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Lead Designer / Founder: Markus "Azz`Taruth" Elo:

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"The Moonlight Path - Game Information:

The story begins, and you very soon learn that your father is cold-bloodedly murdered and after a series of strange events and revelations of the impending doom around you, you set out to the night, escaping the City as your only choice. You have a friend, the only one you know well enough to trust him fully in the nearby town of Elturel.

You head towards the town to see your friend, traveling through
the night, only to bump into a horrible event and taken captive. You
wake up in a damp wagon, your limbs hurting and sickness catching up to

For over a month you travel towards the unknown, fed feebly and beaten,
even sexually violated. Deprived from your dignity and humanity, you linger the damp wagon, hoping Death to release you from your ill-fate...

Suddenly the sound of swords and shields clashing together halts the wagons...your journey stops
to a place unknown... the journey has taken over a month and you are weak.. you need help, lest your sickness becomes the death of yours.

Oblivious to your surroundings and everything that engulfed you all those weary days and nights, you
are alone... broken, damned and drained. You set out to seek your path, seek answers and learn why
everyone and everything was betrayed... and why was your father murdered.

...A faint, gentle wind rushes forth as you regain your consciousness.
The partially clouded sky looms above and you set out to seek answers,
to seek your own self...

* Player shapes the world and people around him/her depending on
actions, company and other things. Most of the deeds have impact
somewhere in the world, people change when they travel with you.
Multiple options in both dialog and actions taken guarantee more complex
and interesting approach to the playing experience.

* The path between Alignments – and afterwards depending on your
actions taken – is made different, to make the game much more intense,
interesting and complex. This also adds a lot to replayability and
variation. Race, Gender and Class variability also added, to give more depth to
the character made.

2D Art: Mikko Jokisalo
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3D Art: Antti Rantanen
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Concept Art: Markus Elo
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Gameplay hours:

Single // Multiplayer:
Making it multiplayer/Persistent World module at the moment would risk many things, and it is not essential at this point yet, as the story evolves the PC and her choices made. As stated above, we still got excessive plans in making the module for Persistent World purposes, though with a different story line and dynamic for PW purposes.

Heavy, true Roleplaying. That's what you are rewarded the most for.
Not much to be added to that, I think.

Hack & Slash:
Medium or below average, depends on how you roleplay your way through.
Of course, it is a huge part of the adventure, confronting enemies in the hostile environments
where the module will take place, so you won't be left without vigorous battles, blood and gore!


Why? Because the story is like huge, simply put.
There are 50-100+ areas per Chapter, so you can expect many areas from wilderness to caverns, astral and what not. Worry not, all the areas contain points of interest and well detailed environments, atmosphere and of course what makes them
the most vivid, our Original Score put to life!

Content Rating:

The module contains everything that the whole dark, Medieval Era of our world contained;
Blood, gore, battles, mutilation, rapes, excessive violence, certain drugs, alcohol, somewhat raw language (nothing modern though, as they were not part of that age), graphical violence, disturbing scenes and oppressive atmospheres. If you can't take it, don't play the module, or at least don't blame us. We are aiming for realistic view of the world played through a game, just what it was and what the world is even today; brutal and filled with chaos.

This is not to inspire anyone to do what the game shows, we are not aiming to agitate anyone or inspire anyone in bad manner. I take extensive inspiration from Fallout series / Planescape: Torment and other older games, when game designers had the balls to do something different.


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6 comments by Azz`Taruth on Mar 29th, 2012

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...Like a statue in a Garden of Dreaming, he stood motionless and bound to his mortal mistakes and grief, amidst the ruins of the once magnificent temples and structures that now stood silent, long torn asunder from their former glory. Mold-built patterns entangled their walls and the dark waters surrounded the whole, long rotten place of wandering souls and morbid silence. He gazed into the emptiness and eternal darkness that engulfed the Realm of the Sleeping Souls and waited; waited on the plateau from where once the Sun rose...

      ...From the distance, a wail could be heard, carried by the wind like a great fleet of echoes of the despair-ridden souls. He looked down at the lone grave - adorned with a winged angel towering above it, and felt his heart bleed... there She was, sleeping with the earth, the very reason of his now miserable existence. How he mourned and wished for a release. But now, not even Death would break him free from this torment.

...Bound never to speak a word, in his mind he thought: ”The holder of my heart, I dreamed of you; both you and I. Entwined together and live our dream ...oh, how I love you, wishing it all would still be true...”His dimmed eyes of grey had no tears to break free. Even that was taken away from this broken shell of a man. In his solitude, motionless he stood and mourned. Alone...”

                       - Souls of Solitude

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The Moonlight Path – Prologue Part I: Dreams made of Blood

Welcome to the city of Alaghôn; the Throne of Turmish by the vast shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars! The enormous city of trade and commerce, marvelous and dark secrets, debating Dukes, Nobles and traders alike. The prosperity of the City has grown it to its glorious form as it is seen today, with the massive Cathedral towering in the center of Alaghôn, marking the new era of Monarchy within Turmish itself.

Ruled now by an Enigmatic female leader of immense power, the capital of Turmish has had significant changes along the years under her rulership. But along has come many problems, more debates and a storm foretelling of danger and war. Surrounding Kingdoms and Domains have fallen in a debate with the new rule of Turmish, bringing a dark shadow upon the city of Alaghôn.

Alaghôn now under the swelling chaos and disorder has also risen the Black Network – The Zhentarim, from their slumber within the city, their chance for power now at hand. Trade within the city is plagued with black markets, Nobles are being fallen under the knife of mysterious assassins and both the residents and the Militia encounter the dark secrets finally risen from the dark depths of Alaghôn. The call for the local and distant Mercenary groups has been sent forth and the troubles seem not to have an end. Whatever is the true reason beyond the unrest within the City, is yet to be unveiled...

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This is where it all begins, the very foundations of the story behind The Moonlight Path, years before the actual events to come in the core-story. Based loosely to the actual city of Alaghôn (of Forgotten Realms) and its rule, disputes and overall setting, I have reforged it to the fitting style of The Moonlight Path adventure that it's meant to be. The story set within Alaghôn is looked from two ”perspectives”, the other being the actual main story continuing to the very depths of the Main story, and the other is giving even more depth behind the reasons of all the things and characters alike. If that didn't make sense, just wait and see.

What happens in the Prologue is relevant to the actual Main story of Moonlight Path, for many of the key characters play a certain role in the events to come. Even some events are and have crucial ties to the very outcome of Moonlight Path storyline.

I welcome you to set foot upon the cobbled stones of Alaghôn, to take the first glance into the dark world of The Moonlight Path adventure.

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Perspective I: A lone Man's Path
    This is where the player starts from the ranks of the Zhentarim, telling a story of a cold-blooded assassin, sent on a mission by the Black Network and facing more than bargained for. Betrayal is ever-present in the ranks of the Zhentarim, but the simple assassinations goes further than just diving a dagger into someone's heart. A compelling story of betrayals, inner conflicts, and finding oneself.

Perspective II: The Ascending of a New Dawn
    The Militia, now desperately more than ever, has called forth the vast ranks of the Mercenaries to find reason and order within Alaghôn's walls. The simple call for help takes the main character deeper into the very heart of the conflicts, murders and dark secrets. Who is an ally and what is the true reason beyond all the troubles, you cannot tell. Find out the truth, whether it truly serves to help the city of Alaghôn or not.

About the Prologue I:

Story: Many faced story, to which the player can affect in different manners. Filled with moral choices, matters of life and death and betraying the betrayer, intriguing characters have many ways to deal with that result in different outcomes.

Characters: ~50 key and plot characters with personal, unique and compelling stories behind their lives and vivid, written dialogue. Some truly personal and original companions to share the experience with or involve it even further.

Areas: 3 massive outdoor districts of Alaghôn and 45 indoor areas to explore and filled with detailed intrigue, characters and quests to perform at. Even secret areas have been added for sake of more interest. I just might add a listing/map of the City later on, depicting all the areas by name and reason.

Quests: 60-100 Quests in total are aimed for. Since the story isn't quite perfectly done yet, this might change in due time.

Testing: Thus far, the mere ”run & explore” method took me 1½hours with all loading time and running around Alaghôn at the relevant and plot-related locations and areas. Add dialog, quests and cutscenes to this, we are sure to exceed 4-6hours of actual gameplay per story.

Factions: There are quite a few factions within the city, but these are brought in to add diversity and intrigue to the events and setting of Alaghôn. Some of them include; The Zhentarim, The Inquisition and The Harmonians.

Music: Original music composed by our very own, three composers to soothe your ears with just the right music needed to enhance the visual atmosphere of the adventure!

Content: (K-18 if you will) Heavy on violence and some disturbing content; drugs/alcohol/sexual content & prostitution/abuse and violence directed on minors. Interesting and believable characters with compelling stories, interesting quests, fantasy-like atmosphere with realism. Romance is also possible and much more!

User Posted Image

This pretty much sums it up since the last update. More is yet to come in time. Until then, I bid you farewell! Oh, and let's make an unofficial, or why not official POLL as follows:

Share your thoughts and desires about the adventure about to unfold!
What is YOUR desire to see in a non-commercial product that breaks the lines and leaves nothing inappropriate undone (The Moonlight Path that is). Is there something you think the games today lack and what you would see done in your way. Share your opinion and let's see what can be done!

Send your answer to either directly at me here on modDB as private message, or with subject ”MOONLIGHT POLL” and I will be much obliged to read them through. And if you hate/love something you've already seen me do with Moonlight Path adventure, add that opinion too! Best questions with answers will be put on public display for all the world to see.

Loving all you supporters,
Markus ”Azz`Taruth” Elo – Lead Designer of this disturbing project.

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Post comment Comments  (30 - 40 of 195)
sethfc Nov 9 2011, 5:02pm says:

Still waiting but patiently, eventually i'll get to play this and when i do it'll be fun. Also if you need help with vocal stuff send me a pm i'd be more then willing to contribute i have a semi decent mic and while i am by no means professional if you send mea list of voices and maybe the general idea of whats needed *with a line to cover* I'll gladly make the attempt.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Azz`Taruth Nov 10 2011, 4:50am replied:

Awesome to hear, sir! I'll ready you some lines on the days to come and then we can see what yer guts be lookin' like ;) . Thanks for the support!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Azz`Taruth Sep 17 2011, 6:28pm says:

Finally answering some questions.

Vicious: Story of both Alpha and Beta (most likely there will be only an Alpha-test, and yes, the name/names will be more according later on)work as individual story to give the feel, atmosphere and sense of what we are working on with and what we are able to create.

They have suggestions and characters that are later re-introduced in the actual storyline. About linearity, it will be quite linear, at least for the Alpha-stage. I really cannot say of the main-story, for it is under heavy reconstruction in all ways.

Story for both ALPHA and mainstory are basically and almost wholly written, but changes comes along as the production goes further and further.

I am not able to give out the story for reading purpose, for it is not in such coherent sense and... well, it's totally a secret until you get to play the game anyway. Why spoil the good fun?

And yes, the story and setting relies on fantasy setting with a good and vivid blend of reality, or at least that's what I am aiming for.
This is no children's bed-time story, far from it.

I am always ready for critic and suggestions, so if you got anything to say for good or bad, fire it on, I am willing to read and learn from it.

Thanks for the questions.

And PS: Don't ask (anyone) when I get any updates done or how things are going, for there is a massive problem and malfunction of the project at the moment, due to unexpected data-loss and partially destroyed computer I work the project on with. Life hates my efforts, I'll wager... just to mention now so, everyone knows ;P

+2 votes     reply to comment
vicious88 Aug 6 2011, 5:06pm says:

cant wait to play it! i do have a few questions how linear will the moonlight path story be? all i have to go by is the prologue which is vague but suggests a linear beginning also i have read a bought the beta and alpha (at first i thought these were test stages) but it seems these are separate story's in them selves can we get a little bit more info on how these story's intertwine with the main one if they do at all? also i might suggest renaming them in the future alpha and beta ...well i don't want to be a critic but i would think they deserve a better title. And my last question's is the story already written or are you just making it up as the mod progresses? if it is already written i would love to give it a read. Lastly will there be multiple races to chose or are you going for a more realistic medieval setting? I see a giant in one of the pics so i'am just guessing its going to have a fantasy setting. anyways like i said in the beginning i can"t wait to see this completed!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Azz`Taruth Aug 1 2011, 10:52am says:

Still taking a one more while for the update to appear, due to my travels to various countries and all other things. But just to let you know, once again, that work will continue and someday the light shines upon this contraption of a module, I'll wager!

+2 votes     reply to comment
dilir79 Jul 14 2011, 2:52pm says:

One day :(

+2 votes     reply to comment
Azz`Taruth Jun 13 2011, 11:08pm says:

Support indeed is what I need the most now, and loosing hope certainly isn't even in order, that is if anyone ever thought that anyway. Update is delayed, but still on its way. Got some issues with both the game and toolset - such I never had before, but all of the sudden have - and some of the essentials are still missing from the upcoming news. Just need to keep waiting, as I always have a tendency of asking from you people, which relentlessly puts me under a large amount of shame...

+3 votes     reply to comment
eld@rion Jul 10 2011, 1:54pm replied:

There's no need to be ashamed for asking us to wait. Like many others, i look forward to play your module, but we can wait... Just know that we are watching your progress closely and appreciate your effort.

+3 votes     reply to comment
redlost Jun 13 2011, 11:40pm replied:

Bah, it's not like you're charging us, heh. Take your time...I'm sure we'd rather it be awesome than to have it right this second. ^_^

+3 votes     reply to comment
Azz`Taruth Jun 14 2011, 12:05am replied:

My thoughts exactly :) . Thank you for the support!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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