Mass Effect: Unification is a total-conversion mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. As of v1.2 (R5), you can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on three new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

1.1. This mod currently features:

  • 4 new factions accumulating 25 new unit classes.
  • 9 new hero classes.
  • 3 new Mass Effect maps: Eden Prime, the Prothean Skyway, and Virmire.
  • support for all stock land maps.
  • support for all maps from the Sol Map Pack.
  • external support for a_speck_of_dust's Lotashi Z: X Province! (Note: The map must be installed in order for it to show up in the Instant Action roster.)
  • significantly improved versions of Conquest, 1-Flag CTF, and 2-Flag CTF.
  • 1 new game mode: Siege mode.
  • authentic sound effects and music accurate to the Mass Effect franchise.
  • a massive amount of specially hand-crafted assets specifically tailored for this mod.
  • an external app that can be used to tune various game parameters such as desired faction combination, HUD/shell style, difficulty, Shepard class, and more.

1.2. What to expect in future updates:

  • A brand new ME3-style HUD in R6!
  • Various patches and hotfixes that correct bugs and add small features.
  • DLC expansion packs that will include new maps, modes, campaigns, factions, and more.


2.1. Official Trailer:

2.2. Mod Features & Overview:

2.3. How to Install:


Kickass Torrents | Mod DB | MediaFire | The Nexus

* still requires Star Wars: Battlefront II to play



Tweet #meunification


3.1. Main developers:

  • Marth8880
  • AQT

3.2. Other contributors / supporters:

  • The Nasal Abyss
  • Scott_W.Pilgrim
  • RogueKnight
  • Cerfon Rournes
  • Fiodis
  • Willinator
  • yuke5
  • zwyx1234
  • Nedarb7
  • Kinetos Impetus
  • DarthD.U.C.K.
  • Maveritchell
  • archer01
  • RunawayJam
  • Redwiz
  • PatrickKosick
  • Teancum
  • Ryan Gilbert

3.3. Sponsors:

3.4. Core development software:

3.5. Preferred asset databases:


4.1. Completed Mass Effect maps:

  • Eden Prime
  • Prothean Skyway
  • Virmire

4.2. Supported Sol Map Pack maps:

  • Earth: Luna
  • Earth: Pioneer Trails
  • Mars: Geryon Montes
  • Titan: Xanadu
  • Venus: Research Station

4.3. Other maps:

4.4. Future maps:

  • Tuchanka: Arena
  • Noveria: Snowfields
  • Rannoch: Highlands
  • Illium: Shipping Docks
  • Korlus: Wasteland


Q: Can I upload a video of your mod to YouTube?
A: Yes, of course! But, you must include a link to this Mod DB page in the description!

Q: Can the video include commentary?
A: Definitely! In fact, we encourage and greatly appreciate commentary!

Q: Can I monetize the video?
A: Yes.


Tweet #meunification

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Yep! That's right! Seeing as how it's Summer and I'm on break, I figured I'd publicly release what I've worked on during my past few seasonal two-week breaks. Among various other updates - such as improved rifle and pistol animations, and new CTF mechanics - you can finally test out the brand new custom HUD that I designed as well as Endor, which is finally supported! (special thanks to AQT for revamping the map) Not only that, but you can download and test them out right now in the open beta! I'm releasing another open beta because I need feedback, and seeing as how I got a decent amount of it from the previous open betas, I've decided to let you all give things a shot and help debug the mod! (A third time!)

Want a complete list of the changes and additions that are included thus far in this patch? Follow the second link below!

DOWNLOAD! (View Build Manifest)
View R6 Change Log


To install the patch, view or download the build manifest by following the first link above; the build manifest contains everything you need to know about this build. As soon as you have the build manifest open, next to "File Path," follow the link "Patch Version (R5-R6) (Mediafire)" to download the R6 production patch setup file.

If you do decide to play the open beta, I implore you to not just pass up any bugs you encounter as things that "somebody else reported/will probably report," but instead take the 5-10 minutes to report the bugs. It's easy, it doesn't take very much time, and it will help improve the mod. Don't feel obligated to report things, but keep in mind the simple fact that the quality of the mod is largely based on the bugs that are and are not reported.

Report a Bug

Trello Information

Trello Information

News 2 comments

Stalk our progress and vote for new features and more on our Trello board!

Time for school, Marth!

Time for school, Marth!

News 11 comments

What will happen to the highly-acclaimed Mass Effect: Unification mod?!? Will Marth survive the violent streets of Vancouver?!? Will the Canadian mob...

R5 News Update #3 (Sorta!) (POLL)

R5 News Update #3 (Sorta!) (POLL)

News 8 comments

Hey guys! I'd like to know what everyone's speaker configuration is, so I created this poll to assist in my finding out.

R5 News Update #2 (OPEN BETA)

R5 News Update #2 (OPEN BETA)

News 4 comments

Another open beta?! Build 10708/05?! New geth textures?! Sudden chest-burst due to overcoming appropriateness!

RSS feed Downloads
Sol Map Pack (R1)

Sol Map Pack (R1)

Full Version 20 comments

Includes Earth: Luna, Earth: Pioneer Trails, Mars: Geryon Montes, Titan: Xanadu, and Venus: Research Station. The Sol Map Pack is a map pack whose maps...

Mass Effect: Unification R5 (Standalone)

Mass Effect: Unification R5 (Standalone)

Full Version 52 comments

** COMPLETELY STANDALONE - DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PREVIOUS VERSION ** --- Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to...

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R4 (Standalone)

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R4 (Standalone)

Full Version 13 comments

** COMPLETELY STANDALONE - DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PREVIOUS VERSION ** --- Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to...

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R4 (Patch R3-R4)

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R4 (Patch R3-R4)

Patch 8 comments

** REQUIRES WORKING R3 INSTALLATION ** --- Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to Battlefield or Battlefront with...

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R3 (Retail Version)

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R3 (Retail Version)

Full Version 8 comments

Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to Battlefield or Battlefront with large-scale epic battles and the like...

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R3 (Steam Version)

[OLD] Mass Effect: Unification R3 (Steam Version)

Full Version 45 comments

Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to Battlefield or Battlefront with large-scale epic battles and the like...

Post comment Comments  (40 - 50 of 2,047)

hello,your mod look like very good :) I have installed it, but I don't know how to run it, can I know how can I launch your mod ? (Sorry I am new in battlefront II mods)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber

The process is the same as playing normal maps. You launch the game, pick a map in Instant Action, select the era(s) and mode(s), add to the playlist, and hit Launch.

In this case, the maps compatible with MEU are:
- all stock land maps,
- all Sol Map Pack maps,
- Eden Prime,
- Prothean Skyway,
- Virmire,
- and Lotashi Z: X Province, if it's installed.

The era you must select to play the MEU is called "Mass Effect". It has a white and red "N7" logo.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Oh, I understand now, thank you :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Great mod, it changes combat quite a bit. (But I do miss Krogans)

While playing as Shepard I swear he said: "We'll bang, okay?"
If I heard right, I love you for adding that in

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber

Shh ;-)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

stupid Chrome and McAfee considering solmap pack and the mod a virus and the site that host them dangerous... im pretty sure if these where viruses everyone would be talking about how they are...


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber

Lol right? Yeah, just whitelist the files or temporarily disable your AV software after downloading and everything should be fine.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Does this feature any space vehicles?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber

Not in the current release, no.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I love Mass Effect: Unification. Although I don't have the time to play it much, I will whenever I have the chance. I love putting the Systems Alliance against the Collectors. If there is one question I have to ask it's this: do you have a list of all the menu music you use? There was one that was particularly calming but it'd take ages to search through all the Mass Effect soundtracks to find the one calming track that isn't Vigil :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber

Sure. All shell music:

- Sam Hulick -- Vigil Youtube.com
- Sam Hulick -- Liara's Vigil Youtu.be
- Jack Wall -- Suicide Mission Youtube.com
- Sam Hulick -- Main Theme Youtube.com
- Jack Wall -- The Illusive Man Youtube.com
- Clint Mansell -- ME3 Menu Theme Youtube.com
- Jack Wall -- Arrival Suite Youtu.be
- Sam Hulick -- Creation Youtube.com
- Sam Hulick -- ME3 Multiplayer Menu Theme Youtube.com
- Sam Hulick -- Unused Mystery Theme Youtube.com
- Stephan Zacharias -- Der Krieg ist aus Youtu.be
- Stephan Zacharias -- Hoffnung am Ender der Welt Youtu.be
- Stephan Zacharias -- Professor Schenk hält die Stellung Youtu.be
- Nexus -- Serenity Youtube.com
- Nexus -- Flourish Youtube.com
- Patrick O'Hearn -- Forgiveness Youtube.com

There's also a couple of cut music pieces from Sam Hulick that I stuck in the game, but I can't remember where I got them. I remember one of them he posted on Twitter in December of 2012.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thank you so much! As it turned out, Serenity by Nexus was the tune that I was searching for. However, I've only ever heard it once. In fact, I've probably heard Mass Effect 3's creation theme more than I have any other theme in that list. I didn't even know any music from Der Untergang was in the playlist at all. Nonetheless, again, thank you so much! I appreciate this so much. According to ListenOnRepeat, I already have 300 repeats of the song.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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I have not even played it and it is amazing

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