A dramatic story filled with action, romance, violence and a dark-brooding feeling of a true medieval age of our history. Surrounded by an immense story with depth and interactivity to keep up the interest. Thousands of pages worth vivid dialogue voice acted to feast the player's ears, symphonic soundtrack originally composed for this story solely by 3 masterful composers! Enter a visually stunning adventure; The Moonlight Path, set in the Forgotten Realms - Faerûn for Neverwinter Nights 2 + Mask of the Betrayer + Storm of Zehir games!

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I find it odd that no one else has commented on this kinda reminds me when i was with a band of monks for a while and again when i was traveling with some gypsies. Music is brilliant and from the looks of everything the mod will be too. Hope it comes through in the end where so many have failed.

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Azz`Taruth Author

Thank you Arbiter!

Yes, this mod has gone through some seriously failure-ridden phases and whatnot. I truly hope I can bring this to the final stage, once and for all.

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Chorals always give me the chills, love it! I always enjoy good music for games, and this is truly a good theme that almost seems like is describing the tittle and part of the argument. Just awesome!

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Azz`Taruth Author

There was a theme composed before this, but Steven revised it with a full choral blast and used the former main melody in the end of this song. It was an honorable compliment to Marius and dramatically revised.

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A massive Choral piece for depicting the Theme for The Moonlight Path. Epic as it should be, Steven has once again stood out with his talent.

All copyrights by The Moonlight Path team and Steven.

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