Total-conversion mod that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. You can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on three new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

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Does a great job recreating mass effect

Brilliant mod, fun and true to Mass Effect although it does loose a few points for that voice-over, but other than that 8 thumbs up :D

Wow, wonderful re-vamp of the maps Marth! That part get's a 10!
Terrible shield and health pickup models.
Wonderful new weapon skin changes. Great shell.
Terrible Geonosis vehicle thingy. I found a bug right away. The big tank thing (gosh I forgot the name) drove right through the terrain and fell off the edge. Terrible config utility. I hardly ever get to play as geth anymore...
Carnage mode? Where is that?

One look at this and I can see the amount of effort that was put into this. I need to download this now!

It is just amazing.

Its like playing Mass Effect again!

This mod is not only a complete dream for any Mass Effect and/or Battlefront fan, but the best modeled mod made for Battlefront II to date. Using stock models only as placeholders for upcoming features, the content is very fresh in the crop of BFII mods, most of which involve recolors and retextures of already existing in-game assets.

Edit as of R5 Prerelease (July 2014):

Mass Effect Unification continues to march it's way towards being the outright best mod for BFII to date. Unification's gameplay is unlike that of any other BFII map or modification with it's asymmetrical teams, player-seeking powers, intense sound-rich battles, and perfect replication of the Mass Effect feel. Unification has managed to combine my favorite RPG series with my favorite shooter making it my absolute favorite mod of all time.

I can't even get this mod to work, it just crashes whenever I try to play a map.

Incredible work. Absolutely stunning graphics, authentic atmosphere, and overall wonderful gameplay. While it's an improvement over the last update, there are some design changes I disagree with.
-Systems Alliance was a bit overpowered in the last update, but it was balanced out with the Geth's abundance of ammo and the Collector's power-heavy classes. Some of the classes were nerfed in ways I disagree with, particularly the Sentinel class. The cluster grenades were a fun, if overpowered, weapon, but I understand their removal. I really hate the change in secondary weapon, and the reduced firerate doesn't justify the increase in power, if there is one. Then again, that may be biased of me considering I hated the weapon in Mass Effect 2 and didn't bother in using it. I think that sidearm would have been better suited for a different class, like as an additional third weapon for the soldier.
-I miss the combat drone for the Engineer, when I played I couldn't deploy it, and I had to triple check it wasn't because the mod installed incorrectly. Unless it is implemented in a different way, of which I haven't seen yet.
-I miss the multiple ammo types available to units, but again, I can understand their removal. Whether staying true to canon or nerfing the classes, they still will be missed.

I have yet to play as the other sides, so I will edit this review once I do.

It's been years since i've seen this type of modding..

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