For the full game you need a Justine DLC! Jake Enslin is an occult writer on a mission to investigate everything spooky. He has visited many haunted places during his career, gathering writing material for his books. Enslin’s next target is mansion #1408 – a rental mansion where it is rumored that over 50 people had met their ends. What will he meet during his stay?

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the good:
-music and ambient sound
-creepy voice
-deep Atmosphere

the bad:
-it's too shortttt... 4-6 minutes if u know what to do

I loved this mod, one of the best i've ever played... i wish had a sequel :/

The map was amazing, you set up the atmosphere perfectly, but I wasn't so happy about the ending :-/

I rated this 10 because of the level design. It's just amazingly awesome! It's a shame it is so short.

This story was fairly short, however, it was an outstanding story! The custom music and sound is what got me into this story--its so unique and calming, yet it can be slightly nerve wracking!
The voice acting, even though its a different language, it sounds perfect, yet, its also creepy!
Fairly simple but really cool puzzles! I loved how it was based off a story too!
So much detail and atmosphere was put into this story!

Lovely Custom Story! The Atmosphere, The Design, Truly Wonderful!

Here's my gameplay/let's play:
it lagged after the second loading, but I'll fix that on the part two of the game play!


This custom story has a life! Amazing voice acting, beautiful maps and cool events. I really enjoyed it. One of my favorite.

In some odd way, I sort of felt like the character you created, a seeker of something new. This was definitely a nice way to freshen things up in Amnesia without making it a modern custom story. I've never seen such cinematic elements used so well as they were in this one. It's not often that events such as these are successful enough to legitimately raise up the scares and make me feel like I was losing my own sanity. Granted, I'm pretty good at acting, but I still need a good character and atmosphere to take that role and act. The level itself was beautifully crafted with great detail. It was almost too much detail that made my eyes roll. Also, you made great use out of a constant space. Having the rooms interconnect with each other created that fear of being attacked from all sides. About fighting back at monsters, however, was new too, but it took away some of the fun that comes from the fear. I wouldn't even consider it to be a fault. If anything, the only problem I had, which was small, was knowing what to do or where to go at certain times. Fortunately with the small space, I wasn't lost for long! Great job on this fine piece of work. And I too, love the tapestry on the walls!

Good CS.

My mom's a big Stephen King fan, so she probably has this book lying around somewhere in her house, I'm definitely going to borrow it and read it now! Awesome custom story, love it!

Good for me

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