Matchlocks
kelavis from MNB CHN forum: Extinguished knight armor set, first released in this MOD.
Ninja8181 from MNB CHN forum: Medieval equipments pack for MNB
ly_szc from MNB CHN forum: A set of MU female armor and a set of male armor
magicxx from MNB CHN forum: Female ninja armor set
theguard from MNB CHN forum: Kunai and Ninja weapon container
flyfly-1 from MNB CHN forum: A set of dark lord
su2006 from MNB CHN forum: A set of boots
sylxs from MNB CHN forum: A elven blade
romawushi from MNB CHN forum: Rebinded skeleton of talak_horse
poiuytrewq from MNB CHN forum: Aromr of Sword sister and Dragon warrior
txzwxm from MNB CHN forum: Blades, swords and lances
D.Kaede from MNB CHN forum: A map of Caradia
baixiong from MNB CHN forum: The repeating crossbow
mskimizd from MNB CHN forum: The shield and lance
破碎之人 from MNB CHN forum: The whole set of plate armor of 16th century
Talon:Standard Weapons Upgrade Project
Eisenhouwer:Cries of War Soundpack v2.0 beta
Ursca: A set of helms
Yoshiboy: A set of troll equipments
OSP Spak_Items
TES4_OSP_Andragorn 2

in 2.0 naruto rap music credited to Eddie Rath
in both versions, music credited to ,toshiro masuda, Shing02, ParagonX9 ,nomak,nitsua, and nujabes(may he rest in peace), Tsutchie, Fat Jon, Takanashi Yasuharu, Outkast, and Nickelback, Motorhead, Chamillionaire, and Ryo Koike and Wakana Hara, Da Octopuss, E.S. Posthumus (epic opening and chorus songs), muse

sharingan eyes for female and sharingan eyes in general credited to DH264

Madara vs Sand shinobi video credited to SnarlyTV

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New Map Naruto Map not edited yet Naruto Map by 33k7 and Adamu - Chan
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Update as of March 11th

6 comments by Sonne2 on Mar 11th, 2014

Hello everyone!

There will be three separate mods: But the main mod we are focusing on right now is the warring states period mod.

Warring States Period Mod

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

where young madara and hashirama fought eachother alongside their clans, and other clans fought eachother while being allied to major villages of samurai.
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Shinobi Alliance Mod
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

this era focuses on the modern factions of the naruto shippuden world, with the option to force all the factions and their vassals to unite under the name of the Shinobi Alliance, giving all the troops of the shinobi alliance alliance headbands.

While at the same time, Edo Tensei Faction appears and takes over random castles, spawning white zetsu armies at random locations en masse, spawning strong resurrected shinobi at random locations. and spawning a resurrected Uchiha Madara as the Leader near the Alliance Headquarters with godstats. more will come

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Naruto Shippuden Pre-War Mod
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

this era focuses on the events before the 4th great shinobi war and will include the naruto vs pein arc.

Dafaq1029 is writing some stories for the mod, which are more in-depth than the stories the mod currently has.

this team is in dire need of more recruits, go here and apply.

people who know their naruto history and will school us in what clans exist during the warring states or etc.

3d Modelers
we really need modellers, so we can start overhauling the models and graphics the mod currently has.

weapon models,

building models,

and armor models.

Texture Artists
making textures for the models

Concept Artists
creating illustrations such as what the model should look like before the model or texture is made

Scene Prop Modeller
modelling the buildings in the ninja villages

editing the villages and towns to make sure the ai can move about or spawn.

Voice Actors
male/female for pre-battle cutscenes I'm creating at the beginning of the missions

3d animator
to create or revise animations in smd file format for battle animations or just simple animations such as standing idle.

(if you have motion capture software since I can't do any ninja acrobatic moves lol)

animations should be saved in .smd format

for new explosive and quick animations such as attacking, jumping or death animations and more

those who are experienced in editing the module system

those who know their C++ may find the module system to be a little similar.

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

if you don't do any of this then pm me about what you do and I'll try to see how it can improve the mod.

- Sonne (o_)

Naruto warring States Mod:

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Downloads RSS Feed Latest Downloads
Naruto Mod 2.200 Zip Version(No Changes)

Naruto Mod 2.200 Zip Version(No Changes)

Apr 10, 2014 Full Version 12 comments

For those who want to play it, but don't have winrar or the privilege to install it. This is all you need. Why did I upload this? Because some people...

original 1.0 music

original 1.0 music

Feb 14, 2014 Patch 0 comments

Music from 1.0 released last year, this time including all of the music that was there, not a few songs added onto it. I recently released a similiar...

Naruto mod sound edit with 1.0 sound added

Naruto mod sound edit with 1.0 sound added

Jan 30, 2014 Patch 0 comments

the sound from the wip release with 1.0 sound added.

2.0 sound

2.0 sound

Jan 29, 2014 Patch 5 comments

the sound from the 2.0 release, released on september of last year.

Jutsu Source (1/22/14)

Jutsu Source (1/22/14)

Jan 7, 2014 Script 15 comments

source for jutsu's 1/10/14 included full and complete headers for possibilities of adding more to the source. 1/13/14 included resource for the items...

Naruto Mod 2.200 patch 2/19/14

Naruto Mod 2.200 patch 2/19/14

Dec 5, 2013 Patch 35 comments

read the readme below 2/19/14 mangekyou sharingan bug has been removed. 1/23/14 lessened the amount of uchiha and uzumaki units to balance out the fights...

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Susia Mar 17 2014, 10:09am says:

Hi! Thank you for this amazing mod!!
Trust me when I say this but I've tried many mods for this game and
this is by far, all hands down, the best mod ever.
There were some complications I had when i was playing the game.
I looked through the cheat menu to look at some items and jutsus to check out and I found out that if you use the Infinite Mangekyo sharingan, my HP keeps decreasing infinitely to Negative Health points (I had -20000HP after using several times). I was wondering if that was intended or a bug.

Also, one thing that bothered me so much is that the jutsus that you projectile or throw, the aim seems to be a little bit off.
When I use the water cannon, lightning crash, or the fire jutsus by uchiha clan, the aim is very off sometimes that it's hard to actually hit enemies from far away. Is it possible to perhaps readjust the aims for those jutsus?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bclem Mar 16 2014, 3:49pm says:

I just had a good idea after watching a lot of these ANBU Kakashi flashbacks(probably one of the best filler arcs). Do you think it would be possible, after you are finished with the base game of course, to do some type of ANBU faction within a faction for all of the ninja villages; for instance you are invited to join if you are strong enough and you start off as being a regular ANBU and join other squads(armies) for different combat missions(or solo assassinations) and, as you advance in rank if you choose too you can lead squads and do missions for your Kage. I think I would cry if you are able to do something even close to this, even just having ANBU as units was pretty nice in the older versions.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Sonne2 Mar 16 2014, 4:24pm replied:

lol this would be everyone's dream imao! the ANBU Kakashi flashbacks are the best fillers I've seen in Naruto! They aren't even fillers.

Personally I'd rather watch Kakashi flashbacks rather than Naruto :|, it makes more sense, and everyone isn't going full dbz. In thee Kakashi flashbacks everyone has more character personality.

Back to the game, I can spawn a joinable freelancer type exclusive Anbu party for all the ninja villages, that spawn near the main village but I don't see how a separate Anbu faction can work out lol, the last thing I would want is to read on the screen "Konoha Anbu has Declared War On Fire Country" IMAO.

Here is the code:
(spawn_around_party,"p_town_1", "pt_Anatsunin"),

It should be adapted to the time the merchants leave the town.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Mar 16 2014, 3:02pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Awynth Mar 16 2014, 1:49pm says:

Have you considered a real chakra system? So instead of having 5 teleport jutsus, you'd have infinite as long as your chakra can support it. The more int stat you have, the more chakra you get, etc. Apart from once per battle activations (pills, power modifiers, etc) chakra would be used for all the jutsus.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sonne2 Mar 16 2014, 4:03pm replied:

yes I've considered this, rather replacing the stamina system with an actual chakra bar, and having the bar drained whenever you use a jutsu. at the moment, only ironflesh increases the amount you get.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Awynth Mar 16 2014, 4:56pm replied:

What about actually using it? :P I think it'd make more sense.

+1 vote     reply to comment
orcun3535 Mar 15 2014, 5:54am says:

is there anything i can do for mod dude i want to help to what you need

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sonne2 Mar 16 2014, 4:29pm replied:

more suggestions and spreading the word

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sonne2 Mar 15 2014, 3:32am replied:

if your game is in wierd blocks or chinese, then go into both the module and main languages folders, create a new folder, move cnt and cns into the new folder, copy and paste the en folder, rename en to cns, rename copy of en to cnt. do the same to the languages folder in the naruto module and set the language to chinese.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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This is just awful remake of Light & Darkness module. Bad music, bad models, bad tekstures, non-canon. This module is just BAD.

Jul 8 2013, 7:24am by Dehiar

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